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About the project


OPERA MUSICA is the first social media platform entirely devoted to the world of opera and classical music.

The website is a dedicated space :

  • enabling all professional artists (opera singers, instrumentalists, conductors, directors) to promote their activities, to increase their visibility, and to be contacted;
  • for thousands of new talents to be identified;
  • where all opera houses, theaters, festivals and concert halls from around the world can promote their events and sell tickets;
  • where all classical music and opera fans can quickly access all the latest news from the sector and get to know all the shows close to their homes and around the world;
  • where everyone can find and follow all professionals of the sector without having to search everywhere jumping from site to site.

> With Opera Musica, everything is quickly available on a single dedicated space where everything is connected!

Launched on January 27, 2016, the OPERA MUSICA site already brings together:

  • 40 000 professional artists including the world's biggest stars.
  • 4000 performance companies all over the world connected to nearly 20 000 opera and concert performances, including almost all the events of their seasons.
  • More than 37 000 videos, accessible thanks to a multi-criteria video channel entirely dedicated to opera and classical music, linked to the profile of each artist.
  • 58 000 audio recordings of not only the content uploaded by the artists, but also all Spotify playlists and albums of our referenced artists (including 31,500 albums).
  • All the artistic agencies of the world and for each, in addition to their contact information, the list of all their represented artists.
  • All the press articles of the specialized magazines of the world, published daily on our newsfeed.
  • More than 103 000 unique visitors in the month of August, further doubling our traffic in one month.

In just over a year and a half, OPERA MUSICA already became the largest database of the current classical music world, convincing a good part of the most important professionals in the sector to join the community, and thousands of enthusiasts to follow and to await with impatience and curiosity the continuation of its development!

With OPERA MUSICA, we are sure that we are participating to create a solution that will significantly improve the sharing and preservation of such an essential part of our cultural heritage. It responds in an absolutely relevant and significant manner to the urgency of its adaptation to the challenges of the modern world!


« Dear friends, artists, professionals and fans of classical music and opera from all around the world, I ask for your attention for just a few moments !

The OPERA MUSICA site is a free platform, entirely devoted to the world of opera and classical music, created by baritone Mathieu Abelli. It allows all artists (opera singers, instrumentalists, conductors, directors, etc.), artistic agencies, theaters, concert halls and opera houses, as well as lovers of opera and classical music to meet, exchange and share. It facilitates the promotion and discovery of talent, encounters and many other things.

This crowdfunding campaign should allow this great initiative to continue, so that the magnificent work begun can go on and and continue to serve the thousands of professionals and enthusiasts who can already find there a real answer to their needs, and in the future even more!

I know that each of us has their own personal, professional and financial difficulties. But whatever may be our situation, whether we are professionals or just fans, it may happen that we will some day need this kind of solidarity. So, if you can, take part in this adventure! Make a donation so that building this wonderful project for the service of music and musicians does not crash while it is taking off !

I invite all of you to visit this site to listen to and discover thousands of artists, to follow their daily news, to find information about current and future shows, and to realize the magnitude of what has already been accomplished.

You can also enormously help them by SHARING and posting about them. Any help is welcome! I also invite my colleagues and friends, and all the personalities of the profession, to join me and support OPERA MUSICA! !

Opera Musica Website Here :
Like their Facebook Page Here :
Follow Opera Musica Twitter Feed Here:

I thank you, for them, and for us all ! 🎶

Roberto Alagna

* * *

What are the funds for?

OPERA MUSICA has remained completely free since its official launch in January 2016. Thousands of artists, companies and enthusiasts have been able to enjoy free access to all of our efforts and services.

The development of the site already corresponds to a very large investment of nearly 200,000 euros. First funded by Mathieu Abelli, who assumed to take on big personal risks for it, the rest of the financing comes from his immense work of finding outside financing. He succeeded to obtaining the support of important institutions (Bnp Paribas, Banque Public d'Investissement, Réseau Entreprendre), by convincing them on the relevance of the OPERA MUSICA model.

Such a project now requires the commitment of a team of 7 people full-time for the development of new functionalities, the work of moderation and collecting information for the database of Opera Musica, marketing and communications, legal management, accounting and financial management of a very young company.

Presently, the current minimum cost of the start-up OPERA MUSICA is between 10,000 and 15,000 € of monthly investments (developer(s), team, communications, servers, etc.) to continue its development in the coming months and build the viability of its model.

The work of the coming months consists of:

  • the development and sequencing launch of the mobile application with an emphasis on the possibility for our users, to watch artists’ videos and to listen to music on the go, to express their enthusiasm for their favorite artists and to share their favorite content.
  • increasing the interactions between users, artists, music lovers and professionals in order to augment  the visibility of the artists registered on Opera Musica and to build for them more and more opportunities on a completely dedicated space; in order to construct a real meeting place and exchanges between all the actors of the world of classical music and opera
  • the deployment of specific services dedicated to the professionals present on our platform in order to make all the types of offers and services likely to interest them more easily accessible on a dedicated space (mobility, service providers, promotional materials, communications)
  • improving the ergonomy and the development of partnerships with the performance companies to facilitate the sale of tickets and access to shows in phases with the expectations and tastes of our users
  • a targeted advertising system built on the Facebook model offering our users non-intrusive offers because they are particularly adapted to their interests on a space entirely dedicated to the world of opera and classical music

To achieve these objectives and reveal to all professionals and enthusiasts the full potential and beauty of OPERA MUSICA, we need to be able to continue to work and to reactivate the financial leverage effects that will allow us to ensure our development in the coming months.

If you help us and if we succeed in this crowdfunding campaign, we will reassure our partners by raising the level of our immediately available resources, also known as “equity", a condition for other bank financing, subsidies and investments from private investors to become directly accessible and allow us to continue our work to build this wonderful project!

Help us!

OPERA MUSICA will soon become an essential place for all professionals and enthusiasts alike. On the basis of the work already done, so many things are becoming possible. As artists and fans ourselves, so passionate about classical music and opera, we will always keep as a fundamental priority this promise to support artists, and serve this music we love!

About the project owner

OPERA MUSICA is the result of the work initiated by French Baritone Mathieu Abelli, who conceived the project based on his experience as an opera singer and a solid background in economics.

Working as a soloist beetween 2002 and 2011, Mathieu ABELLI, 37, Laureate of the General Competition of Economics, completed in 2013 his Master of Economics obtained at the University Paris I-La Sorbonne by a Master in Management of Culture at the University Paris III.

Mathieu ABELLI imagined and conceived the project of a social media platform for opera and classical music between June 2013 and spring 2015. He created the company OPERA MUSICA in July 2015. He is today the CEO of the start-up OPERA MUSICA and has assembled around him a team of 7 people passionately committed to the success of OPERA MUSICA.

He was joined at the end of 2015 by Pablo Veguilla, 44, American, a tenor himself, graduated with a Master’s Degree from Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut). He now commits all his energy alongside Mathieu Abelli and is responsible in particular for the direction of communications and the international commercial development of OPERA MUSICA.

Julien Jorry is now the Technical Director of the project. He joined the project in August 2015, accompanied at that time by Laurent Rossillol, the first developer to have laid the foundations for the project's architecture. Julien Jorry is currently exclusively responsible for the development of the OPERA MUSICA site, sometimes joined by external developers for specific missions (add-on modules, integration, design and recently the preparation of the mobile application developed by Kévin Perrée). Julien is a 35-year-old project engineer, a senior PHP developer with more than 10 years experience, a member of the original Adopteunmec team and a Symfony2 framework specialist.

One of the great achievements of OPERA MUSICA is to have succeeded in building and unifying a team of 4 people, of higher education, located abroad. They have been working under the direction of Mathieu Abelli and Pablo Veguilla for the continuous supplying and moderation of the OPERA MUSICA database : artist profiles, videos, agencies and lists of their artists, articles of specialized magazines, companies’ seasons, etc. The existence of such a team, reliable, competent and structured promises the acheivement of our very great potential!`

We all feel so strongly bound by this shared commitment to the success of OPERA MUSICA. In fact, we would like you to feel and to see beyond all this communication, all this technical, financial, and organizational issues, that OPERA MUSICA is above all a beautiful human adventure, 7 guys (and hopefully soon also women!) who give their lives for a common cause for which they believe! Here we are today a strong, united team for the success of this project.
We need you to get up this hill!

We express to you our eternal gratitude. Thank you all for your support! <3


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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