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The Human Water

About the project
                               by IWP Interacqua                               

Planisfera is an ultra-high-quality drinking water for consumption in business premises and in the homePlanisfera is refined and packaged directly in Planisfera production sites using a revolutionary 100% green production and distribution system based on 4.0 technological platforms. Planisfera has selected and implemented one of the world's most advanced water refinement technologies, in compliance with a philosophy based entirely on the natural water cycle, resulting in the creation of the innovative Alianteplatform. Aliante uses a totally physical and natural process to produce various types of water, all characterised by their exceptional quality and primordial purity.

So, the innovations incorporated in this fully integrated and zero environmental impact system are many, as can be seen from the following detailed description.

In sequence, we start with an absolutely revolutionary model of drinking water packaging and distribution.

In terms of packaging, Planisfera has chosen an ultra-flexible and 100% recyclable material that assures complete preservation of the taste and purity of water. The solution comprises 5-litre water “pouches” which are loaded in a dispenser that functions without the use of cumbersome plastic bottles. The special food-grade mono-polymer used to make the pouches assures the utmost quality, avoiding all risks of migration of undesirable substances into the water. The packaging materials also have plastic contents that are around fifteen times lower than those of a normal PET or Polycarbonate bottle and they are collected at the time of each new delivery so that they can be reused, thus creating a 100% recycled chain of supply. Planisfera assumes the responsibility of managing empty containers in a CERTIFIED manner, thereby contributing to reducing the quantity of plastic wastes produced and discarded in the environment day after day.Anotherinnovative aspect linked to the Planisferadispensers system is its definitive solution to the well-known problem represented by continual remixing of stale air (typically present in enclosed spaces) with water contained in conventional dispensers: a process that occurs whenever a glass of water is dispensed from a traditional plastic bottle.

Planisfera dispensers, which have now reached the final stage of research and innovation, operate simply by plugging them into a power outlet with no need for plumbing in to the water supply.  The dispensers are therefore true sources of pure water that can be sited wherever they are needed

But the innovations proposed by Planisfera don't end here. Even the water ordering and delivery systems are revolutionary: products and services are purchased exclusively via the Internet thanks to a subscription taken out directly on the Planisfera website. A technologically advanced remote control system allows Planisfera to guarantee continuous supplies based on the real consumption of each customer, without involving any form of additional operating costs, and removing problems related to storage and monitoring of stock levels. Finally, the water is delivered by means of electric vehicles charged with 100% certified renewable energy.

At the origin of this 100% green virtuous circle is the key role played by Aliante platforms:  an integrated system composed of platforms designed to be installed in the heart of cities at newly created production and packaging sites. Given the very low investment required to open a production site, business people operating at any scale and in any sector and also aspiring entrepreneurs can join the Planisfera project and open a site in their city. Aliante platforms are compatible with water sources of all types, including mains water networks and natural aquifers, which are transformed into sources of water returned to its primordial state of purity. Moreover, Aliante platforms can be installed in any geographical, economic and social context. Also in this case, the necessary energy to power the 4.0 platforms is provided with zero environmental impact. And the vehicles used for deliveries of Planisfera are electrically powered using 100% certified renewable energy sources or locally produced biomethane.

Elimination of plastic wastes released into the environment and production and distribution with zero environmental impact. These are the environmental musts of the Planisfera project, making it absolutely unique in its field. The Planisfera project was effectively designed to overcome the negative environmental impact of the current model present on the drinking water market and assist in restoring the clean cycle of water on Earth. It's not hard to imagine the potential magnitude of reduction of plastic wastes and other polluting factors if a model of this type were to be replicated in many cities across the world. Suffice to consider drinking water transport operations: thousands of heavy goods vehicles travelling unjustifiably long distances every day to deliver water in plastic bottles. This is may be the market model that has evolved up to the present, but it is now widely considered to be no longer sustainable.

Planisfera is also characterised by its constant focus on R&D activities, a level of attention that guarantees the highest possible water quality at prices in line with market averages.

Support the Planisfera project and help us to complete the last mile of research by joining our community. Get more information from our website

We're working hard to provide a simple and tangible contribution to the realisation of a dream: a world in which pure water can start to flow once again and our technology will no longer be needed.

Why support our campaign?

We’ve almost reached our goal. We're almost there: it really is the last mile. We want to close the cycle of a project in which we believe because it fuels our hope that we can offer high quality together with a contribution to improving the quality of our lives and the ecosystem. Help us support the final stage of research on the dispensers, developed in collaboration with the Multiphysix Lab research centre and the team headed by professor Trabucco of Milan Polytechnic, who have placed their trust in us and in this project.

The new dispenser:

4.0 system dispensers, installed in workplaces, will be able to read the level of water stocks and automatically transmit a re-supply request to the Aliante platform. The platform will respond by preparing the chosen water type in real time in new pouches once the previous packages are almost terminated, thus allowing simple and fast management of restocking activities. But above all, thefully integrated Planisfera system will offer the certainty of being able to drink ultra-fresh water, rather than water that has been stored for months in plastic containers, with the further benefit of avoiding the need to hold costly and bulky stocks of bottled water. In relation to the final stage of research, our plans envisage that devices connected to the dispensers, supplied with the water pouches, will be equipped with a consumption monitoring system and independent mechanisms for communication with the Aliante Planisfera platforms. In short, the system will know precisely when to repeat the order and in a few hours the platform will issue instructions to produce the required amount of water that will be delivered to the customer directly and quickly. The model will also allow communication with Planisfera by means of a website, social media and, shortly, a dedicated app.

What are the funds for?

  2. What will the funds be used for

20,000total, of which

5,000 for equipment

3,000 for software

12,000 for researcher salaries and laboratory activities

About the project owner

3. Description of the designer

Planisfera asserts a simple principle: today, in the third millennium, human activities have contaminated and are rapidly contaminating ever larger areas of the land and the sea. The impact on primary natural processes thus makes it impossible for water to maintain its natural purity. But this intrinsic characteristic of natural purity is so powerful in the elemental resource of water that it is sufficient to apply a simple, evolved and natural process to return it to its uncontaminated primordial state. The technology of Planisfera is completely inspired by the natural cycle, based on processes that are identical to those of the Earth when it collects rainwater, filters it and enriches it with mineral salts, restoring not only its purity but also its natural vitality. 

The entire process of Planisfera takes place using only renewable energy and 100% recyclable materials. Even the delivery of drinking water is carried out using exclusively electric vehicles charged by means of certified renewable energy. That's why our water will never be sold through mass retail outlets, because its diffusion is based on the principle of small scale localised and diffused production.   

Planisfera is an innovative system conceived on the basis of the experience of founders Lorenzo Conti and Livio Visentin, accumulated in local drinking water refinement and distribution plants and in the creation and management of production platforms in West Africa and East Europe. Their many successes formed the basis for the development of this new model, which delivers levels of reliability and service never before achieved on the market.

LIVIO VISENTIN, in the role of founding partner and CEO, has more than a decade of experience at the helm of companies operating in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, technological innovation and the management of complex systems.

LORENZO CONTI, in the role of technological executive, has been heading top companies operating in the water refinement, purification and potabilisation sector for more than twenty-five years.