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Free The Papertoys

Billy Sweet Monster Collection

About the project

From many years, a great creative impulse runs the web... All over the world, artists, designers, illustrators or fans are participating graciously... And you can't escape this small paper revolution!

Of course, I speak about PAPER TOYS! These adorable little creatures that anyone can make at home or office. Almost, because paper toys require some accessories: a printer, thick paper, glue, cutting board, cutters and scissors...

With my experience, and hundreds of contacts I have through my activities (artists, printers, designers...), I decided to give life to papertoys in the REAL WORLD!

In partnership with, I drafted specifications that meets the following objective: 0% BORING! To achieve this, I designed a kit 100% DIY with:

- Thick glossy paper (350g)
- An offset color printing with high quality
- Pre-cut and pre-grooved template
- A protecting varnish that warms contrasts
- Elements easily detachable
- Assembly instructions
- And above all... a full dose of good humor!

My papertoys are:

- Cute, pretty and colorful
- Easy and quick to assemble
- Eco-friendly (no plastic)
- Strong and durable
- Entirely made in France
- And totally fun!

The "Premiere" collection builds on three versions, all based on my "Billy Sweet Monster", one of the first models that I created. Two other artists have joined my project: the French team MKT4 with his kawaii version (Billy Sweet Monster - Fawn version) and Argentine illustrator Patricio Oliver - aka PO! - With his tribal declination (Billy Sweet Monster - Aztec version).

Today, I need YOU! If the general mobilization works, then I could develop the collection with and give it a chance to land (finally!) in the physical world (concept stores, shops, boutiques ...).

With your support, I will decline the "Billy Sweet Monster" collection by soliciting other French and international artists (which will be of course properly compensated for their creation). And I could also develop some other models, always fun and colorful.

Together, free the PAPERTOYS!

What are the funds for?

Your generous support will:

. Co-finance the artists who contributed to this project
. Co-finance the artists who will contribute to the next creations
. Co-finance the goodies (stickers, custom-made creations, posters, etc.).
. Co-finance the printing of the first models
. Co-finance the design and printing of upcoming models
. Co-finance part of the e-shop where papertoys will be sold
. AND ESPECIALLY... contribute to the invasion of papertoys at your favorite stores!

About the project owner

Currently 3 people and myself met to complete this project:


Big fan of papertoys, he co-edits Since 2011, over 2000 models have been carefully collected and published. With more than 100,000 visits per month and an impressive collection of paper toys, is today one of the first site in the world entirely devoted to the subject (which frankly is not bad for a French website!). This is always an honor to be published here, and a great pleasure for me to have a joint project with Toy Boy :)

- MKT4 :

The MKT4 team is based in Clermont-Ferrand (France). Specializing in kawaii style illustrations and Art Toys, their colored and lovable creations bring comfort, joy and happiness to all those who are exposed to their art. Inevitable... (

- Patricio Oliver (aka PO!) : 

Argentine designer and professor teaching at the University of Buenos Aires, PO! is also a big fan of Art Toys. Published many times, his work is rooted in a strange universe made of little monsters, vampires and other bizarre creatures. A master of the genre... 

- And myself (TOUGUI) :

Graphic designer and illustrator, formerly based in the Paris region, I'm now based in Annecy. "Papertoys Maker" for 5 years now, I did papertoys making an important part of my job. I love sports, snow, yetis and DIY (



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