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Nato watch straps restyled with the French touch.

About the project


"Olaaf enhances a watch for any occasion and complements each moment with its subtle scent of Cardemom, Aquatic Jasmine and Vetiver."

Olaaf is a French restyled Nato strap, simple to install on 90% of the timepieces, without the need for any special applicator.

For more explanation, please refer to the below tutorial clip. 

Customizable online, Olaaf allows the wearer to express their personality with elegance and originality.

Its patented clasp offers real security thanks to a double fixing mechanism

A first one to adjust the size...

... and a second one to fasten the strap. 


"Olaaf enhances the experience we have when we wear a watch, when we look at it and even when we listen to it".

Olaaf signature scent is the result of a collaboration with the French house FiiLiT. Its mixed fragrance "Cuba" features Cardamom, aquatic Jasmine and Vetiver.

Please note that Olaaf is not a fragrance diffuser. This association has been developed in order to create a signature scent, such as an aged leather or a fresh wood.

Therefore, Olaaf doesn't compromize the fragrance we usually wear.


The soft touch treatment applied on Olaaf offers a velvety sensation which, combined with its weight (12g only), offers real comfort once on the wrist. 

Visually, it features a matte aspect on Olaaf which perfectly suits the timepiece it equips. 


Our first collection, Birdie, presents a timeless honeycomb pattern which will suit both modern and vintage watches. The range consists of:

. 3 core colours:Petrol Blue, Graphite Black and British Racing Green.

. 2 seasonal colours (Summer 2018): Melon Yellow and Turquoise Blue.

. 2 lugs widths: 18mm et 20mm.   ​ 

Please note that you will be able to order some spring bars (18 & 20mm) and their tool, for free, while configurating your order online.

. 4 clasp colours: Matte black, Pink Gold, Silver, Yellow Gold.  




Olaaf will be sold at 55€VAT, because our will is to propose a french and innovative watch strap at the right price. Therefore, we are not able to apply any discount on a single Olaaf strap order. 

-> However, we are glad to engrave for free, the initials of everyone who will support us during this campaign, on their Olaaf clasp. This service is exclusively available during this campaign, in order to make the Olaaf x Ulule straps unique.

  • For 55€ or more (shipping fees are included for delivery in France):

1 Olaaf strap to configurate* on www.olaaf.fr + 1 Cuba by FiiLiT sample (1,5ml).

  • For 85 € or more (shipping fees are included for delivery in France):

1 Olaaf strap to configurate* on www.olaaf.fr + 1 Cuba by FiiLiT fragrance (10ml) in its wooden case. 

  • For 100 € or more (shipping fees are included for delivery in France):

2 Olaaf straps to configurate* on www.olaaf.fr + 1 Cuba by FiiLiT sample (1,5ml).

  • For 145 € or more (shipping fees are included for delivery in France):

3 Olaaf straps to configurate* on www.olaaf.fr + 1 Cuba by FiiLiT sample (1,5ml).

  • For 175 € or more (shipping fees are included for delivery in France):

1 Olaaf strap to configurate* on www.olaaf.fr + 1 Cuba by FiiLiT fragrance (100ml).

*A code will be sent to you once the campaign ends, which will allow you to configurate your order online.

Please note that your order will be shipped to only one address, despite of the number of products ordered. 

What are the funds for?


This campaign will lend credibility to our project in view of meeting both private investors and retailers. 

Therefore, our goal is to reach 250 orders to help us fund our first stock, which will be available in June 2018.  

Beyond this first objective, the campaign will help us:

- fund the rest of the stock.

- finance our 2018 Marketing budget: publications in the specialized press; influencer marketing campaign on Instagram; exposing in public shows; etc. 

- enrich the Olaaf catalogue with the 22mm width, new colours and, let's dream.. with a new collection for Christmas 2018! 

About the project owner


Antoine and Jeremyfirst met at Nursury School, more than 25 years ago. They drew their inspiration for Olaaf from their experiences and passions, before they decided to make the big jump in January 2018. 


Olaaf exists to enhance timepieces and allows the wearer to express their personnality with elegance and originality. It is inspired by fashion and trends from different periods of time, in order to craft a timeless watchstrap which suits both vintage and modern watches. Olaaf will be available, in time, in many colours, collections and fragrances.  

The design, the scent and the double fixing mechanism have require significant work in research and development. We are proud to present both a signature scent which does not compromize the fragrance we usually wear, and a double fixing mecchanism which ensures real security. 

Olaaf has been developed through a responsible mindset at all stages. Its materials is 100% recyclable and complies with (CE) n°1223/2009 from the European Parliament, regarding the cosmetic products. 


 🇫🇷 Olaaf is French  🇫🇷

Turquoise Blue, 18mm Birdie - clasp prototype

Petrol Blue, 18mm Birdie, silver clasp.

British Racing Green, 18mm Birdie - siilver clasp.



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