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A design project for your memories

About the project

At first sight it looks like a paperback, but once the rubber is removed it opens like an accordion displaying a series of 8 frameworks that can be filled with photographs, postcards, drawings, watercolours, menus and more: an open space for your projects and ideas!

Each frame is 6x4” and matches the standard format for pictures prints and postcards.

But that’s not all… if you open the rubber band upwards FRAMEBOOK becomes a wall frame.

The accordion book is extensible up to 39,3"  and you can choose between the black or the ivory white cardboard.

The coating is characterized by 2 types of paper: the white book has a recycled brown paper cover, while the black one has a cover made with Favini Calligraphy Paper, ivory whitenaturally crinkled, with linen texture effect.

Patterns are inspired by historical decorative patterns of mosaics and fabrics.
FABRIC ART SERIES is dedicated to the imagination of artists who designed textiles in past centuries.
COSMATI ART SERIES is inspired by the geometric patterns of the amazing medieval churches of Rome.

Maybe you do not already know that FRAMEBOOK comes off the back of INSTANT JOURNAL’s success, born in 2017, providing a new way to engage with instant photography.

INSTANT JOURNAL is an album for Polaroid pics. Similar to a travel diary, it is compact, essential and manoeuvrable.
It is opened as a book but once unfolded it becomes a table or wall display unit.
There are 10 pages made of BLACK cardboard paperof 220g that fit for Polaroid 600, i-Type, SX70 films, Fujifilm Instax Wide and prints within the dimensions of ​3 1⁄2 × 5".

This promotional sales, only available here, enable you to buy the new collection, also existing in the IVORY WHITE version.

Only for the INSTANT JOURNAL reward of 4 pieces you can receive the Palm Leaf Type fantasy (XVI century) of FABRIC ART SERIES and the pattern inspired by the paving of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome (XII century) for the COSMATI ART SERIES.

Each product is delivered with a special packaging specifically designed with recycled brown paper avoiding the use of plastic, for an environmentally friendly choice.

All the rewards include a special thank-you pack.

What are the funds for?

All creations are entirely handmade with special attention to details from the supplies to packaging.
Each piece is unique.

The presale campaign allows the production to have a specific timing for creation and delivery.

The delivery of rewards is due to October 2018. Shipping to Italy is free.

All the rewards, except for the number 1, include a special gift: one of NunaPaper notebooks Sketchpads.

Not yet finished! NunaPaper collaborates with creative designers to inspire imagination and to create unique work.
And this is how the project blooms…

With this new campaign I would like to to celebrate the encounter with three exceptional artists. Each of them interpreted, with their personal style, the concept carried by NunaPaper and embraced it incredibly well. 

This gave birth to 3 astonishing rewards, which will be unveiled during the campaign.

Marialuna Storti - Opificio Carta Luna   |  Giulio Speranza  |  Tania Gherardi

Without your support, the making of this unique and important creative works will not be possible.

Opificio Carta Luna is her manufacturing lab where you can see her many paper experiences. This is where we exchanged our views, ideas, thoughts, dreams.
This is how our partnership came about giving life to O.N., our project that finds in this campaign its first result.

The new rewards are two artist journals created with two kinds of special handmade paper: Antique Pink and Ivory Moon. The covers are inspired by the paper's personality.

Only 15 copies are available, 36€ each. The delivery of rewards is due to October 2018. Shipping to Italy is free.
Find out more about the collaboration in the main page of the campaign and support the project!

Giulio Speranza is a professional photographer, teacher of view camera technique in Rome and a guide for photographic trekking in Central Italy. He pursues his personal photographic research and professional works shooting in analog large format (from 4x5" to 8x10"), both in color and black and white. His fine art prints are available on Artsy for Image in Progress gallery. Bio

The photo series here displayed in a special edition Framebook is a selection of images from his current project Mountain Landscapes of the Central Appennines. The aim is to realize the first comprehensive photographic research on the wonderful landscapes of the Central Apennines, the spine of the Italian Peninsula.

The result of this collaboration is a special edition Framebook filled with 8 fine art black&white 6x4” lambda digital prints provided by the historical photo lab Laboratorio Fotografico Corsetti in Rome. The cover is coated with black linen textured paper.

Only 10 copies are available only for this campaign.
Order your Framebook for 85€, the delivery of rewards is due to October 2018. Shipping to Italy is free.

"Fascination for details, love for angles, lines and overlaying situations, kaleidoscopic vision... these characteristics have become the essence of my photography. They have gone from being things I simply noticed to becoming the “fil rouge” that constantly guides and catches my eye"

Globetrotting Energy Capturer is a concept (first turned into a book) which Tania Gherardi has been playing with since 2016, working to create modular itineraries that connect places and situations from destinations around the world.

The accordion journal format, with its continuous flow but also unexpected juxtapositions, seemed to be the perfect medium for this project.

Thus the Instant Journal structure (accordion+hard cover+rubber) became the perfect basis to play with, with the aim to create capsules and collections of unique journeys and energies.

This print is a first and limited edition of this collaboration. The accordion journal consists of 16 pages with 8 color photos printed on white cardboard (size: 6,7x75”). Texts and captions are printed on the back. Hard cover is coated with sand linen textured paper.

Tania Gherardi
IG: taniagherardi

Stay tuned through the newsand Insta.

About the project owner

It all started under the symbol of the moon “nuna”, as my son used to say when he started to pronounce his first words.
Three years ago my dream of paper began. It enabled me to combine my past profession as a graphic designer, my need to express my creativity through my hands and my passion for photography.
These three factors found in paper the perfect support to make this wish come true.
This is how the moon always reminds me that to give birth to an idea on has to look forward and dream.
I am Elisa, I live and work in Rome, where I was born.