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4 explorers, 7 countries, 1 mission : an immersion at the heart of the cultural scene of North Africa and Middle-east

About the project

 Interested in learning more about the thriving and flourishing cultural scene in the Arab world?
Take part to ONORIENTOUR and experience a reality that defies overly simplified orientalist fantasies and morbid visions of a militaristic apocalypse.

ONORIENTOUR is a modern «Rihla», a physical and existential journey undertaken by 4 explorers who will present to you a number of artists that bring a new perspective on their societies through their works.   

Given the current geopolitical context, there is a need to solidify existing bridges between people, and our mission highlights a burning desire to go beyond the myth of cultural shock. ONORIENTOUR is here to resuscitate the process of cultural exchange that different cultures have always practiced between one another.   

This project falls within the mission of its bearer, the web-magazine www.onorient.com which is a form of alternative media that undertakes the promotion of the arts as well as the reflections emanating from the young generation of this region.  

Where? Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates

What are the funds for?

If we get more, with 10 000 € (2000 extra) we could ensure a better organization of our workshops:

  • Communication ( Printing of: Flyers and posters (offline and publicity campaigns) + Documents for the participants)
  •  Logistics ( Stationery items: Paper boards X 4, Pens, Posts-its, Overhead projector to rent, Coffee breaks for the participants)

For 15 000 € (5000 extra), we could organize a mobile photo exhibition:

  • Photo prints + Aluminium Collage + photo rail: 3 000
  • Organization of a cocktail for the exhibition (*2) + printing of invitations: 2 000

For 20.000 € (5000 extra), we could print: 

An edition of the alternative travel guide in coffee-book collector format  

About the project owner

ONORIENTOUR is a cooperative project, driven by a collective dynamic that aims to make you active promotors of cultural change in the Arab world and not idle spectators.   

Join us in this journey for the discovery of this cultural renewal and support us by: 

> Financing a part of the project
> Voting in the polls to choose the cross-disciplinary themes that will guide our «Rihla» 
> Taking charge of the «Rihla» by supplying pictures for our gallery.
> Hashtag, comment, and follow #ONORIENTOUR

The Explorers

Ghita Chilla- Moroccan & Dutch- studies geo-economic and strategic intelligence at IRIS Sup

A child of three cultures, Morocco, the Netherlands and France, Ghita adapted her vision of the world to her diverse identity, yet she has a burning passion for the oriental culture. Having settled in Paris, she developed a strong interest in history, the problems of identity and the social challenges facing the Maghreb and the Middle East.  

Hajar Chockairi, 22 years old- Moroccan- Student at HEC Paris- L3 in philosophy at the Sorbonne

Driven by the goal of linking her passion for the arts with her appreciation for social sciences; Hajar feeds off of her desire for the renewal of the orient and her interest in social and identity problems facing that part of the world. Her journey in the U.S and her unquenchable thirst for knowledge, make her articles memoirs of a young woman who is not quite “well-behaved”.     

Oumayma AJARRAI, 22 years old, Moroccan- Student at HEC Paris- L3 in History of Cinema at the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne

Passionate about contemporary art and cinema, Oumayma’s life is a constant quest for beauty. From her Moroccan origins, her life in Paris, and her journey in Japan, She has kept an aesthetic sensibility and overwhelming curiosity both of which inspire her writing. Driven by her strong ambition to participate in the promotion of Arab cultures, she defends their diversity by combining her education with associative activism.  

Mehdi Drissi- 25 years old | Photoreporter - One Shot For The Road

Passionate about photography, Mehdi is the “digital native” of the group. Mehdi juggles between web development and community management to ensure the best visibility to our interface. It has been 2 years since he is a photographer . He won the Golden Blog Awards in Paris - "Image and Design" Category . He likes photojournalism and street photography, two disciplines that have taught him to be discreet to capture moments and convey his vision of life.

Our interactive Platform 

Our web-magazine