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Au Plan K

Joy Division & Post Punk at la Raffinerie du Plan K, Brussels, 1979-2009

  • Le boulon, maison radicalement rock - Joy Division


    j'espère que tu vas bien et que 2020 a commencé sour les meilleurs auspices pour toi et tes proches.
    Une petite news en passant pour te signaler un livre sur Joy Division de la maison d'édition Le Boulon, en crowdfunding ici sur Ulule.
    N'hésite pas à y jeter un coup d'oeil ! ! ! !



  • Dear Au Plan K owner / crowdfunder

    Good news: the crowdfunding campaign for the Au Plan KAddendum is almost over. More precisely on October 16.
    More good news: no more messages and solliciting :)
    We have reached end exceeded the original goal.
    This means the Addendum will be printed: those who ordered it will received it home by post or they will collect it at the party in the Raffinerie (formerly "du Plan K") on January 17, 2020. So I'm satisfied and happy.
    I only insist to remind you that
    1) if you wish to complement your original Au Plan K with this Addendum, it's here (https://fr.ulule.com/auplank40/) and now or never: it will only be sent/given to people ordering it here (https://fr.ulule.com/auplank40/). Only the number of copies ordered here (https://fr.ulule.com/auplank40/) will me made.
    2) If the new objective (7500 euros) is reached, the Addendum will grow from 48 to 56 pages, for everyone, for the same price. So more pages for the same money.

    Once again thank you for supporting Au Plan K and don't forget to share and push around you.


    Philippe Carly

  • Au Plan K 40 - The Addendum - NEW GOAL!

    Let's go crazy!
    The initial goal has been reached.
    This means we're certain the book will be produced.
    heartfelt thank you to all for making this possible, for your support, your commitement, your enthusiasm.
    It's heartwarming. 

    Therefore I propose to see if we can reach further...
    If we get 150% of the initial goal - that's 7,500 euros - all books will grow from 48 to 56 pages.
    In other words, you'll get more bang for you buck. 
    It's time to order your copy if you haven't already.

  • A baby brother for Au Plan K

    Dear Au Plan K crowdfunder,

    I hope this message will find you happy and healthy.

    I come back to you to introduce my next project : Au Plan K 40, an Addendum to Au Plan K.
    It isn't a new, augmented edition but a new separate volume. Not so quite big, but equally beautiful, equally interesting, equally lovingly crafted.

    Since Au Plan K's release, I have found photos I wanted to include but couldn't find at the time. Furthermore, I've had access to Annik Honoré's estate and I found several very interesting documents perfectly illustrating how concerts were organised at the Raffinerie. Last but not least, I have received new recollections (Front 242's Richard 23, Tuxedomoon's Steven Brown and several others) shedding new and personal light on Plan K, on Annik. Not mentioning several posters that couldn't fit in Au Plan K.

    The crowdfunding is currently on going on Ulule; https://fr.ulule.com/auplank40/
    You will notice the goal is almost fulfilled, but I draw you attention on an important fact: the Addendum will only be available trough this crowdfunding. It won't be sold in stores nor on my web site. Only the number of ordered copies here on Ulule will be printed.

    This Addendum doesn't take anything away from Au Plan K, on the contrary it represents an indispensable supplement.
    If you enjoyed Au Plan K, you will want to pair it with this Addendum.

    The crowdfunding campaign stops soon: on October 16, 2019, 40th anniversary of Joy Division's first concert in the Raffinerie. Do not procrastinate.

    Once more a big thank you for your initial support to Au Plan K.

    Yours truly,

    Philippe Carly


  • Nouvelles séances de signatures

    première bonne nouvelle, les envois du livre ont commencé et j'ai trouvé la bonne cadence (une vingtaine par jour) donc l'attente ne devrait plus être trop longue :-)
    Ensuite, il y des séances de signature et de rencontre prévues pour les prochaines semaines : 
    Dimanche 12 février, Caroline (101 blvd Anspach, 1000 Bruxelles) 15:00 - 17:00
    Samedi 18 février, Librairie Tulitu (55 rue de Falndre, 1000 Bruxelles) 18:00 - 19:00
    Samedi 25 février, 72 Records (72 rue du Midi; 1000 Bruxelles) 15:00 - 16:00
    Enfin, pour rappel, pour ceux qui avaient choisi de retirer leur livre chez PIAS (36-38 rue Saint-Laurent, 1000 Bruxelles), leur livre les y attend. Tu peux en profiter pour voir l'expo (jusque fin février).
    Et tu auras (enfin) le livre, ton avis (quelques mots, quelques lignes, quelques paragraphes) m'intéresse.
    Encore merci