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The first (nice-looking) T-shirts on the European Union

  • We did it!

    Thanks to 100 people we will launch our European t shirts to spread around new visions of Europe, thank you so much,

    Thanks to Ulule, we make it possible without having a heavy admin structure which would have been very difficult to handle

    Thanks to many people who share, spread, spend time talking with us; our project has reached now many people and we have more people to contact days after days.

    Well supporters, get ready to the fun part: the choice of your t-shirt. We will be sending an email to you with all the possible t shirt we are going to print, and then order - receive and send them to all of you!

    Looking forward seeing your pictures wearing your tees wherever you are !


    Gauthier and Charlelie.

  • P-LUX in the press

    Voila une interview de Charlelie et moi sur le magazine en ligne cafebabel, merci a Licia (la journaliste); for french  and italian speaker an interview on Cafebabel :


    aussi valide en Italien

  • Thank You !

    We want to thank you, as our first backers for your help and support since the very beginning ! 

    As you will see we updated our page with some other pictures and we hope people will clearly understand why and how we hope to change a bit the way Europe is perceived. 

    As our first backers, and if we are successful in the funding operation, you will receive a PERMANENT 10% Discount on all our products sold through the online shop !

    As you understood it, we are now in the last phase of the operation - and we need to sell 100 T-shirts to be able to successfully launch P-LUX (actually 99 T-shirts thanks to a new backer some minutes ago !)

    Hope you will share the message and this goal !

    As soon as we reach the goal, we will ask you size, the model you prefer, the color of your choice and obviously the design you wish to wear ! Then you will be delivered within 20 working days at your place, or if you are living in Brussels, we will organize a nice party in a bar to meet you !

    No matter what happen, it is a great pleasure to have counted you among our supporters !


    Charlelie and Gauthier.


    PS : what will certainly look like the Bonus Sticker :-) 


    United in Diversity P-LUX