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p-lux BXL

We started to think about the P-Lux project during an Erasmus exchange program in Prague, Czech Republic. We are Gauthier and Charly, two french guys who understood the value of the European Project while getting to know hundreds of Europeans during their studies and their journeys. Some years later we met back in Brussels, in the heart of the European Union and we worked within its institutions. But we always had trouble to explain our job and our feelings about being European - even to our closest friends. We couldn't find a thing to share with them back home - an object, a video, a music that will echo what we lived during our journeys abroad among other Europeans. So we decided to launch the very first Europe-wide brand of clothings dedicated to promote the European Idea. And on the side of our daily jobs we set up a brand, P-Lux, which is more than just about selling apparel - which is about promoting the idea that we are 500 million people on the same territory and that this territory extend from Lisbon to Bucarest and from Sicilia to Stockholm. We are from the generation of low-cost flights, local alcohols, Balkan folk music, Berlin Electro - a generation that speaks english with accents that comes from all the corners of Europe - a generation that took buses all around the place to cross borders without a passport and re-discovered its continent. We are the ERASMUS generation, and that already means a lot.