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Project Kids & Cameras

Connecting Kids with Cameras

About the project


Project Kids & Cameras is a social enterprise empowering kids ages 7-14 to explore their voice and the world around them through photography, literacy, visual thinking skills, and social action. Our programs are now implemented in a variety of learning environments such as in schools, community art centres, libraries, and during photo walks, summer workshops and PA Days. We've taught digital photography to over 1000 kids since 2013.

We believe the practice of photography can be a transformative experience for children!

We believe in creating a unique classroom environment and/or workshop experience for children where they can freely express themselves through photography, literacy and visual thinking activities. We believe the practice of photography can be a transformative experience for children, one that develops self-awareness and confidence; encourages inclusivity and community-engagement; embraces differences; and empowers social change.

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."
 -  Dorothea Lang

Most importantly, our goal is to introduce children to photography as a transformative set of skills that will cultivate their creativity, imagination and expressive sides!



What are the funds for?


Our goal is to raise $2000 to purchase 5 digital cameras our young participants can use during our programs, many of which are workshops that are facilitated at low or no cost in Neighbourhood Improvement (underserved communities) areas across the Greater Toronto Area.

We want to offer our programs to kids in underserved neighborhoods at low or no cost.

We want to teach kids technical and artistic skills they can transfer to other areas in their lives.

We would like to purchase 5 Nikon Coolpix cameras, 5 SD cards, and 5 small camera bags. We've found our students love this type of digital camera because it's larger than most point and shoot cameras and this model is designed with a grip styled after DSLR cameras. Our current kit of cameras are out-dated, and/or in need of constant repair. We need for newer cameras for our kids!

Help us raise the funds we need to connect kids with cameras! This is what we would like to purchase:

• 5 Nikon B500 Coolpix Cameras: $299 each ($1495 plus taxes)

• 5 Transcent 16 GB Class 10 SDHC cards: $17 each ($85 plus taxes)

• 5 Nikon Digital SLR Gadget Camera Bags: $29.99 each ($149.95 plus taxes)

If we can't find 5 of this particular Nikon model, we will purchase a comparatively priced brand with similar functions. Any funds remaining or additional money raised will be applied towards crowdfunding fees, additional cameras and any applicable shipping fees.

About the project owner

Hi, I'm Diana!

Founder of Project Kids & Cameras

Project Kids & Cameras really started with me trying my hand as a photography educator. After working as a professional family photography for ten years, teaching seemed like a natural extension of my work with people and children! The first workshops I facilitated were in my own children's elementary school. And this is where I gained valuable insight into the transformative nature of practicing photography. Learning photography at a young age ties in so well with newer educational models that foster the essential life skills that include creativity, critical thinking, flexibility, problem-solving, social-emotional learning, initiative and self-direction, collaboration and visual/media literacy.

Photography is inherently interesting to most children! It's potential as an integrative-learning tool is limitless!

I love designing photography programs that are fun, hands-on, exploratory, and collaborative. I believe kids can develop a higher level of thinking through close observation, discussion and reflection. And I believe learning photography can help children access and master these forms of expressions in ways that are meaningful to them.


Project Kids & Cameras is growing...

It now includes assistant instructors Kelly Lui, Aniqa Rahman and guest instructor Henry VanderSpek.


• Kids learn differently.
We believe in multiple intelligences and that social and emotional development is a very individual cognitive process.

• Kids learn better in an environment of low stress and high challenge.
We believe good arts education provides an environment kids are happy to be in, and enough of a challenge to thrive in.

• Kids innately search for meaning in their lives.
Our programs are led by teaching artists that guide students through questions and discussions designed to encourage them to express how they view the world around them.

• Kids learn by doing.
We believe kids need ample opportunity to learn by doing because it deepens understanding, strengths critical thinking skills, and encourages exploration of new things.

• Kids need time for personal reflection.
Our programs allow for ample student reflection because this helps us process new information into knowledge and understanding.

• Kids need to stretch and explore.
Kids need to explore ideas playfully. They also need to learn how to embrace the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.


Visit our website to learn more about our programs designed just for kids!



Please share this crowdfunding initiative with your family and friends!

And don't forget to send this to any teachers you may know.

 Many thanks for your support!