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Proactiva Open Arms

open_arms Barcelona

Proactiva Open Arms was born in September 2015, the idea of a lifeguard and sea rescue company with extensive experience on the Spanish coasts. When its founder, Oscar Camps, saw the photo of a drowned child washed ashore spread across the front pages, he realised that the situation couldn’t go on like that. And, if nobody else was going to do anything about it, he would do it.

So that was how, together with a team of three rescuers, he moved to the coasts of Lesbos (Greece) to help all those crossing the sea to escape from conflict -—the refugees-— to reach the shore alive. Thanks to donations, the team was able to grow and extend operations to the Central Mediterranean where, almost daily, hundreds of people flee from the horror in subhuman conditions.

Their mission? Not to rest until no more lives are left adrift.

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