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players Italy/Finland/Sweden/Uk

We are a collective of Italian journalists and media lovers coming from various previous experiences in the field of videogames, cinema, audio production and writing. Over time, we created or collaborated to projects such as Wired, Digital Japan, Hive Division, Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy, L'Unità, RingCast, Babel, AF Digitale, Parliamo di Videogiochi, Outcast, The First Place, Ring, Wiskast, Il Tentacolo Viola, Nextgame, L'Opinionista Videoludico, Corso per Videogiocatori Professionisti, Ars Ludica, Arsludicast, Win Magazine Giochi, Play Generation, Xbox Magazine Ufficiale, l'Unità, PC Zeta, Joypad, Game Petwork, Playstation World, PSM, PlayStation Magazine Ufficiale,PlayStation 2 Magazine Ufficiale, Giochi per il Mio Computer, PlayStation Power, PSX2, PlayNation, The Games Machine, Rivista Ufficiale Nintendo, Gamesradar, Master Console, Capital, Jack, Metro, Traveller, Mymovies, Dizionario del Cinema Farinotti, Colonne Sonore e Protagonist. Players is an editorial project aimed at discussing entertainment with an independent and mature attitude, engaging a sharp and vaguely geeky audience. Written and assembled by an international team of veterans coming from the remote corners of the media landscape, Players will offer the best of cinema, music, videogames, art, literature and technology to those bothered by the lack of anything really good to read at the newsstand or on the web. With interviews and specials, and starting Jan 2010 with regular issues, Players will be like a shining beacon in the dark: the digital magazine of reference for lively and hungry minds.