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Ornament sustainable hemp clothing

Changing fashion standards 1 hemp garment at a time

About the project

Hi, I see you have found your way to my crowdfunding page... NICE!

Never heard of a crowdfunding? Let me break it down for you! My crowdfunding is reward-based, this means that if you support my project, you get a reward in return for your contribution! 

After you have picked your reward(s) (See Pictures of rewards below), you can complete your transaction through this platform. your money will remain untouched on this platform until my crowdfunding campagne ends, on the 30th of November. If I reach my goal of 7000 Euro, We are all going to be very happy people, as I can keep the money to produce my sustainable hemp clothing collection and you get your reward in the mail! If I don't reach my crowdfunding goal, everyone automatically gets their money back. that's how a crowdfunding works!

The rewards you can choose from are:

 🌱  "Thank you" card letterpressed on hemp paper and sent to your door via postal service

 🌱  Hemp seed pack containing 20 hemp seeds ready to grow

 🌱  Organic sticker pack containing 3 ornament design stickers printed on recycled paper

 🌱  Custom Ornament metal pin

 🌱  Crowdfunding Exclusive 100% hemp totebag (only available during crowdfunding campaign)

 🌱  Handmade blanco t-shirt made from 55% Hemp and 45% Organic cotton

 🌱  Handmade blanco crewneck sweater made from 50% Hemp and 50% Bamboo 

 🌱  Handmade limited edition print design t-shirt made from 55% Hemp and 45% Organic cotton 

 🌱  Handmade limited edition print design sweater made from 50% Hemp and 50% Bamboo 

         ☛ ​Choose from these 7 designs:

Beetlebug (left)

Suspicious Rhino (right) 


Struggling Wrestlers (left)

Ancient Revival Mammoth(right)


Love is one-eyed, hate is blind

Since I still do the entire production myself, I can make all of the rewards you get in return for your contribution in a matter of hours. This way, I can guarantee that If you pledge for my project, your reward will be shipped out shortly after the end of my crowdfunding campaign. No need to wait untill I have set up production abroad!

Sizing information, click here

About this project

After noticing the lack of sustainable clothing in todays fashion market, I came up with the idea of creating my own streetwear brand that would be timeless in its value and aesthetic, while also being sustainable in its fabric.

My mother, who is a professional clothing designer, taught me how to work on her old sewing and overlock machine and taught me how to design my own patterns. After a few prototypes I came up with a relaxed-fit design that fitted my personal needs and decided to use hemp as my fabric of choice. 

Intention and reason behind every stitch

Over the past three years I have made every single ornament piece, completely from scratch myself. This has been a learnful process that gave me the necessary know-how on clothing design, production and finishing. My degree in international business management helps with the commercial aspect.

Each Ornament piece starts off as a raw piece of hemp cloth. I screenprint the designs manually using biodegradable ink, made for organic textiles. Afterwards I cut out each pattern by hand, and sew everything together to make a finished garment piece. Over the past three years I have put out 7 different print designs, each design is limited to a printrun of 100 pieces. Each piece is unique and has its sequence number in the label.

Expanding the operation to bring hemp to the people

However, since making clothing is a very time consuming business, and I want to expand my operation. I have decided to move the first part of my production proces (cutting patterns and raw stitching) to the hemp mill I already work with for my fabrics, in China. 

Why China?

China has long seen the benefits of the hemp plant and is one of the only countries around the world that has actively supported hemp in it’s agricultural program, therefore offering a wide variety of hemp fabrics at competitive prices. 

All of the organic fabrics I use are GOTS (Global organic textile standard) and OCS (organic content standard) certified.

With regard to the well being of the garment workers I have certificates that the facility is up to standard according to the Chinese labour law. All employees get a fair wage, and work no more than 8 hours a day, with a 1 hour break

In the mini documentary below you can see Douglas Mignola, founder of Hemp Hoodlamb -which is a pioneer in the hemp fashion field- explaining why his signature Hemp Hoodlamb jackets are made in China. 

If I reach my crowdfunding goal, I also plan on making a small documentary about the farmers that grow the hemp, and the garment workers who make the Ornament hemp clothing, to provide maximum transparency.

Timeless, since day one

In the future I plan on doing collaborations with renowned underground illustrators, typographers and designers who understand what Ornament represents, without changing its signature style, in order to keep putting out killer prints and designs. Each collaboration will feature the name and story of the artist I worked with. This way, Ornament want’s to be the conscious and sustainable canvas for genuine artists from around the world.

What are the funds for?

Due to high production minima in the fashion sector I need a minimum budget of  7.000 euro to produce a small hemp clothing collection abroad (shipping, TAX and import fees included).

This capsule collection would consist of the following pieces:

  • Hemp/ Bamboo fleece hoodies
  • Hemp/ Organic cotton long sleeve t-shirts
  • Hemp/ Organic cotton button down shirt

About the project owner

Read Emilio's interview with worldfashionhunters: click here

website: http://www.ornament-hemp.com