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A world tour of solutions for a sustainable city

A voluntary project reporting on climate change and the sustainable city. All around the world :) One Climate One Challenge

  • Let's do it!

    The journey is over, we are back in Paris since last month! We are very happy about the results of the project.

    We were received in Ministries, in avant-garde companies, in incredible labs, in progressive Town Halls! 17 articles in total, which we are proud of. We covered the 5 pillars we wanted to talk about: construction, transportation, industry, energy and collective organization. We are glad we could show you solutions which are quite unknown: buses retrofitted to electric, autonomous shuttles, organic solar energy, home electricity storage, urban geothermal energy, in-situ building water recycling, saving architecture!
    What’s the conclusion of all that? The one we imagined: the solutions exist. We can already shape the sustainable city, the low-carbon city. The environmental transition has started already in a lot of places around the world. Slowly, since it has a cost. Most of the time, the green solutions require a higher initial investment. Funding support is needed. Governments must take their responsibility. The good news is that lots of cities decide the change by themselves. Accompanied by companies, development agencies, universities, NGOs, associations, among others.
    Cities have a key role to play; they directly impact the lives of many. The vast majority of people will be living in cities in the future. As we speak, new cities are being built integrating green solutions we presented. The Paris Agreement will help funding but also transferring technologies to the developing countries. Another conclusion is about innovation. On the one hand, we will need to reduce our consumption, but on the other hand, we will definitely need innovation and non-polluting technologies to ensure a fair level of comfort to everyone.
    The awareness is bigger and bigger, and so is the enthusiasm. We had the chance to meet fantastic people, whose motivation and willpower nourish our optimism. We are going to make it! All together. Everyone can participate in its own way: growing cherry tomatoes or basil in our own homes, avoiding the unnecessary purchase, taking the time to compare between two products to see which one is more sustainable, properly recycling our waste, sharing our stuff with others, thinking that every purchase is a vote, buying local food, when possible preferring goods manufactured nearby, participating in online petitions such as the ones from Avaaz, voting wisely at elections, visiting nature during our holidays, remembering that our planet is our home and we must take care of it.
    Finally, we want to thank those who supported the project through the crowdfunding: without you some meetings would not have been possible, we would not have written some of the articles.
    This century will be the century of the environmental transition of our society. We are so lucky to live it! Let’s participate, as far as we can, to this immense transformation 🙂
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  • Mobility as a Service

    This is the end, this is the last one! 😳 Article n°17, from Helsinki, Finland 💙
    We hope you traveled to the future reading our articles. With this last article, it looks like science-fiction, but it is the future of transport 😊 It talks about a smartphone application for ALL your transport means – metro, bike, Uber, taxi, rental car - you name it. Integrated payment, integrated ticketing… And it talks also about autonomous shared vehicles…
    Follow us! 😊 👉
    [Special guest : Frodo Baggins 😜]

    Mobility as a Service

  • The Rockefeller Foundation

    The mission of the Rockefeller Foundation is "promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world".
    🆙 What do they do in regards to the Climate ?...
    We met Isabel, at the New York City head office, on 5th Avenue! 🚕
    She has quite a nice view on the Empire State building !:-)
    This is one of the last articles, n°16, from New York!

    Accompanying the cities through adaptation

  • Move together!

    What do Beijing, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Mexico City and Islamabad have in common?
    One of the correct answers is: fantastic food! Another one is:… ❓ ☝ 🚎
    Find out in our article n°15, from Bogota in Colombia! ☺️

    Thank you Carlos Mojica and Luis Belalcazar!

    Move together

  • Houston, we have a solution!

    Houston, we have a solution! ☝ 🚀
    Houston is a widely spread city, where big individual houses continue to multiply.
    Opposite of what lots of large cities will be in the future: dense and vertical 🏢 🏢 🏢
    Our article n°14 is big and green 💚 From Houston, Texas 🤠

    Techs and the city