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Project Karelia

95 hours on the train from Paris to Karelia

About the project

The project on Ulule is completed. But you can continue supporting me on my website

IMPORTANT: I'll give 20% of what I get above 100% to an orphinage in Karelia. 

Today I have a dream: rediscover the region where I was born: the Russian North.

In June of this year I want to take the train from Paris to Karelia. Why the train? Because for me it’s the most romantic transport ever. Return trip from Paris to Petrozavodsk takes 90 hours.

Karelia is a region not far from the Finnish border. In Karelia there are many beautiful lakes, the most famous of them being Ladoga and Onega. Karelia is home to Karelian peoples and mysterious stone drawings. 

During my trip I’ll make videos and record interviews with Karelian people. Together we will see the famous white nights and the Kizhi island with its unique church made of wood.

Help me build this bridge between the cultures. Support my project!

What are the funds for?

I need your support to:

1. Buy return train tickets to Karelia. Only trains, no planes!

2. To book accommodations which will support local businesses.

3. To hire a help to write subtitles for my videos.

4. If I collect more than I hoped, I'll use those fund to develop my website Russian Podcast

About the project owner

I'm Tatiana, host of Russian Podcast. My website is well known among motivated people who learn Russian. I've been teaching languages for more than 10 years. 

I was born in the North of Russia. When I was 18, I moved to France. I fell in love with this country and its culture. Now I'd love to rediscover Russia, especially Russian North. 

When I'm not working on my website, I learn Japanese, I travel (Japan, Spain, UK, France), I ride my micro scooter, I go to Louvre, I drink wine, I read (Steven Pinker, Boris Akunin, Michael Connelly, self-development books...) and I meet positive and motivating people

Pictures: @karimamoroelsamny