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Refaire mourir Didon by Virgil

Recording : French Renaissance composers recount the myths of Antiquity

About the project

The title of the recard comes from one of Ronsard's poem:

The title of this record is a verse from Ronsard's Refaire Mourir Didon par les vers de Virgile. It is a reference to an art piece which is at the core of this record. The poem is about Didon's last moments, abandoned by Enee. He also recalls The Antique period as it was seen during the Renaissance.

A rare recording: music from the Renaissance reinventing the Antique period

Thanks to some sublime and rarely-performed works, the spectator is invited to discover the re-reading of the myths of Antiquity by composers of the French Renaissance: Venus and Adonis, Dido and Aeneas...

This concert finds it's origin and title in a text by the poet Ronsard who described an evening that he spent at the court of Charles of Lorraine in the winter of 1558 at the Meudon Castle.

Starting with a piece by Arcadelt mentioned by the poet, we propose a reconstruction of this evening.  Ronsard is present and several musicians have their latest pieces performed: the 3 Ferrabosco brothers, Jacques Arcadelt (the composer most well-known in Europe at the time) and Pierre Cléreau.  The declamed texts help the spectator enter into this mythic and poetic world.

This program which was created from the research of Ensemble Enthéos with the help of a musical article from Jeanice Brooks, combines pieces of great depth with lighter pieces, more festive and joyful. This gave birth to a poetic vision of this evening described by Ronsard. Jacques Arcadelt, Alfonso Ferrabosco and Pierre Cléreau, three of the most important composers of the centuryThe poet has attended Charles de Lorraine's place are also present.

From the intimate solo to the grandiose tutti, the shades of this program will make you discover Antique inspiration of these neglected composers, but also the will of Henri II's France to make his country the new Roma. We meet Didon, abandonned by Enee, Venus and Adonis, Phebus-Apollon, Jupiter...  Ronsard and Saint Gellais remarkable writings are sublimed by the fine music constructions the three composers are making us discover.

Here is one of the track you can find on the record: Je ne veux plus que chanter de tristesse (I don't want to sing anything but from sadness) Pierre Cléreau made on a text from Pierre de Ronsard. Recorded live. Soprano, lute and harp at the beginning then with all of the singers and instrumentistes from 1'54min.

A few words from the listeners about the project and the concerts played in october 2011.

"Thanks for the Concert. It was beautiful, touching, inspiring. Exciting... It gave us (my friends and children) wings." Helene

"It was so brilliant! Very nice instruments, an incredible soprano... And I went with a real early music lover. Even he was amazed !" Thomas

"Well done. We are not accomplished music-lovers, but we had a great evening with you guys." Josiane

"Thanks, it's nice to hear Cléreau and Arcadelt (that doesn't happen every day...)." Jeanice Brooks (musicologist, Renaissance music specialist, who wrote the CD booklet)

What got our absolute interest during this music period... is the writings. How it is sublimed into music, how it is changed and has been worked on by the composers. Then we wanted to make it sound its best. Most of the time, it's easy, the composers are so talented that you don't have to add anything, we only relay on text and music. This is how I consider my work on Entheos: removing the useless layers to only show the connection between the writing and the music.

For the live recordings, eleven artists (a reciter, four singers, a harp, a lute and four violes, instruments in the service of the Cardinal) are allowing a great choice of colors, sounds for somptuous music pieces. For this occasion, I reunited my Renaissance music dream-team:

  • Barbara Kusa, soprano
  • Brian Cummings, contre-tenor
  • Antoine Jomin, tenor
  • Jacques Bona, bass
  • Damien Lecerf, Sylvia Abramowicz, Federico Yacubsohn et Julia Griffin, viols
  • Céline Ferru, lute
  • Raphaelle Rinaudo, harp
  • Benoît Damant, reciter and direction

Entheos at the end of the recording session. We wanted to go on tour... In a Cadillac

A recording diffused worldwide and a serie of concerts to celebrate the launching of the record

The recording sessions were great with all the Entheos team, we now want to share this project with you and an even wider public.

In order to prepar the recording, we gave a first serie of concerts in Lorraine and Paris. We recorded the program in november 2011 and now we need to work on the editing and mastering of the project and making it cognizable to the public. A couple of Record Compagnies are interested in this program and one of them will take care of the manufacturing and broadcasting. 

For the records launching, a new serie of concert will be organized in Paris, Nancy an Metz. We are now negociating with a few festivals in France and Europe. Everyone is also working on the Canadian Tour. These concerts are supported by the regional council of Lorraine.

Entheos during the recording with Laurent, our sound engineer 

What are the funds for?

This project assembles eleven of the best music professionnals. Which is why the cost is high. The preliminary concerts and the recording sessions have already been funded (thanks to the regional council of Lorraine) and realized, the amount collected on Ulule will finance the editing, mastering and communication for the launching of the record.

  • Three days of editing: 2000€
  • Mastering : 700€
  • Communication before the launching of the recording : 600€

On Ulule, if we do not get the complete amount we asked for, we won't get anything. But we can go over the amount demanded, some projects reach up to 334%. So don't hesitate to support us even if the funding target is reached, it will help us fund the communications and concerts.

Céline Ferru, Antoine Jomin, Jacques Bona, Federico Yacubsohn et Julia Griffin.

About the project owner

The Band Entheos

Entheos means Enthusiasm in greek. It is the spirit of this professionnal band created in 2005 and entierely devoted to Renaissance music. Borrowed from Platon's thought, who had a huge influence during this period, our name recalls the strenght that the 16th century men fought with to discover, create and share. Today this is what gets us started.

By revealing these links between music, litterature, arts and history, we invite you to find 16th century audience enthusiasms, who discovered new art pieces and amazing music. Captivating, stunning and meticulous at the same time, our programs are facetious, touching and always poetic.

Entheos gave a concert at the National Ecouen Renaissance Museeum, at the Blois Castle in Fontainebleau, Vincennes, Manderen and Joinville, at the State Council, in Nancy, Montmorency, at the Nomeny festival (2005, 2008 and 2009), and at the international  festival of Clos Lucé… The band has been chosen to end the big exibition France 1500 at the Grand Palais. During their concerts, the press pointed out our rich sound and making the voice at the service of the writing. They associate Entheos to sobriety, finess and transparency.

Amoung the projects, a contemporary creation:  Ave Maris Stella in 2012 and a huge show with video art pieces on the sculptor Ligier Richier in 2013, with his ambitious educational program

Come take a look at our Website:  www.ensemble-entheos.com

We are also on Facebook with almost 2000 friends: http://facebook.com/ensemble.entheos

Check out our demonstration of the 2013 project on the Renaissance Sculptor Ligier Richier in dialog with 16th century music

What the press says about the Entheos here and here and an extract :

"It's precisely the enthusiasm that the chief obtains with his singers ans instrumentists, enthusiasm associated to sobriety, the transparency and finess, essential to the music interpretation between the 15th and the 16th century." L’Education musicale, Newsletter, Edition Weber, 02/2011, France 1500 at Grand Palais.

Benoît Damant, Artistic Director

I'm the creator of Entheos and this project ! After studying flute and musicology at Nancy, I devoted myself to early music by singing and recording with Le Concert Spirituel, Akadémia, Le Poème Harmonique… I worked on french art song with F. Leroux ou N. Lee and contemporary repertoire with Les Percussions de Strasbourg and the composers, F-B. Mâche, G. Aperghis, S. Giraud…

My love of the Renaissance, its architecture, literature, painting... lead me to study music with A. Guerber and L. Brisset at the Fondation Royaumont. This is when I created Entheos offering me a way of sharing my love of french renaissance music.

I now teach voice and choral singing at the Conservatoire of music at Lucé (near Chartres). I'm also a Renaissance music educator in conservatories and for the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RMN). The director of the Musée national de la Renaissance, Thierry Crépin-Leblond consigned me a exibition on Renaissance which will take place in autumn 2013 in the magnificent château of Ecouen.