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Place to B: a new narrative around social change

1 space, 1 event, 1 community: donate and receive!

About the project

BREAKING News! Wednesday, July 14th, 7:05pm - 5 hours left! 

If we reach $3,200 : we'll make a special Place to B Canada Tote Bag for all our crowdfunders!! Thanks for contributing, Thanks for sharing :)

 3rd objective : The STUDIO

The Studio is the space where our creative workshops will be held - Help us fund our stop motion animation workshop!


In alignment with the World Social Forum (WSF), Place to B  Canada will create a participatory newsroom at the SAT (Société des Arts Technologiques) to facilitate coverage of the WSF under a new narrative.

From the 9th - 14th August, Place to B Canada will transform the (already incredible) SAT to create a welcoming and creative media space to encourage positive exchange, networking and collaboration among journalists, artists, and citizens.

We are counting on you to bring this dream into a reality that we can all be a part of and benefit from!

3 great reasons to get involved:

  1. You get access to exclusive WSF content, keeping you up to date and informed throughout the Forum
  2. You will be set up in the most popular “hot-spot” located in the heart of Montreal
  3. You share Place to B’s vision and you want to concretely contribute to their 1st adventure in Canada.

On the right-hand side of your screen you will find various rewards with each donation tier offered to you by Place to B Canada and our awesome partners. It is our way of saying THANK YOU for your support!  ==========>>

So,  what does setting up at the SAT entail?

  • Access to a coworking space in the heart of Montreal
  • Access to a series of conferences in line with the WSF
  • Creative content development, for little and older changemakers, for curious souls and experts alike.
  • Various spaces to express and share your experiences at the WSF
  • Chill-out and party zones! Nothing compares to SAT’s rooftop terrace, the perfect spot to enjoy a drink and change the world, together!

Your GO-TO spot

By setting yourself up at the SAT, Place to B will be your “GO TO” spot;your reference point and everything in between. This International event is expecting over 50,000 attendees and will host 1,200 activities across 13 different themes. No need to feel lost or overwhelmed, Place to B will help you navigate your way through it all!

Communicate differently, mobilize largely

Across this International community, Place to B hopes to bring together narrators for change. Whether you are a journalist, blogger, illustrator, storyteller, artist, director, activist… anyone can be part of Place to B. By bringing people together in one space (the SAT), people from various sectors, backgrounds and experiences can meet, exchange, and share their vision of change from a creative, innovative and positive perspective.

Copyright : Thomas Perrot

How did it all start?

To better understand Place to B Canada, it might be worth taking a few steps back, or across the Atlantic for that matter. The dynamic Place to B was born in Paris, in December 2015 during the COP21.  We, Blandine and Julie, found ourselves among 15,000 world narrators assembled together to discuss ecology in a novel way and to write a new narrative on climate change.  Inspired and transformed by the experience and the idea of being part of this International community, we decided to bring this adventure to Montreal and implement it during the World Social Forum (WSF)!

What are the funds for?

Setting ourselves up at the magical SAT is just the beginning, all donations will go towards transforming the space so it is ideal for coworking, chilling and hosting numerous activities alongside the WSF.

We thought this participatory newsroom as a giant puzzle of 10 pieces. Each piece corresponds to a room to be designed at the SAT, contents to be produced, or some equipment to be fund.

We’ll start by unveiling only the first 3 pieces of the puzzle… But all your contributions will help us putting the whole puzzle together and make that participatory newsroom a reality!

The 1st piece of the puzzle:  THE ATELIER  $1,500 [ Funded !! ] 

With the first piece of the puzzle funded, we will work collaboratively to reinvent and transform the SAT into l'ATELIER, a unique co-working space with Place to B flair! Decor lead with eco-sustainable and responsible designs in mind that is sure to impress all those who come by.

Fully equipped, the Atelier will be your hot-spot; responding to all your needs, enticing your curiosity and flourishing your talents as a narrator of change.

The 2nd  piece of the puzzle:  THE GREAT GALLERY / $500 [ Funded !! ]

Your Expression. Your participation. The Great Gallery (La Grande Galerie) is your space for full expression! Thanks to your generous donations towards the second piece of the puzzle, we will install a gallery where you are encouraged to share your experiences from the WSF. One of the pieces to be installed in the Great Gallery will be the NEWS TREE, a collaborative piece where you can add your voice, your message, your story about what you are living during your time at the Forum. The content will be collected and recorded electronically, and if this donation tier is achieved we will send your stories off to the COP22, routed via Marrakech!

»»»» The 3rd piece of the puzzle : LE STUDIO #1 / 1,500$

The 3rd piece of our puzzle brings you LE STUDIO where the majority of our workshops will be held. One of the workshops that we hope to bring into fruition with your help is a workshop on producing short, animated videos with children. Organized in collaboration with Hands On Media Education, we will give children a voice so they can share their vision of the type of world they would like to see and what challenges affect them. This will be held in a safe and stimulating space for reflection, creativity, and sharing.  All the animations will then be diffused via the Place to B platform and we will invite the young artists to share their creative experiences during one of our conferences.

The other pieces of the puzzle will be unveiled as soon as our 3 objectives are attained… the more you play, the more will be revealed!

** A big shout out to our great illustrator: Clemence Palvadeau

About the project owner

Place to B Canada is fortunate to have two co-founders:

You can find us at:

A big thank you goes out to our partners for their support, especially for all the perks they have offered to share with you for all of YOUR support!

  • Novae: A media about positive and engaged economy
  • Mikael Theimer: Photographer, Portraits of Montreal
  • Nouveau Projet: Ideas, narratives and instructions for the 21st century
  • Abre - Evolution: A socio-environmental organisation working towards a society that creates a symbiotic relationship between humans, trees, the forest and the environment.
  • Esplanade: the 1st coworking space dedicated to social entrepreneurship and innovation in Quebec.

Illustration Fond de Page : ©Natacha Bigan / © Place To B