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Bring the small cyclists of your childhood to life

Play with small bikes, it's fun!

About the project

1. Our company specializes in the conception and design of objects for sports fans.

Our flagship product is the "little cyclist" in metal, an emblematic figure of the childhood of our ancestors; it is distributed in independent shops in Europe or on our website petit-cycliste.com, delivery worldwide.

For a few years now, we have redefined 100% French know-how, as well as a network of suppliers and customers that had disappeared in the 1980s, when this collector's item had seen its appeal wither away. With the craze for "vintage", all generations can now be found in our collection product.

2. Our project: to make an object that is not a collector's item but "playable" and "manipulable" everywhere and by everyone

We want to expand our catalog by adding a complementary and perfect product for outdoor games (on the beach, in the garden) or indoors (in the youngest's bedroom ...). The box of 20 small 100% French plastic cyclists meets this need for versatility.

For this, we need to develop a production line by acquiring a mold and installing tools to start manufacturing directly in France.

Our petits cyclistes Revival of a toy from yesteryear The cycling figurines to play on all terrains, indoors and outdoors, whatever your age! MADE IN FRANCE MAISON GEORGES EDOUARD FRANCE

3. French production

Our partners are based in France, our know-how is French. Our production unit is located less than 50 km from our head office located in Roubaix. Our raw materials come from recycled plastic.

In short, we have a virtuous production chain, respectful of its environment and socially responsible.

Responsible and French Manufacturing! Headquarter Responsible and recognized parters Roubaix A production plant using recycled plastics as part of a circular economy. Hauts de France SAVO Technica support with the Living Heritage Company Label PATRIN Rhone Alpes IPRE-ORDER

4. Our product

Two boxes of 20 cycling figurines are available: "Maître Jacques" and "Poupou" in reference to cycling legends Jacques Anquetil and Raymond Poulidor.

Technica features 100% made in France Scale 1/35 5 cm Weight : 4,5 grams Material Plastic POM recycled 1,7 cm Other : Tough Light Modern with the helmet 5 cm Hours of conviviality to share with family and friends IPRE-ORDER

Product offer MAISON MADE M D E I N F FRANCE R A N C E GEORGES EDOUARD Two boxes, eight colors FRANCE < Maitre Jacques > BOX (ref to Mr. Anquetil Jacques) 4 teams of 5 figurines Yellow - Green - White - Pink (total 20 figurines) I PRE-ORDER < Poupou BOX (refto Mr. Poulidor Raymond) 4 teams of 5 figurines Red - Purple Blue - Orange (Total 2ofigurines)

What are the funds for?

WHAT WILL THE FINANCING BEUSED FOR? 3D 3 Conception 3D & Injection Mold Minimum Production prototype Manufacturing Launch ULULE Logistics Fees Ulule Fees ISUPPORT

AFTER THE CAMPAIGN Delivery Manufacturing Ending October October Prototype Mold Beginning October End of the campaign

About the project owner

Who are we? Maison Georges Edouard is a family business, specialized in the manufacture and design of objects in the world of cycling. The workshop is located in Roubaix, the cycling capital. Our philosophy is to offer objects "100% French manufacture", thus, for a few years, we have redefined a know-how, allowing to propose collector figurines in steel and painted by hand, at our place in our own workshop!

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