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In the depths of Nubia

Forecast of a planned flooding

About the project

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52 days along the Nile between post-revolutionary Egypt and Upper Nubia cut off from the outside world.
On foot, my only companions were a backpack and a camera, never knowing where to drink, eat, or sleep.
To put my finger on what motivated the first explorers from the 18th and 19th centuries, seeing with my own eyes this Nubia that my imagination and reading had attributed an alluring mystery.

But beyond the happiness of humbly experiencing adventure with a capital A, the encounter with the Nubians would become the keystone to my motivation.
A true revelation, far beyond my wildest dreams.
These men and women allowed me to survive the austere desert of Nubia thanks to their selfless generosity.

I had nothing to give them in return, being in effect “naked”, bearing only my friendship and smile.
But I promised to tell the world about them and their projected disappearance.
By means of two projects, one photographic and one documentary in nature.
Thus I’m launching this ULULE subscription for the first project, my goal being the success of my first exposition.
I’m splitting up the two projects for one simple reason : I want to be certain that my call finds its audience, that I’m not barking up the wrong tree.

So, what do I mean by disappearance, or this project’s subtitle “planned flooding”?
Today Nubia and Black Pharaos archeological treasures are threatened with disappearance by a flood barriers project along the Nile (Dal and Kajbar dams on the map)
One hundred and forty thousand people risk being displaced thousands of kilometers in the coming years.
This is a human drama, a palpable anguish that I felt everywhere I went.
They have the bitter memory of having lost contact with cousins and relatives during the construction of the Aswan dam in the 60s.

Our collective memory only recalls the technological feat of saving the Philae and Abu Simbel Temples.
But no one gave the slightest attention to the drama of one hundred thousand displaced Nubians, some being misplaced 1500 kilometers from their ancestral lands. 

To finish, I’d like to say this.
No photo or video can begin to impress upon you the beauty and powerful soul of the Nubian people.
Simply look in their faces, in their eyes. These are the eyes of a Nubian princess against the deep cerulean blue backdrop of her bedroom.
I think it’s worth talking about her, and about the destiny of her people through her.
Thank you for your help.

What are the funds for?

I’ve chosen to speak a bit about how I plan to put your donations to use.
I’ll clarify my personal situation in the « About Me » description, and why today I cannot finance this photography project.
I « get by » with a computer from 2003 and an off-brand screen that displays red where black should be.
Working on HD film and photography is no longer possible. It took several weeks to put together an acceptable preview, and the first photos had to be reworked in a lab. I can no longer financially manage any updated hardware or any laboratory touch-ups, not to mention producing prints for exposition.

I thus am in need of several things to work.
What I have listed is the bare minimum to successfully complete this first exposition.
Ideally I would have liked to be able to print these photos in a very large format (120x80cm), not out of ego, but simply because everyone who’s had the opportunity to see my trial run of prints encouraged me to go in this direction.
In their opinions, these portraits need space to exist, to amplify the spectator’s emotions.
 I’ve since been convinced.

But for this, it’s not 2200€ that I’d need but rather double the sum.

So, why only ask for 2200€, you say ?
Doing this expo in 60x40cm would be a victory in and of itself.
You could see that as a lack of ambition, but this adventure also taught me to content myself with the bare minimum, and above all to be realistic.
In the end, I have no idea what will come of this crowdfunding project. Hope keeps me going.

 Of this 2200€ amount of euros, I’d spend the money in the following ways :

1. A used Mac mini
2. A monitor calibrated for photography (from Asus or Eizo)
3. 15 prints at 60x40cm
4. The costs of organizing the viewing and exposition.
5. My contribution in response to your donations and delivery costs (20% of the total sum)
6. The 8.5% of the total intake that ULULE procures for its overhead
7. The participation in 5 international photography contests (paid entries, prints at my charge…) if I can get a discount on the aforementioned items.

To finish, I’ve calculated the costs a bit more precisely considering the print formats and paper qualities.
They each are laminated on sandwich panels (Alu Dibond, 50% of the final cost), protected by spray and have 15 prints.
The more expensive it is, the better the quality, but this isn’t news to anyone (Hahnemule paper, beyond its exceptional quality, protects against any fingerprints or marks, which isn't a superfluous luxury even with handling precautions)

• 60x40cm - Papier Premium photo luster 270g =785,1€
• 60x40cm - Hahnemühle photo rag mat 308g =929,4€
• 80x120cm - Papier Premium photo luster 270g =2305,65€
• 80x120cm - Hahnemühle photo rag mat 308g =3014,4€

About the project owner

I’m going to be completely honest because i’m not here to promote myself and create some life for myself that I’ve not lived.
I’m not a famous, reknowned photographer whose touch turns everything to gold, nor is my life something to be taught in schools (at least not presently!).
I went to Nubia because it was my dream, and everything in my life strangely became much simpler as I fell into deep unpredictability.
This was a precarity that little by little makes you lose your job and your friends.
But it’s precisely at the bottom of the barrel that all became possible.

I must add that a swift kick in the ass by my partner and the arrival of my future son (born this past April 6th) finally succeeded in convincing me to realize this dream. Let’s give back to Sandrine and Noam what’s theirs. Err, haven’t I said that already?

What will I aspire to going forward ?

A better life with those I’m close with, perhaps also with photography if luck and destiny push me in that direction. But always with the memory of the Nubians in my mind. My life has already been changed, and I owe it to them.


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