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Paper Dungeons

Create, share and play on your own paper dungeons ! A new kind of dungeon crawling puzzle game.

About the project

You may know of dungeon crawling games like Nethack with infinity of levels. Paper Dungeons takes this game concept and adds more strategy and more variations in it.

Paper Dungeons is a single player game boosted with online content. You will be able to create your own paper dungeons and upload them to a community server.

The game design is based on a paper grid like the old pen and paper Role Playing Games, with clean and sharp manga style sprites. The score has an epic feel, with a medieval touch.


A Multiplateform game


Paper Dungeons is primarily designed for Mac and PC, but also aimed to be multiplatform: IOS version for iPhone and iPad, plus Android and even Linux platform versions will be developed after the Mac and PC official release. Also, any levels designed on any platform of the game, and put online, will be compatible with any device.


Some numbers :
  • 5 character classes with male or female choice (Warrior / Archer / Cleric / Mage / Thief) 
  • 6 types of monsters (1 classic monster and 5 with special abilities)
  • 1 to 3 gaming modes: (Puzzle), (Adventure) if we reach $11,000 and (Rogue) if we reach $13,000.  
  • 3 sizes of dungeon (Small 14x10, Medium 24x20, Large 34x30) 
  • 5 dungeon types 
  • 3 zoom levels. 
  • 120 levels in the campaign 
  • Hundreds of online levels to come and as many as you want, created by yourself
  • You have to beat 20 dungeon levels with one character class to unlock another class in the same game mode
  • 6 platforms at term: PC, MAC (if we get reach a streched goal of € 7,500). And only after the PC and MAC release iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux.

The idea behind Paper Dungeons
I’ve always wanted to create a never ending dungeon crawling game.

For example, I loved Dungeon Master when I was young, but what I preferred by far was Captive and its procedural levels, where, after you beat the game, you could still fly to another planet and continue on a new adventure, and so on.

The problem with these procedurals levels is that they can quickly become too repetitive and boring. But what if you had at your disposal a really intuitive level editor to create and tell your own story? What if you also had instant access to all the dungeons created by other people on Earth? On a classic pen and paper role playing game, I personally always enjoyed this moment when I had to quickly draw some dungeon rooms and throw in my players to challenge them with some new traps and monsters.






Paper Dungeons was born from this basic idea: a simple dungeon level, drawn on screen, and strong tactical rules where you have to beat the higher monster to win the challenge.

Monsters hit hard, but you get some heals each time you uncover a new tile. If you need direct access to new parts of the dungeon, you can even destroy walls but at great life cost. Fortunately, you can ease your journey with some items, spells and bonuses dispatched around the map. Don’t forget to seek protection from a Deity, or to visit the store to equip your character. Monsters are all neutral and will only advance towards you if you engage them in a fight.


What type of game ?


Unlike many games of the same genre, Paper Dungeons’ main gaming mode is a pure puzzle game. Nothing is random: you can see what awaits you in the undiscovered zones.



Damages dealt are based on the player or monster level. It all seems predictable and too easy? Don’t be fooled: the game elements are precisely balanced and one single bad choice on your attacks or your moves can be lethal. Each character class has a different gameplay, which means you have to use different tactics to solve the same level. Every new dungeon, your character resets (level and items). Your score is based on the time you spend solving the level.

Strechd Goals


Everything is random here, though it’s calculated on a certain ratio based on your level and your statistics. All monsters and items are placed randomly on the map and you can’t see what’s underneath the undiscovered zone. There’s a roleplaying part, where every time your character levels up, you can choose which statistic to spend your points into. These game mechanics promise an epic fail or epic win depending on luck and the tactic chosen. Every new dungeon (tableau), your character resets (level and items). Again, your score is based on the time you spend solving the level.


This mode has the same rules as the Adventure game, but your character level does NOT reset after each dungeon. Your character keeps leveling up indefinitely until his death. This time, you score is not time dependent, but depends the last level reached by your character.

That means 3 games in one! (Should you back them, else it’s just PUZZLE available).

These three game types can be played in Campaign, Personal or Online mode.

Core of the project


This aspect of the game has really been polished to offer the best experience possible. The level creation is easy and fast: use basic tools to draw walls or place monsters and items. Or you can move or erase them with a simple mouse click, without changing your actual tool. Just keep clicking to put all your monsters and items, or one click the dice button to place them semi randomly (depending on your player’s position). Click the [Try] button for a quick test of the level, then go back to Editor mode with the [Escape] button. You can personalize your levels by using special items like indicator panels.

Once saved, you can choose to post your level online for all to enjoy.

At level creation, you can tag some items or monsters that won’t be randomly placed in Adventure or Rogue game mode. This allows you to avoid impossible situations like starting surrounded by walls, without any [Destroy wall] magic book in close proximity.



These levels are created, rated and commented by the Paper Dungeons players’ community. At the beginning of the game, if you choose the Online levels option, you can browse all games posted on our server. You can filter them by rate, note, name, size or by several meaningful tags chosen by other players (TRICKY, EASY, FOR ARCHER, FUN, ROLEPLAY, BORING, PRETTY, etc...).

Every time you’ve achieved an online level, the game will ask if you want to rate it, tag it or leave a comment, progressively contributing to sort these levels for the benefit of the community.


Thank you.

Paper Dungeons web site can be found at

What are the funds for?

Fundong Details

Our two people team has been working on Paper Dungeons for 5 months. 
We now have a nice game prototype and we know where we are going with this game. All the game mechanics have been tested, even if some adjustments still have to be done. This allows us to have all the final features planned on a tight schedule.

In order to start this project, I quit my job and our graphist has been working part time, so the money is running out now. But we still need 7 more development months to reach our goal.

We need Ulule to fund Paper Dungeons' next stage of development, in order to build the missing features and install our server for the online level sharing system.

More precisely, we intend to use the money for:

Software Licenses and Hardware: 
As a startup studio, we are missing several tools to help us get the job done. Software is expensive and the cost adds up quickly. For exemple the PC license for our development program Unity4 cost $1500. And if we want to release the MAC version we will need a Mac Pro around €2000 plus a Unity4 license for MAC.

need to rent a good dedicated server based in US in order to test our database/game protocol with it.

At this stage, we found some nice artists on Soundcloud, working with a creative common license system. 
Check out those great musicians :

We also have contacts with two musicians who would compose a specific, better-matched music, but of course we need to pay them for their work.

We need to sustain the basic needs of two full time developers for at least 7 months of work.

If we reach our stretched goal, anything past that will be put back directly into polishing the game.


MAIN GOAL : 4000 € 

  • 1500 € : Pro Unity4 PC Licence  + 4 Unity extensions.
  • 2500 € : Needs for 2 programmer for 7 months.

EXTENDED GOAL 1 : 7500 €

  • 2000 € : Mac Pro
  • 1200 € : Pro Unity4 MAC Licence 

EXTENDED GOAL 2  : 11000 €

  • 1500 € : 1 year hosting on a dedicated serveur with OVH
  • 2000 € : Pay an additional programmer to implement the additional ADVENTURE game mode in time

EXTENDED GOAL 3 : 13000 €

  • 2000 € : Pay an additional programmer to implement the additional ROGUE game mode in time

About the project owner

We are a two team fresh Startup Studio.

Stephane Valverde :
French programmer living in Laos since 2008. An avid Roleplayer and Gamer, I started programming since I was 15 years old (1984!) on my old Amstrad CPC464, yup the one with the tape recorder and the green screen... The passion never left, so I decided to create my own indie game compagny : Agent MEGA. Going commercial this year 2012.

Leslie Inthavong:

Graphic artist more specialized with classic pen & paper projects. Paper Dungeon is my first venture into digital world. Most graphics of this first project are vector based, drawn on Illustrator using my brand new graphic tablet :)


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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