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PIED de BICHE is a Parisian brand of high-end and politely priced Chelsea boots for men and women.

About the project


Pay us a visit directly at Atelier Meraki, in order to try on your pair

Every day by appointment
16 rue Neuve Popincourt, Paris 11


This is the end of our campaign, and we've made a great score, thanks to you.
Many thanks to you all for your support, help and contributions!

Today is the birth of Pied de Biche, thanks to you. You just created two full time jobs, probably an internship, and you turned our adventure into a company, CHEERS!

Our website will open during the week, preorders will continue on our e-shop.
We're preparing small leather goods, affordable and politely priced in limited editions. Stay tuned!



Both feminine and masculine, the Chelsea boot naturally became the star model of our collection. What better than to update, brighten up, and color such a classic! We have used all our energy to polish the look of our boot: lower, thinner, tastefully colored, high-quality, and of course, politely priced.

Since the beginning, our greatest challenge was to select a manufacturer capable of meeting our strictest requirements. After several exhibitions, trips to Italy and Portugal, hundreds of emails, and meeting many people, we finally did it! In Porto, the European shoe capital, we found the ideal workshop for PIED de BICHE.

The Porto region is renown worldwide for its excellence and skill. With much the same quality as its French and Italian neighbors, Portrugal offers advantageous labor costs, which allows us to ensure a high-end and politely priced product.

All our leathers have been carefully selected in northern Italy, in the Trentin region, to ensure an indisputable quality as well as first class leathers with understated colors.

Our first collection consists in nine color combinations: a men’s model in five colors and a women’s model in four colors. The careful selection of leathers, expert workmanship, precise shaping and finishing unambiguously class this first collection as a high-end shoe.

All our models are easily recognizable by a rear band, which matches the elastic, as well as our little doe logo, imprinted in the leather of our shoes.







No need to panic, you can give us your size until the last day of the campaign, and enjoy the preorders without worry. We will help you if you hesitate! Our boot sizes are on the smaller side, so if you are hesitating between to sizes, we advise you to choose the largest.
For more information, please see our FAQ.

We will gladly welcome you in our showroom at 14/16 rue Neuve Popincourt in Paris 11th, France (metro station Parmentier) on:

Wednesday 23rd of September from 6 pm to 10 pm
Saturday 10th of October from 4 pm to 9 pm
Sunday 11th of October from 10 am to 8 pm

You can also make an appointment to come and try on your pair of shoes in our showroom at any time by contacting us:
[email protected] or call +33 6 95 37 86 96 / +33 6 52 58 17 37.









What are the funds for?

The success of this project is in your hands. This campaign will allow us to start the production of your shoes, as well as our first stock.
During the campaign, our boots are at an incredible price in regards to the high-quality of the product. It's your chance to make a great bargain, to take part in an ambitious project, to give life to a fair brand, which commits to reduce its margins, to limit its distributors so you can enjoy high-end boots at a polite price.



In order to offer you our boots for 115€, shipping costs included, we desclaim any form of remuneration. The whole margin will be invested in our first stock, which will be sold on our eshop.

About the project owner

PIED de BICHE is an idea we've had in mind for several years. As time went by, the idea became clearer, then a real project. Today, it's much more than that. It's a real adventure, and we entrust it to you.
It's also a challenge we have set for ourselves, as we have both left our jobs to pursue our dream: to create our own brand of shoes. We have always been passionate about entrepreneurship and beautiful things, and have decided to go forward with it.

For us, the adventure began with the new year. We are two long time friends. Together, we make a solid team, with a band of friends on our side, always there to support and help us.
On the lookout for clothing that answered our uncompromising requirements, in terms of style as well as quality and budget, we used to share our tips which helped us stand out, while respecting our student budgets. Our problem was we never found elegant, thin and distinguished boots, with understated but vibrant colors, high-end, and politely priced.

  • Our objective is to bring both men and women to a modern and refined world.
  • Our desire is to offer a comfortable and distinguished boot, thin and colorful, made out of high-class leather
  • Our ambition is to give you a high-end and politely priced product.

We would like to warmly thank all the people , friends, family, who have supported us so far and especially Marie C, Agathe dF, Etienne M, Stephane J, Adel G, Manu B, Adeline J, Alex S, Julie C, Romain N, Pierre M, Philippe M, Antoine M, Laura H, Marine P, Laura B, Hortense M, Charles M, Bernard M, Fernando, Marie T, Quentin L, Chloé K,  Sherif S, Chloé lM, Charlotte R, Marie P, Brice L, Myriam L, François J, Agathe P, Kinan K, Sophie A, Marc dB, Pierre-Marie G, Cloutée, 119, La Confidence and Atelier Meraki! 

Thanks to you all for your trust, support and participation!


Matthieu and Jerome.


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Contact us


  • How do I choose the right size?

    Here is our sizing guide.

    Our shoes are cut on the smaller side. If you're not sure, don’t hesistate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you. We will organize several events during which you will be able to try on your pair, even after ordering. You have until the last day of the campaign to inform us of your choice in size and color.
    You have two options:

    • Put your foot against a wall on an A4 sheet of paper, the heel against the wall and the foot flat on the sheet. Draw a line to the tip of you big toe and measure the distance in centimeters from the edge of the sheet to the line you drew. Refer to our size chart, and choose the size that suits you.
    • ​Print our pedimeter (MAN / WOMAN) and follow the same instructions. Careful, the document shall remain on the right scale, you must print at 100% (check by measuring the scale at the bottom left of the document).

    Last updated: 2 years, 9 months ago

  • Can I order without knowing my exact shoe size?

    Of course! You have until the last day of the campaign to inform us of your choice in size and model. You can come touch and try on our models during the different events we have organized at 14/16 rue Neuve Popincourt, Paris, France (metro Parmentier), on:
    Wednesday the 23rd of September from 6 pm to 10 pm
    Saturday the 10th of October from 4 pm to 9 pm
    Sunday the 11th of October from 10 am to 8 pm.

    Last updated: 2 years, 9 months ago

  • Can I try on my shoes before ordering?

    Of course, it is possible to try on your shoes before ordering. Either during the different events summed up earlier, or by making an appointment ([email protected] or call +33 6 95 37 86 96/+33 6 52 58 17 37).

    Last updated: 2 years, 9 months ago

  • What happens if the size isn’t right?

    Shipping is free (in mainland France and Corsica). If upon arrival you notice the size doesn’t fit, we will gladly make an exchange for another pair, or give you your money back. You will have to pay for return shipping, and we will send you the pair that fits you better, free of charge.
    That only works in mainland France and Corsica. If you're abroad, you can return your order (shipping costs are for you), and you will immediatly be refund. Then, you will be able to order the right size.

    Last updated: 2 years, 9 months ago

  • I chose the “pack duo”. Can I mix the colors, sizes and models?

    Yes, you are completely free to mix models, sizes and colors within your pack duo. 

    Last updated: 2 years, 9 months ago

  • When will I receive my order?

    We will wait until the last day of the campaign to start the manufacture of all pre-orders, on the 24th of October. From then, we estimate at least three weeks (we will count one month to be safe) for the manufacturing, and then seven days of shipping from Porto to our headquarters in Paris. We wish to be prudent, and estimate a month and a half after the end of the campain before sending your shoes. We hope to be able to deliver the shoes as soon as the second week of December and will do all our possible to honor this deadline. You can be sure the shoes will be delivered before Christmas.

    Last updated: 2 years, 9 months ago

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