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Panuma : bags that take you around the world!

Bags illustrated by talented artists

About the project

Panuma is now available on http://panuma-store.com/en/home/

Panuma is brand of bags illustrated by four exciting new artists.
Very practical, the bags each function simultaneously as a handbag, a backpack or even a sling bag.

Panuma creates bags that showcase the work of artists from all over the world.

A committed project from both an artistic AND a human perspective, Panuma works to prove that across borders, people aren’t so different. And that’s simply it!

On bags made out of canvas and leather, the four artists let their imaginations run wild on the themes, "Love" and "The Other". Be prepared for an adventure - the illustrators will be taking you to Senegal, Morocco, France, and Portugal, each one revealing their charms through the Ulule campaign. 

So what’s so special about these bags? Their major advantage is that they can be converted from handbag to backpack to sling bag in just a second, thanks to their handy hook rings. Ease at all times throughout the day! 

    As a sling bag                             As a backpack                                 As a handbag

From backpack to sling bag

The bags are produced in Morocco, from where the leather and canvas are sourced. Traditionally known as the home of quality leatherwork, Casablanca was the clear choice for the bag production.

From sling bag to handbag

Thanks to M. Choukri’s know-how, bags are produced in the best possible conditions and quality is guaranteed!

Panuma, this is also 4 artists for you to discover. 

SARAH - CASABLANCA                                             MIRJAM - PORTO

ELOÏSE - PARIS                                                    SAADIO - DAKAR

For each bag sold, a commission goes to the author of the illustration. This artistic commitment is one of our biggest motivations, at the heart of the entrepreneurship approach. 

Panuma, is also a human adventure. During the Ulule campaign, we are going to meet the 4 artists that illustrated the bags. On our journey we will spend two weeks with each artist during which we will introduce each artist to you. Be part of the adventure! During these meetings we will curate the second collection titled, “The Other”. You can follow the steps of the adventure and the creation on our website, Facebook or Instagram.

Two themes have been given to the artists : "LOVE" and "THE OTHER". These subjects have been chosen to show the similarities between the artists, and people in general, wherever they are. They then interpreted these themes very personally, following their inspirations and style, totally freely. 

LOVE Collection

The LOVE Collection have been created by the artists during spring 2016.

Love by Sarah                                                                Love by Mirjam
Love by Eloïse                                                   Love by Saadio

THE OTHER Collection

THE OTHER Collection will be created during the campaign. You can follow the creation process and at the same time discover the artists’ world.

The designs will be shown during the campaign, from 10th of June until 23th of July.

The Other by Sarah   The Other by Mirjam

The Other by Eloïse                                                  The Other by Saadio 

The designs are now completed !!

Some details of the bag : 

As cofounders of this project, Panuma adventure also means to us a two-month trip. We travel to a new artist’s destination 4 times, every 2 weeks that lead us to meet each artist. We want to share the experience we live through social networks, but also through an illustrated travel diary. The artists’ artworks will be gathered in this notebook as well as our most beautiful pictures and Sofia’s drawings made during our trip. We left a lot of blank pages, which give you the chance to write your adventures too!


The model can be chosen after your contribution.

1/ You choose your compensation, then proceed to the payment.

2/ We send you an email at least 3 days after your order has been taken into account.

3/ You let us know your choice the next 3 days and you will receive your bag a few weeks after the end of the Ulule campaign!


Delivery times are expected to be extent to allow you to entirely discover the new collections. Because our bags are hand crafted this also allows time to ensure your bag is of the best quality as well as to respect the working conditions of the craftsmen, with whom we work.

Delivery planned for the first 600 contributors: August 2016

Delivery planned for the following contributors: September 2016

What are the funds for?

A few months ago, Panuma was nothing but a crazy little idea surrounded by a heap of unanswered questions. Today, it is a project: people, figures and real prototypes dedicated to this idea. Now all we need is you to help Panuma to grow.

We can only develop this project if we reach our presale target.

Support us and share the project!

Here is how your contributions can help us:

About the project owner

Sofia, Cécile. 

Both dreamers at heart, ideas seem to flow when we come together. These ideas are materialized with the help of our tools: pencils, paintbrushes and quills for Sofia; needles, scissors and a sewing machine for Cécile.  

Armed with our tools and our passion, we started this adventure with enthusiasm, as always. Panuma is a project that reflects our own selves: committed both to art and to humanity. We have put our hearts into this project, along with our creativity and a smidgen of madness!

To all of our relatives and friends that have supported and assisted us throughout this adventure, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! 

Thanks to the group aimed to "Spread love", and in particular, thanks to Juliette.H, Marion, Juliette.B, Caroline, Erminie, Camille, Séverine, Victor, Zrinka, Joanne, Fanny, Lucas, Kantin, Axel, Constance, Alanna, Clémentine, Katherine, Saskea, Anas, Clémence, Naïma, Mustapha, Mouna and Sara for having given us their time, a place to stay and their precious advice!