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Posi & Friends

For a happier and more respectful society

About the project

Posi & Friends is a unique, holistic social project which gives children aged 6 to 10 insights into their personality development. This lays a strong foundation from which they can grow into happier and more stable adults. 

We need your contributions to take the first major step towards making Posi & Friends a reality, with theatre workshops, music and an animated series all in the pipeline.

Posi & Friends will help children to develop a better understanding of themselves and feel more self-assured.

In addition to a zany animated series, children, parents and teachers will meet Posi & Friends through material for schools, interactive theatre workshops, music and a curriculum that goes further and focuses on the concepts behind the project (tailored to children, parents and teachers).

Many adults have never learned to consciously use their intuition. With Posi & Friends, we want to give children the right tools so that they can learn to make this connection. The theme running through this project is that of teaching a positive approach to overcoming obstacles. 
Rethinking is a good word for this, and reveals the attitude behind the idea. We want to help kids and parents to experience this. 
Wondering how you can help your children understand themselves better and learn positive thinking?  

Support this project and follow us.

I am aware of my three centres (reason, emotion and intuition)

I am in tune with my sense of intuition

I accept myself

Posi is the main character. At first glance, he looks a bit different. This is deliberate. Behind his appearance, he's a great guy. Posi is completely happy in his skin.

When Posi looks in the mirror, his mirror image changes and he finds himself looking at three crazy characters: Brainy, Beaty and Belly. These are symbols for the external expression of Posi's inner dialogue, and are only visible to Posi and his young viewers. The confrontation with his three centres is a time of reflection for Posi, both literally and figuratively.

Brainy symbolises reason or rational thinking, Beaty is the emotion and Belly plays the part of wisdom and intuition.

Posi also has four close friends, each with their own personality, and their own minor or major problems. They go to the same school and play in a band with Posi.

As a group, they experience all of the usual misunderstandings and teasing. Posi knows that every time a problem comes up, he can turn it around and achieve a positive result. 

We have been working on this animated series with a team of experienced experts from the mental health sector, including Kies kleur tegen pesten, Pedagogische Begeleiding Stedelijk Onderwijs Gent (PBSOG), VIGEZ, De Opvoedingslijn, VVGG,  Prana, Leer Positief Denken, …

What are the funds for?

Our target amount of €25,000 will be divided into three components:

The Posi & Friends theatre workshops are interactive workshops with two important goals. We have recruited the wonderful theatre group O 'Kontreir for this project.

Check out their website

Firstly, we want to share the world of Posi & Friends with our target group through the medium of theatre.
Secondly, we will evaluate the impact on the target audience, primarily through observation, in order to gather valuable information which can be incorporated into the scenarios used in our animated series. We are aiming to carry out 28 workshops, taking our message to some 7,000 children!

  Your contribution will help to cover the costs of the production of visual elements, rehearsals and performancesRequired budget : 9500€

Posi & Friends will also have its own sound, as well as an accompanying message. For this part of the project, we are working with Bob Seghers, an extremely talented musician who always hits the right note.

Check out Bob's compositions

We are going to record a great, catchy tune with a powerful text. Both children and parents will be singing along!
Making music together creates harmony.

  Your contribution will go towards the recording of the first Posi songRequired budget : 8500€

The Posi design is an original creation by Geert. Posi & Friends will also come to life in a 3D animated series. Each episode will follow the adventures of Posi and his friends.
The talented creators at Hoaxland, makers of the educational animated series AYA, will produce this series, aiming to achieve a fun and professional result.  

Check out their website

  Your contribution will go towards the production of an animatic of the first episode. This is a roughly sketched-out version of the animation which, among other things, provides a basis for voiceover artists, who can then get to work! Requiredbudget : 7.000€

A preview of the animatic for the series leader is already available to view!!

About the project owner

Geert & Ambassador Slongs Dievanongs

I have been taking part in numerous courses to do with personality development for 25 years now
(yoga, Tao, positive thinking, mirrorology, self-coaching, Da Silva, Enneagram, communicating with compassion, etc.).
For several years I applied these principles, but only to my own life (with varying degrees of success).
Around my 40th birthday, I discovered that I had a good sense of intuition, but I had never dared to follow it.
Thanks to all of the courses I had taken, I was able to quickly make the connection with my intuition and it rapidly became easier to discern when I was being led astray by my anxiety or reason.
Everyone is born with this intuition. It is a strong and secure compass, but no one shows us how to use it properly.
I am convinced that this (using our intuition as a personal compass) is one of the keys to creating a happier and more respectful society.
When we feel better and happier in ourselves, then we hope that others will be successful, too.
My personal mission is to share this important message with young children, so that the latest generation can integrate this approach into their lives.

Finally I want to thank my colleagues for all their hard work and support to make this crowdfund page to life. 
A thousand thanks to Manuel Matthys, Linne Vervaecke, Laurent De Greef, Emmanuel Gautier and Joeri Vangheluwe!

Working together for a happier and more respectful society!

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Check out the Posi & Friends website

   Do you work in education? Would you like to bring the Posi & Friends theatre workshop to your school? For more information, e-mail [email protected]

Hoaxland is responsible for the financial part and invoicing of this project.