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One Shot Dielibaya Studio

Reconstruction of burned recording studio in Conakry, West Africa

About the project

What are the funds for?

Conakry, a city with a population density of 5.401,24 ab./km², is the capital of Guinea. Although a land rich in natural resources such as gold, diamonds, bauxite, timber, etc, Guinea persists in constant political instability (20 years of dictatorship, coup in 2008, military junta in 2009 and presently a president for the second term) and a serious economic crisis. Human development indices are among the lowest in the world and life expectancy is over 53 years.

Conakry is also a place of excellence for music. It is in this African capital that in the 1950s the prestigious ensemble "Les Ballets africains" was created, which has been around the world representing the whole of Africa. There are many stars in the international scene such as Mory Kante, Sekouba Bambino Bembeya Jazz and Guinea are also the leading percussion country where the legendary instrument called Djembe was born, which we now see everywhere in the world, used in so many music styles.

Particularly in the Simbaya-Tannerie district has developed an important movement of young traditional musicians who are playing with a sound all over the good African-Reggae, contaminating them with traditional instruments such as djembe, Kora (African Harp) and Balafon (African xylophone) and creating a new and disruptive sound.

The Destination West Africa association, promoter of this crowdfunding campaign has long been committed to supporting some projects in the area in collaboration with young musicians from the Kouyate family. Particularly in 2011 was recorded a CD Kouyate Djelia, with a total self-production. The sale of the CD was then used to repay the expenses and support the musicians who had donated their music free of charge believing in the idea. The study travel organization and other collaborations that have created a safe and reliable partnership with the Kouyate family and the Ass. Cult. Destination West Africa.

The main protagonists of this project are the young musicians of the Simbaya-Tannerì district, and especially those of the Kouyate family who have already carried out the project so far. The Kouyate surname is historically associated with the oldest and most respected Djeli class (respected) in the hierarchy of traditional musicians; were linked to the legendary "King Lion" Soundjiata Keita, unifying the Mandengue Empire before colonialism.

Obviously it is very difficult to live only art in a country where every day struggles to survive and for young musicians Kouyate the responsibility for being Djeli is hard to bear. Traditional musicians are generally called for ceremonies and their average income depends on the offerings of the participants. Often they are hired by more affirmed local artists and exploited their art without receiving a commendable benefit.

For these boys, musicians of exceptional quality, music is not only the main means of subsistence, but above all their opportunity, the chance of their lives, and often many other people who depend on them.

With great effort, the young Kouyate started the creation of a small recording studio in 2015 that could allow them to produce and promote their art independently, giving this opportunity to the new generation of musicians in the neighborhood that the studio would be happy to host.

Last year (2015), a community made up of relatives, friends, and associations close to the Kouyate family musicians supports the construction of the studio. In September 2016, after a year of hard work and fundraising, the study had been practically finished and ready for the inauguration. It was not very long and soon the studio would become a gathering place and hope for so many young musicians. There was only the generator that would have guaranteed the current, which is in the city present but often discontinuous. It is fixed on the day of the inauguration on October 27, 2016. As in the African tradition, all the people of the district for the inauguration are invited, who enthusiastically welcome the success of the project.

Suddenly the fire. A fire, starting from a short circuit to an air conditioner, has devastated and destroyed within a few tens of minutes. The fire was so strong that no one was able to intervene, and even the firefighters' arrival did not save from the fire. The studio is adjacent to the houses, but fortunately there have been no injuries.

About the project owner

However, the desire to restart, to reconstruct and to do better and more has not gone in smoke.

Now with the experience already done, we know well what the costs and cost you need and we also need your help.

Your contribution to that of everyone else will be crucial to achieving the set target of 3,000 euros. You can also help us make the project known to your other friends and share it on social issues. Yours will be a valuable contribution to the success of this campaign.

You can only support the project with 10 euros and get a photo + 3 tracks .mp3 of the musicians involved in the project, but you can also decide more and fly to Conakry and have a stay in the beautiful tropical island of Roume, just a few miles from the adventurous capital of Conakry. If you love music, with a total contribution of 1,000 euros, you will be able to add a course devoted to the study of a choice between djembe, balafon (African xylophone), Mandingue guitar or African dance held by the Kouyate family.

Be careful, if we do not reach 3,000 €, we will not receive your donations.

This is the principle of everything or nothing: Let's count on you!

Remember, however, that the Ulule Commission (8%) has to be deducted from the total amount

For any project contribution starting from 300 euros, the Destination West Africa association is available to  make a "donation receipt" that you can use as a tax rebate in accordance with your country's regulations.

Our goal is 3,000 euros

With € 3,000
We will purchase the materials needed for the reconstruction of the study (cement, doors, windows, absorbing sound materials, etc.)

... And if you exceed 3,000 euros?
It would be great and we know exactly what to do!

With € 4,000
The study will be rebuilt and we will be able to purchase new tools, such as a battery, keyboard, guitar and bass and effects.

With € 5,000
The study will be rebuilt and there will be instruments as well. We could also buy a recording console or mixer and a computer or air conditioners needed to work in a small space like that of the studio.

With € 6,000
The remaining sum of 2,000 euros will be used to purchase a 10 kW generator that can make the studio independent of the city's power grid, which Conakry is not at all stable.

... And if you exceed 6,000 euros?
It would be amazing and we know exactly what to do!

The most important thing we could do would be to buy a small photovoltaic kit of at least 10 kilowatts that would make the studio independent, deliver energy safely and, above all, sustainable without having to depend on diesel! The studio will be officially opened, allowing young artists to enjoy a space to record their music. With full and functional study, we will be able to promote the formation of new groups and the professional development of many talented musicians.