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A world tour of solutions for a sustainable city

A voluntary project reporting on climate change and the sustainable city. All around the world :) One Climate One Challenge

About the project

A voluntary project reporting on climate change and the sustainable city. All around the world :)

First you may watch the above video ?

Hi !

We are Carolina, who is Colombian, and Frédéric, who is French.

At 30 years old we had a crazy idea: to travel around the world and report on climate change. Back home we had a crazier idea: start a family! Today at 35 years old, we decide to hit the road again, together with our 2 years old assistant :)

Climte changes, our society changes and we have a challenge to take up, for us and our children. However we are convinced that green cities, in a sustainable society, are not a distant dream but a target which can be reached soon: the solutions exist! We want to explore them and share them with you.

Here is the itinerary for Episode 2:

Three months in Australia and three months in New-Zealand. There are lots of green solutions in these two countries. Lots of stories to tell.

Leaving Paris end of July :) Back in France beginning of 2017.

One Climate One Challenge is a voluntary project reporting on climate change and the sustainable city.

We travel around the world and meet people. People from the authorities, scientists, citizens. And we report their stories through articles.

A first trip, a world tour, took place in 2012. During this first Episode we mainly talked about climate change, reporting on locally-specific topics. For each of these topics we drafted and published an article.

Back home we published a book gathering the 14 articles we wrote. Episode 1 was a success! We were on local TV twice! We are preparing Episode 2 with lots of confidence.

People we met during 2012 Episode 1.

Episode 2 will take a similar path. During this 2016-2017 Episode 2, we want to focus and report on solutions. Good examples of low-carbon solutions, in the fields of transportation, housing or industry. The purpose is to share an idea of what the sustainable human society can be. We called this new Episode “Introducing the low-carbon society”. If you have ideas of topics, please do not hesitate to share them with us!

More pictures on the website...

Books include all the published articles.

The book from Episode 1 gathers 14 articles and has 80 pages. It has a lot of illustrations like pictures and graphs. This book can be explored in the Blurb Library (where you can purchase it – this book is non-profit-making). The articles can be found on this blog.

Episode 2 book will look a lot like Episode 1 book. Our objective is to write at least ten articles during Episode 2.

The articles are written and published in English. The Episode 1 book is now available in English. The Episode 2 articles and book will also be prepared in English.

Who they are...

What are the funds for?

"Small drops make an ocean"

Our current budget covers: plane tickets for all the family, accommodation, food, activities for our little girl. What we mainly lack is budget for local transportation

1) Transportation (bus, train and eventually accommodation if very far) to go outside of the cities where we will stay. We would like to visit the places where solutions are implemented; sometimes technical solutions implementation is not at city center. We will be able to interview people there and get illustrations from the field. Also the experience feedback from the first trip tells us it is good to be on the field :)      ► 2200 €

2) Carbon offset of all transportation besides airplanes (carbon offset is already planned for all the flights).      ► 100 €

3) Use Jimbo (hosting the website) and Facebook services to get statistics and to communicate/advertise.      ► 150€

4) Postal mailing. Like during Episode 1 we will want to post books and publications that could be offered to us or bought where we travel. Instead of not taking them with us, we could post them home.      ► 150 €, carbon offset included

5) A small laptop on which we would draft the articles in particular.      400 €

6) Pay for the translatation to French of one or the two books.      ► up to 900€, for 2 books

About the project owner

The project website...

Solidarity mission in Léo, Burkina Faso (2008). Carolina presented there the Clean Development Mechanism. The CDM is one of the mechanisms defined in the Kyoto Protocol for implementing low-emissions projects in developing countries.

Frédéric at COP21 in last december :)