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Pearls of Juggling in German!

A fun, colourful book that has inspired jugglers and artists all over the world in a new language edition..

About the project

Pearls of Juggling came out in English and Italian in 2015 thanks to help of nearly 200 supporters.
Pearls has been of inspiration to jugglers and flow artists all over the world.
In these years we have been asked to make other language editions and this is first of a few to come.

Even though many people speak English in Germany we are doing this as a friendly gesture to
everyone that would prefer to read it in their own language and all the children and youths in the
circus schools in particular.

“At last the companion book to all my previous work has been written, filling many of the blank
spaces in the tapestry and fleshing out the details in areas I merely skimmed. This is the kind of
book that you need to read once to see the entire strand of about 150 pearls as a whole, and
then you can pick up those pearls one by one when you need them, examine them, and
discover their place in the strand.”
From the preface by Dave Finnigan,
Author of “The Complete Juggler” and “The Zen of Juggling”

This is a beautiful book to own and occupy proudly of place on the juggler's coffee table and training bag. It is richly illustrated with cartoons, indian-style characters, and abstract images from a number of talented artists.

"It's something similar to "The Zen of Juggling" but with more Juggling, and just as much Zen, packed full of insightful observations and practical tips for improving your juggling. It helped me work on being present and mindful about more than just the pattern in front of me. Every juggler looking to experience the true enjoyment juggling can bring should own a copy!"

"...this book deals more in concepts rather then specific tricks, making it much more accessible to the beginner. But don't be fooled by that accessibility. There is a depth in these pages. That is the balancing act that Anthony has performed so gracefully. Someone who has just grasped 3 balls and someone who runs 7 all day can meet within this book, joyously lost in exploration. I have literally watched this happen."

"I highly recommend this to all jugglers. It's an entertaining read which will inspire you to improve your juggling".

What are the funds for?

You kind donations with help us print real copies of the book in German!

The costs involved are for the translation, for the graphic layout and printing and shipping of the books.
This covers the minimum costs.

If we get more support we will invest in our website and create new material for jugglers all over the world.

If we manage to get 300 or more copies then there could be a good chance that a publisher may want to produce Pearls of Juggling too, bringing it to even more people.

Chris Blessing has already translated the book.
The project will need to reach it's goal to succeed,
if we get there you will receive a signed copy or two!

About the project owner

Anthony Trahair, author of Pearls of Juggling, is a long time juggler, Yoga practitioner and teacher, and playfulness advocate.

Anthony graduated in 2006 at the Dimitri Physical Theatre School in Swizerland.

Since 2001 he loves holding "Zen of Juggling" type retreats for jugglers that last between 5 and 10 days.

Originally from the UK he lives in the countryside in Italy and lives with his wife and cat and loves spending time in the vegetable garden.



Christian Blessing. Born in 1990 in Germany started juggling at the age of 9.

Since 2004, he has participated in different circus groups for children and youths as an artist, trainer and director.

Chris came in touch with Anthony Trahair and Pearls at EJC 2015 in Brunico. Found the book very inspiring for his work and has read it 2 or 3 times!

Studied German language and Philosophy/Ethics at university and since finishing in 2016, Chris performs as a professional juggler and artist with various solo shows and projects.



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