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Les petites pâtisseries

Raw & Vegan

About the project

Hello there! You surely have heard of typical French pâtisseries? You know those decadent, beautiful, arty cakes people eat sitting on a bench whilst looking at the Eiffel tower wearing a béret :D (I know I love clichés!) Well my patisseries are the same! Except they don't have flour, eggs or butter in them and they're 100% Vegan! Yes Vegan... So that means... Hang on... that those cakes are actualy healthy for me to eat?! Yes! That's precisely it!

My name is Violaine Bergoin, I've been a Raw Vegan Chef for three years and I've been creating a set of original French inspired patisseries (small cute cakes) in the last two years with the intention to open my own cake shop in Paris.

What I'm doing is simple: imitate the best cakes you might have seen on a trip to france, such as macaroons, opera cakes, tartlets as well as chocolates and other sweet things and make it Raw and Vegan!

But what does that mean? It means my cakes are made out of nuts and seeds (for the flour or to make creamy texture when soaked and brought back to life: the whole idea of sprouting), fresh organic fruits (for the flavours, colours and vitamins), coconut oil or cacao butter (for the good fats), as well as natural sweeteners such as dates, agave syrup or coconut sugar. I dehydrate my pie crusts under 42 degrees so they are crunchy and very pie crusty like, you wouldn't be able to tell it's raw and vegan! And by keeping it low temprature, you benefit from all the nutrients of the products I use! What else could ask for? :D

The Opera Cake, Already a classic. To eat on a Sunday afternoon with a loved one ;)

My appetizing, energizing and nourishing patisseries will be much easier to digest in comparison to the traditional ones that contain sugar, gluten and butter. It's with that vision that I decided to open a place that will offer a set of patisseries that are actually good for you, all dedicated to Raw Food and well-being.

I will offer drinks as well, heated under 42 degrees only, such as hot chocolate, matcha latte or Orzo Coffee. 42 degrees is the temperature that allows vitamins and minerals to keep intact and allow your body to benefit from it. Lush drinks to drink along with your patisserie ;)

My shop will be a Take-away only (for now anyway!), just like those typical small, cute cake shop you may have encountered in France ;)

The Lemon Tartlet (Available recipe in my e-book)

My offer?

Along with occasions, parties, festivities and seasons, I will adapt my offer in order to satisfy everyone! For example, there will be chocolate for Valentine's day, Easter, Christmas. Ice creams during the summer and logs in the winter and crêpes as well during Candlemas (Chandeleur).

Raw Chocolate is made out of Raw Cacao that hasnt been torreficated. That makes it a super food, full of anti-oxydant and vitamins ;) Super fun to make with your children! (recipe in my e-book)

Raw Chocolate pancake made out of banana. Delicious and so ressemblant of a "normal" pancake ;)

Raw Ice Cream or "Nice Cream" made out of macadamia nuts and bananas, vanilla, or chocolate ;) A super good and easy to make recipe (recipe in my ebook)

A Raw Vegan cupcake, of course, it's possible!

I will organise Raw Food workshops based on patisserie and desserts, with me as a chef and other chefs that specialise in Raw Vegan food.

I will make cakes for all occasions: Weddings, openings, hen's parties. Once things get started for me, I'll also set up a savoury and sweet catering service all around Paris.

The opening hours for my shop will be: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9.00 to 19.00, except Sunday where I will close at 14.00 perfect if you want to bring a cake for your Sunday Lunch ;)

What's the point of my patisseries and what's so special about them?

My pâtisseries are made out of healthy, fresh, organic, full of vitamins, ingredients that are actually good for you!

The fact that they are coocked under 42 degrees preserves all the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that will help you digest better and feel energised too. All that while still taking pleasure and indulge with what you eat.

What is Raw Food?

This way of eating comes from the United States. It's basically a coming back to eating simple and healthy food. Non-processed and non-industrial. That means eating a lot of fruit and veg in its raw form in order to benefit of an optimal health. This can be assimilated in different ways: juices, smoothies, acai bowls, salads, but also fake cheeses made out of cashew nuts or almonds, zucchini noodles, raw pizza with linseed bases, crackers, bread that is made out of sprouted grains and dehydrated, hamburgers made out of portobello mushrooms "buns", soups, quiches, etc. These are becoming more and more of the norm nowadays. It's a diet that people adopt for a day or two to become healthier within a few days and feel revitalised. You don't have to be raw everyday!

Raw food is my sole inspiration. That's how I create my cakes but I'm really taking it to the next level by making them decadent and original, and that's by inspiring myself with the best patissiers out there. Going to a pastry shop is like going to a museum or a sacred place for me. I look at the colours, the beauty, the technique. The concept. The personality of the chef. Each piece has a story and creates a feeling in the viewer. My mission is really to change Raw Vegan food to its sexiest. I want to make it accessible for everyone.

As human beings we have this need to feel nourished, physically and mentally. I want to make a real link between well-being and gastronomic pleasure. Eating is a primary need but it's also an emotional one that has to be satisfied through the discovery of new sensations and the "feeling good" feeling after eating.

As well as being a vegan cake shop, which already reduces the co2 footprint by not using animal based products, I am willing to fight against food waste which is a big issue in most countries. I found a association that deals with that, called "La Tablée des Chefs".

This organisation's role is to collect all left overs and unsold items that shops, restaurant produce everyday, and share them with people in need or use them during workshops with people in difficulties, etc... I will also use a compost bin and will get it collected. My fruit and veg will be organic and local, I will always try my best to keep it as ethical as possible.

More info about food waste: http://www.tableedeschefs.org/fr/tablee-des-chefs/international

What are the funds for?

According to my Business plan, forecast budget and after having visited a couple of rentable shops around here, I calculated I needed at least 10,000 euros to open my shop. Of course this represent only a part of my expenses. The rest I will get through bank loans and other loans you are elligible to get here in France. But this love money is a total way to convince the banks and represents my personal contribution.

Examples of needed Equipment:

Three deshydrateurs of the brand Sédona: EUR 1200

Two Vitamixes, High speed blender: 1557X 2= EUR 3114

Two magimixes: EUR 284 X2= 568

About the project owner

My name is Violaine, I'm 33 years old. I've lived in Paris for three years now and have been working as a chef since November 2013 in different restaurants and caters (42 degrés, Sol Semilla, Detox Delight, Betty Nu food). I've also been organising workshops and Tea Times. My whole work is based on Plant-based, Raw Vegan, Living Food.

After having graduated in Fine art studies in Bristol, I decided to take care of my body and got into well-being, nutrition and started doing yoga. (Ashtanga)

I then visited India, my grandad's country and became a vegetarian. After coming back home I stared to explore that new way of eating and experimented a lot in the kitchen. Unfortunatley I started to become overweight and that's by looking into weightloss taht I discovered Raw Food.

What I loved about eating Raw was the fact I could eat as much as possible without restricting myself and while still taking pleasure. I discored new flavours and textures and I realised how simple it was to become healthy by eating fresh and tasty foods.

I saw the benefits from that way of eating right away, I lost a lot of weight within a small amount of time. I felt energised and happy. I got to experiment new ways of cooking food, different techniques such as marinating, dehydrating, fermenting food, which are very old processes that are amazing in terms of conserving nutrients, vitamins, etc...

I realised how cheaper and more meaningful eating became when eating raw, from making dishes from scratch with your own bare hands, from fresh, unprocessed food. I got so into it that in 2012, I started to organise Raw Food nigths that became very popular. So much so that one day, someone whose girlfriend who was the owner of a place, that was to open in Paris, contacted me to become their chef in their restaurant, so I had to say yes and try it out.

So here I became the main chef in that kitchen, at the first ever Raw Vegan restaurant to open in France. I was thrilled. Three years have passed and I am more than motivated to embrace my first experience as a young chef and entrepreneur that will allow me to explore my passion at its deepest level.

Cooking is an art that you master through technique, self-dicipline and real passion for what you do. In my case it's also a beautiful way to offer health to people and make them develop this counsciousness of being well in their body by discovering news ways of eating.

So don't forget:

So thank you for stopping by and please don't hesitate to share this news with your friends and family ;) Thanks a lot and have a good day!

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