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the film

About the project

by Antonin Rioche

During the 2017 Eastman Summer Intensive week, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui gave me the opportunity to develop my ideas and work inside his own studio. It was in that context – and at a turning point in my life - that I decided to create Oh Boy!

Oh Boy! is an experience that reminds you of all the times you felt lonely. You will realize that we were not taught just one fear, but many. Most people have never felt lonely enough to fear loneliness, and yet, they fear it. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt lonely; that moment when you suddenly realize that you have no relationship whatsoever with anyone – it’s not an intellectual manifestation, but a fact – and that you’re utterly isolated. Love belongs to that solitude. To be clear, simple, and silent inside, one must have that flame.

Solitude is more than present in my life as a traveling dancer. Indeed, there is a difference between feeling lonely and being alone. To feel lonely is to be afraid of being left alone, without any company or distraction. We must grow apart from ourselves and forget who we are. Solitude, once faced and lived, allows us to reach a state of freedom. 

The wonderful collaboration with the dancer Benjamin Behrends, assist byInès Depauw, allowed to open the intimacy of this subject more widely. So everybody who has already been alone once will feel welcome in this adventure. Born from the experience of travel, the life of a dancer, Oh Boy!

 A choreographic experience that combines the emotional power of music, monologue and dance with the visual mastery of performing arts. But dance is not just to be performed and watched on stage. The point is to make you feel something. Like in a puzzle, the creation of the narrative film became one essential piece of the global existence of the project.


Oh Boy!  is a statement, an experiment about solitude to the world. Initially it was about my own loneliness, as dancer, choreographer, human being, then the project became a choir: a collection of loneliness that I received before the residence in Antwerp, to question, listen and develop them. Benjamin Behrendswas able to interpret the piece, these solitudes, to wear them on his shoulders with strength and fragility. He takes us with him to his own limits.

Solitude is the ultimate artistic and literary pattern, which peaked during the romantic period, focusing on existential crises, creative energy, and dreams. Solitude, as an essence and not as a feeling, has a lot to do with an artist’s life. 

In order to create Oh Boy!as a total art experience, we also involved Niels Plotard to create a unique and devoted sound design for the piece, and for a  film. A film allows a more personal and direct, not to say intimate, way to enter in Oh Boy! So, it becomes a coexisting part of the project which directly transcribe the emotion in the camera and experience ambiguity in the creation.

This filmof twelve minutes escapes from the circle of dance, necessarily restricting it to the limits of scenic representation, to develop it's own narration. For that reason, we are thinking to work together with h7o7Films: two very talented guys living in Paris, Hadi Moussally et Olivier Pagny, two people who love Art, Fashion, Fiction, Documentaries, Music Videos.

What are the funds for?

ThefilmOh Boy!

The 12-minute-long  film is an adaptation of the 17-minute-long piece and will be shot in the heart of winter in Paris. 

During the creation of the piece, we wanted to go through little machinery in order to arrange life rather than choreograph it. We tried to show real life on stage without any device or subterfuge, without any dramatic mask.

Thanks to this  film, which is divided into three parts, our project aims to abolish its own physicality by dismissing the frontal rendering and turning it into an essence of Solitude, which will emphasize even more the distance between the dancer and the viewer. 

This is why choosing h7o7Films was essential, for they combine an anthropological approach with a strong sense of aesthetics. The film then becomes a worldview, a feeling that everyone experienced once without being able to share it. 

A modern and timeless human drama, the Oh Boy!filmis designed as a loop that can stretch endlessly. Crossing different scenes, from inwardness to confronting the world, alternating contexts with landscapes and framings, the film becomes an intimate saga everyone can relate to.

We need a total amount of 5.000 €for funding and developing our work:

  • the logistics of the shooting (video equipment, photography, accommodation...)
  • the post-production (editing, original soundtrack)
  • communication and events around the piece and the short film.

Allocation of the expenses

  1. Film Production: realisation, D.O.P., Team, cattering, post production:3.600 €
  2. Location of a place, rent technical material, accommodation: 1.000 €
  3. Fee Ulule (8%) : 400 €

About the project owner

Oh Boy! results of a group of artists who are active in many different dance and visual fields. Through this ongoing project, we aim to develop an interdisciplinary approach towards creations which shift from dance and performance to visual arts.

Antonin Rioche
Choreographer of the project  Oh Boy!

Dancer, he takes chance of his "nomadic life" to explore across the various fields of creativity. Recently he has worked with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Václav Kuneš in Praha, Theo Clinkard in London, Sasha Waltz's company in Berlin or Ryan Djojokarso at the Korzo Theater in The Hague. He danced in Olivier Dubois' latest creation entitled Auguri, that was touring internationally.

Benjamin Everett Behrends 
Dancer on the project  Oh Boy!

Dancer for three years with NDT2 and has danced in creations by Johan Inger, Jiri Pokorny, Medhi Walerski, Edward Clug, Imre and Marne Van Opstal. With Trey McIntyre, he has danced in spaces such as Carnagie Hall, Lincoln Center, Disney Concert Hall and Jacob’s Pillow. He has performed roles around the globe by choreographers such as Sharon Eyal, Paul Lightfoot, Sol Leon, Alexander Ekman, and Hans van Manen to name a few.

Inès Depauw 
Assistant on the project  Oh Boy!

Part of the CCN - Ballet of Lorraine, Inès is a freelance artist and collaborates with young choreographers on several projects.  Previously, she has performed works by Stijn Celis, Martin Chaix, Ohad Naharin...

Niels Plotard 
Sound designer of the project Oh Boy!

Creator of The Amber Spark, a creative services firm based in Malta, he previously composed the musical score for ŻMDE’s full-length production, Home, which is interpreted live with each performance. Dancer, he also performed in works by Hofesh Shechter, Alexander Ekman, Thierry Malandain and Gustavo Ramirez Sansano. 

Realisation of the film  Oh Boy!

h7o7Films is a company based on the shared vision of Hadi Mousally and Olivier Pagny. Together they already created The12Project, the First Alternative Fashion Network. Their alternative, experimental and innovative projects aim to extricate themselves from the fashion industry in order to allow for all kinds of artistic and creative collaborations, and share them with an ever-growing audience.