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NOZA ORUS, Les voix du silence. E.P.

Laurence MOLETTA

About the project

NOZA ORUS, "The Voices of Silence" will be the first solo EP by Laurence Moletta.

Laurence has been singing and composing music for 10 years. A graduate of the Ecole nationale musique de Lyon-Villeurbanne (French National School of Music of Lyon-Villeurbanne) where she studied electro-acoustic composition, she left France in 2007 for Belgium. In 2009, she created her own interactive instrument in the form of two movement-sensor gloves with the aim of freeing herself from the immobility that the computer forced upon her during her stage performances.

She now specialises in creating modern vocal computer-assisted music. She chooses to work alone with her digital stringed-instrument device. It is a real-time composition instrument based around instrumental movements and designed to augment the voice with sound processing rather than replace it. The technique is used as a conduit for emotion. In 2016, she created The Corridor of Lost Steps (Le Couloir des Pas Perdus), a multidisciplinary musical show that is currently being shown.

NOZA ORUS, "The Voices of Silence" is a solo vocal musical project by Laurence Moletta.

Each track is a musical translation of sensory feelings experienced in daily communion with nature. 

The music is dizzying at the edge of a precipice that sometimes flies away into a sea of clouds, or immerses itself into the bubbling heart of a volcano, wild and furtive like the gecko that appears like an illusion and invites us into the dream.

Imitating the swarm of noises found in nature, Laurence creates soundscapes with vocal textures constructed from mouth noises over which she layers a melodic voice that tells mysterious stories in an imaginary language. She uses the emotions of the voice rather than the meaning of words to guide the listener through her enigmatic musical universe. This EP is a walkway towards the imaginary, where everyone is free to create their own stories.


NOZA ORUS, The Voices of Silence, will soon be played live accompanied by a video at the Festival Ars Musica on 17 November 2018 at Les Brigittines in Brussels at 4pm. 

NOZA ORUS can come to you!

Become an AMBASSADOR for the project. If you know the representative of the culture department for your municipality, why not suggest organising a NOZA ORUS concert in an unusual place such as a barn, underground passage, cave, castle, abbey, hamlet or lock? 

Do you own a place like that? We can organise an audio-visual concert for you and your guests in perfect harmony with your space. 

CONTACT: [email protected]

What are the funds for?


    1    Record a mini album of six tracks (an EP) that will act as a communication tool for NOZA ORUS. It will be a kind of sound-based visiting card to present Noza Orus to bodies that may be able to promote the project such as labels, radio stations and festivals. The EP will be made available for purchase via an online download platform.

    2    Make a physical form of the EP. A CD will be created following all the production stages: creating the sleeve, pressing the CDs and the fees for mechanical reproduction rights.

    3    Spend more time in the studio to record more tracks and create a twelve-track album.

This crowdfunding project will help us to finance the following:

Stage 1: EUR 2670 Creation of a mini album (EP)

    •    Recording, mixing and mastering six tracks: EUR 1350

    •    Making it available on an online music distribution platform: EUR 100 

    •    Communication costs associated with the crowdfunding campaign: EUR 300

    •    Costs associated with the rewards offered

    ◦    Museum entry for 24 people: EUR 240

    ◦    Compensation associated with the music lessons (10 singing lessons/6 computer music lessons): EUR 480

    •    Percentage for ULULE from the project - 8%: EUR 198

Stage 3: EUR 6043 Twelve-track album

For an additional EUR 1458, more music, which means more time in the studio to record more tracks. And creating a twelve-track album which will be a complete journey through my current musical world.

    •    Recording, mixing and mastering six additional tracks: EUR 1350

    •    Percentage for ULULE from the project - 8%: EUR 108

Stage 2: EUR 4585

For another EUR 1917 you can participate in creating a physical CD of the EP

    •    Costs associated with the SDRM (French Society for the Administration of Mechanical Reproduction Rights) mechanical reproduction rights, which receives a tax on each CD produced: EUR 925

    •    Pressing/production of the sleeve/packaging: EUR 850

    •    Percentage for ULULE from the project - 8%: EUR 142

About the project owner

This project was initiated by the organisation CRINOLINE ASBL, a Belgian charity created in 2013 with the aim of participating in the creation, development, distribution and promotion of shows, concerts and performances. Laurence Moletta is one of the artists supported by Crinoline.




The Corridor of Lost Steps


Laurence Moletta compositions Best Of

Laurence Moletta's YOUTUBE






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