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Olly lingerie

Pretty, healthy and eco-friendly, what more can you ask for?

About the project

At Olly, we make healthy, ecofriendly and very pretty panties!
They are made of organic cotton, toxic free and made in UE.


Thanks to you we reached 100% of our objective in just a week!
But we are determined to go well beyond this goal!

Help us reach 200% to allow us to produce even more panties and to create an amazing eshop with the help of a web designer.

In order to do that, nothing easier: contribute and share

We believe in sustainable fashion. In order to build this future of fashion that we have comitted to this great adventure and have created Olly, the brand of healthy, ecofriendly and very pretty panties!

Organic cotton, made in Germany lace and Oeko-Tex 100 dye. Made in Hungary.

Organic cotton, made in France lace and Oeko-Tex 100 dye. Made in Hungary.

Organic cotton, made in Italy mesh and Oeko-Tex 100 dye. Made in Hungary.

Organic cotton, made in Italy mesh and Oeko-Tex 100 dye. Made in Hungary.

At Olly, we do everything we can to deliver a quality, healthy and eco-friendly product. Olly panties mean: 

Healthy and eco-friendly fabrics
Our panties are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. In addition to being softer than conventional cotton, organic cotton is way better for your health and the planet. It is pesticides, insecticides and GMO free and its culture requires way less water than for traditional cotton. The transformation methods of organic cotton make it healthier and it suits much better to sensitive skins. The GOTS label, beyond the environmental criteria, also ensures good working conditions for the farmers.

Non toxic dyes
All our dyes are Oeko-tex 100 certified, which guarantees there is no toxic substance for your health and the environment. Indeed, the majority of our garments (two thirds according to Greenpeace) contain endocrine disruptors such as nonylphenols or phthalates. These substances disturb our hormonal system, can be transmitted from mother to child, and penetrate all the more that the garment is worn directly on the skin and that skin is wet. 

Made in Europe
All our panties are made within the European Union, in the Hungarian city of Mosonmagyarovar at the Austrian border. Our laces and mesh are also made in Europe: in France, Germany or Italy. The choice of Europe guarantees the quality of fabrics, confection and working conditions and allows us to highly reduce our environmental footprint caused by transportation, in comparison with an Asian production for instance. 

Because of a substantial lack of transparency in the fashion industry, it is extremely hard to know in which conditions our garments have been made. We tell you how your panties are made.

For all our rewards, and in exclusivity on Ulule, delivery is free in metropolitan France! 

Our panties are available from S to XL. For the choice of panties design and size we will send you an email, don't forget to check your spams.

The panties will be delivered between February and April 2017. For Christmas and birthday presents we will send you on request a beautiful card to help the happy recipient wait. 

You need specific informations or advice to choose your Olly panties? You live in Paris and wish to take an appointment to try on the briefs? Do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] or to call Mathilde at +

Darling brief

Brief made with organic cotton and coral Calais lace, Oeko-tex 100 certified dye.
Made in Hungary.

Voga brief

Brief made in organic cotton and made in Germany lace, Oeko-tex 100 dye. 
Made in Hungary

Sittang brief

Brief made in organic cotton and made in Italy mesh, Oeko-tex 100 dye.
Made in Hungary.

Onyx shorty

Shorty made in organic cotton and made in Italy mesh, Oeko-tex 100 dye. 
Made in Hungary.


Tote bag made in organic cotton, pattern drawn by us.
Exclusive reward, only available during the crowdfunding. 


Panties pouch sewn by us and with love in vintage fabric. 
Unique pieces, only available during the crowdfunding.

What are the funds for?

Thanks to your contribution to this campaign, we will be able to launch our very first collection of panties. The major part of the fundings will be dedicated to the production of the first collection, to which we must add VAT, Ulule comission and the production and sending of the rewards. If we achieve going past our objective, we will create an amazing e-shop with the help of a specialized agency!

About the project owner

Clémentine, Mathilde and Clémentine, we are the three founders of Olly. All of us being fond of fashion, but also very sensitive to the environment, we met during our studies at ESCP Europe. During a student exchange in Berlin, this idea popped-up. At first, Olly was only an academical project but this entrepreneurial adventure was so fascinating that we decided to launch this brand 'for real'. Back in Paris, we very quickly met Maud, a lingerie designer, with whom we have drawn the first collection. 

Follow Olly's news on the social media!

A huge thanks for your support to this beautiful project!

We would also like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the people who have helped us, from far and near, in the development of Olly: 

François Taillez from the BGE, Maud the best designer ever, Louise and Marie our supermodels, Camille G. for our beautiful logo, (Mum & Dad)³ for their unconditional support, Juliette, Julie, Pauline, Cyrielle, Louise, Syrine, Solène, Françoise and Mathilde B. for the fittings, Jean and Brigitte, Doudi, Alain and Maëlle for their precious help during the photoshoot, Paul M., Dominique, Hélène, Camille S., our first support in the media, DnA, François, Ahmed, Jimmy, Margaux, Denelen for their expertise, Corentin,Paul T., Baptiste, Maureen, Emilie, Alexandre, Guillaume & Benoît, Anne for their huge support, and of course all the others who encourage us with their kind words, advices, likes, shares...