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Unfold our imagination

About the project



Origanid is a French trademark specialized in hand-made indoors decoration objects for children.


The project originated in a simple idea: to provide kids with a take-away alternative to the traditional playhouse. Both a place of mischief, a keeper of memories and a door to Neverland, our tent is as essential to childhood as a book or a soft toy would be. It adapts itself to the imagination of the child. It can become the house of Hansel and Gretel, the shack of Tom Sawyer or the house of the Three Little Pigs. It is a haven, a place where dreams come true and a real story machine, all in one folding playground made from recycled materials. It is a pliable cocoon for children to build their own identity, to grow and to fly away with the caracters born from their imagination. It also stimulates creativity, by harboring stories that never end. Its paper self-supporting structure allows it to unfold in less than in a minute. A perfect solution to play in the living room, at Aunt Alice’s place or in Cousin Itt’s garden on sunny days. And because wishes of elsewehere are not reserved for childhood, Origanid is also addressed to all those seeking a place for rest, but also to the artists looking for inspiration and loners looking for tranquility


There are four models : 

The tent Origanid 

The yurt Origanid 

The book Origanid 

The dollhouse Origanid



 Beautiful name for portable nests inspired by origami  that unfold with imagination and transform your little chick into  a great creative person.



                         All Origanids are hand-made in France. From sketch to final realization




All raw materials come from France .  

Let's go for a walk around France, introducing our beloved providers:  





Upcycled Cardboard :  DS SMITH

Cardboard : NEXTMODEL

Fabric :  it's you.

Paper : it's you. 



On our online shop, http// :

In concept stores all around the world and shops specialized in toys and interior Decor for kids. 



 They support us or tested our products and love us ! Thank you to all of them.

What are the funds for?

We have managed to fund prototypes, first prints, the trademark and models registration at INPI. 

After 3 months, we are coming to an important step. We need your support and your sharing with your friends, your family, your network to fund : 

- The launch of 15 Origanids  ( 5 tents, 5 yurts, 5 books)

- The integration of Origanids in pediatric service because hospitalized children also need a door to Neverland

- A development of our product line (waterproof structures for naturals desasters refugees) 

- An increase of our reputation. 


Because escape is not reserved for children, Origanid would like to propose thanks to its structure, a new travel experience and a new archtitecture experience for all nomads we are and propose waterproof structures. 

 Because nomadism is not always a choice, Origanid would like to offer to all of those who steal some of their identity in  naturals desasters, a temporary shelter to rebuild themselves and allows them to have a home  during the reconstruction  like Nepalese recently. 

Participating, we support us : 

Either by buying one Origanid to offer it to your children, your nephews, your nieces, your cousins, your grandchildrens or to you, because unlike the others you don't have kids with whom you can borrow Origanids and because wishes of elsewehere are not reserved for childhood. 

 Either by choosing other contreparties , and in this case, we help us to : 

1. Integrate Origanid in pediatric services

2. Move the project forward and propose structures taller and waterproof 

3. Carry out communication actions to make better known Origanid


We get over 5 000 euros, we could : 

 - Produce 15 Origanids


We get over 10 000 euros, we could

 - Produce 30 Origanids


We get over 15 000 euros, we could : 

- Create first yurt and first tent in Polypropylen

 - Print more communication supports ( flyers, posters,  postcards, stickers ). 


We get over 20 000 euros, we could: 

 In addition to the above,  we could offer the first Origanids to pediatric services. 


  We get over 30 000 euros, we could: 

 In addition to the above,  we could distribute more wide Origanids in pediatric services.


We get over 40 000 euros, we could : 

In addition to the above, we could start offering Origanids  to climate refugees


About the project owner

Architecte de formation, infatigable amoureuse des voyages, de l’Autre,  mais aussi rêveuse et un peu idéaliste, j ’aime partager mon amour pour cet art et montrer que derrière cette apparente discipline éllitiste  se cache tout un monde qui mérite d’être exploré car il est avant un art au service de celui qui la pratique. 

Sensibiliser les enfants à l’architecture ce n’est pas en faire des adultes avant l’heure mais bien leur permettre de développer leur créativité, leur ouverture d’esprit et leur esprit critique et ainsi lui permettre de se situer librement en marge des courants dominants, des modes, des consensus ou au contraire de rejoindre un courant en sachant pourquoi. En bref, leur permettre de devenir ce qu’ils sont comme disait Einstein.


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