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First album

About the project

Finance the recording studio sessions of the first album of OVERSTAY: a French rock band with sharp texts and electrified compositions in english and french language as well! Overstay has already self-produced his first eponymous demo : Overstay.

You can listen to it here:

But it is time to move one step forward and record an album with real professionals in a real profesionnal studio! We would like to raise funds to realize our new album, reflecting our sound identity and our energy. The collection will be used to finance the necessary studio work over a period of 1 month.

What are the funds for?

1O recording sessions of 8 hours costing 300 euros each.

About the project owner

Overstay is a band formed in 2013 with three french members and one american. They all come from very different musical universes. They are musicians  and friends. Jim is on vocals and guitar, Sylvain on guitar, Greg is on drums and Kip on bass. Their inspirations are multiple but converge towards rock. Jim loves French songs but also the world music to which his different trips have carried him and transported him. Sylvain is a rocker who knows his classics and whose spectrum of musical tastes is eclectic. Greg and Kip are fond of pop, rock and punk. They seek together an energy to serve committed, sensitive and sometimes poetic texts in french and english

. Here are some links that will allow you to discover their work:



Https:// See you soon! Overstay