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Sailing, music & theater

About the project

In August 2017, four crew hoisted the sails of the wooden boat Carina, to start an artistic project sailing around the Atlantic. The project was created in Brittany over a few months, and today needs your support to continue on land and sea.

In Paris, over October, with the direction of Brunelle Lemonnier, a play was born. Full of body and hearts, but without any prose or text, so it can be shared and understood by everyone, beyond the boundaries of language. Something that can be performed in a port, theatre, public space or with locals.

"The Soup". Four characters tell others and themselves who they are, through music, dance, theatre... and vegetables ! As the scenes progress, a soup is cooked. And that's not so easy : everyone has to get involved, with the collective effort, and put a bit of himself in the pot. The play tells us about human relationships, intimacy, living together and sharing - or refusing to share.

After a last song, we offer an open space for exchange and reflexion, while sharing the soup with the crowd.

Duration : 50 minutes.

Accordion, guitar, mandolin, clarinet, and voices singing together. In Serbian, Italian, Spanish, French... depending on our repertoire. For us, music creates moments of shared joy and is our way of putting a smile on peoples faces.

On our journey you’ll find us playing on streets, in squares and in parks. We chose to express ourselves in these places, as to us, they are powerful spaces where people meet, create and share.

Carina is a wooden boat on an artistic mission... but that’s not all! Today, cargo ships fulfil 80% of our world exchanges, but destroy sea life. With Carina, we show an alternative way of moving goods and ideas by sail.

That's the purpose of "The Onion Johnnies". In September 2017, we harvested, bought and sold 600 kilos of organic Roscoff Onions from Brittany to Cornwall. Johnnies were farmers and sailors, who when harvests were good, sailed a few tons of onions in the bilges of their boats and sold them on bicycles along the South coast of England. Now, we are freighting, by sail, tools and materials for a boat yard in Lisbon, and wish to do it as much as possible. So if you need goods taken from Europe to Africa or America, and if you're not in too much of a hurry, give us a call!

Sailing : a way of life depending on elements

The disconnection with our environment is what led us to sailing. It's not only a way of travelling, it’s an entire world, where the horizon is huge, where crossing an ocean in a few hours is unachievable, where the elements are the only masters, a dream where we choose to take time and stop. In each port, we root enough to take part in the local life and meet local people.

Meeting and sharing the knowledge

Carina, as a traditional wooden sailing boat, requires an accumulation

of many different skills and techniques; navigation (astronomy, meteorology), maintenance (carpentry, sail making). Carrying all the tools we need, we are self-sufficient and can help in workshops on land and sea. As handy men and women, it's important for us to help as much as we can where we are and as we go.

Exchanges between cultures

We perform theatre and play music in original environments, out of the official spaces, to bring living art as close as possible to the public, where art belongs.

The world is divided by borders. To us art is a tool that connects people from different backgrounds and transcends cultural barriers, helps take us beyond the limitations of language.

If you can't wait to know more, we’ve created a website (in french) where we'll post updates of our journey.

What are the funds for?

The Carina project began with three long months in a workshop to prepare the her for cruising the oceans. We spent all our energy, time and motivation, and also a huge amount of money. Today, we are crowdfunding because we still need to pay back what we used during our time in that workshop. Raising 5,000 euros would allow us to continue the project!

Here is where we spent our money (in french) :

   We want to thank all the people, friends and family, who helped us, with a special mention for the "Amis de Jeudi Dimanche" association in l'Aber Wrac'h, Britanny. They gave us all the tools and advices we needed, and the boatyard itself to store Carina during those three months.

Their website       =>

- And if we have more than 5000€ ? -

Second step : 7000 €

 If, with your help, we manage to raise more than 5000€ we will be able to continue working on our theatre piece and concept. It would mean we could find a calm and isolated place for a two week residential and invite fellow comrades to come and help and organize.

At the end of those two weeks, we would send you a teaser of the show, and lots of pictures!

About the project owner


  Happy captain of Carina, Souryann spent two years sailing from Senegal to Lithuania, before inviting his three cronies to join him. Handyman and lover of wind and waves. Between charts compasses and knots, he always finds time to play the blues on his harmonica and hug frightened or freezing crew.


Creative spirit, Charlotte has one foot on Carina and the other in Avignon, doing two artistic projects at the same time. Newly graduated from the famous Conservatoire of Avignon, she takes in the seascape to create stories.


Joyful and hyperactive, Ivan is both the cook and masseur onboard Carina. With a twinkle in his eye, he's the first to jump on the quay to sing in the street. After a few years of living in a community farm, he’s now based himself on the oceans.


The solo traveller, Manon found her love for writing and music during her journey. With pockets full of notebooks and her accordion never far behind. She’s interested in small collectives of people living together, and continues her exploration of the world with Carina as her house and the ocean as her playground.

- At the roots of the project, Carina -

Carina Carina, we're always talking about Carina, but who's she ?

For those that speak boat lingo Carina is an engineless pilot cutter, which means she has a single mast and is designed to sail in strong tides, winds, currents and coastline. With inspiration drawn from the Bristol Channel pilot cutters, she’s a heavy and powerful wooden boat. She was built thirteen years ago using traditional boat building techniques from a hundred years ago.

The boat herself has a short but incredible story, here it is broken down

I – A young, and probably beautiful, american man, James Donovan, began building Carina at the age of 17. At the time all of us were dozing off in the classroom, he was working by day and building Carina by night, without much rest for 5 years.

II – James is 23 now, and has a beautiful wooden boat he built himself. He went through oceans and looked to the future with confidence. After two years, he arrived in Tahiti and fell in love with a girl, probably beautiful too.

III – James gave up the ocean because of love and sold Carina on ebay. On the other side of the world, a Lithuanian man, a bit older but also beautiful, dreamt of adventure. His Name is Saulius (the Sun). He found the advertisement on the internet and flew strait to tahiti, where he met James and bought Carina.

IV – Saulius is now a great sailor. He sails on Carina alone for a few years before his daughter and two of her friends join him. One day, as they were moored somewhere in Caribbean, they met Souryann, a young french guy who’d been traveling for a few months hitch-hiking on boats.

V – Saulius, after eight years on oceans, now dreamt about building a house amoungst the forest in his home land, Lithuania. But a boat, in the forest is really, really, useless. He soon starts thinking about finding a new captain for Carina.. and so he suggest Souryann carries on onboard.

VI – Souryann can't believe what’s happening to him but accepts. They go back together to Lithuania and built the straw house in the forest. Souryann goes back to France with Carina with a head full of dreams.

What's next, you already know...