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A Drama and science-fiction film.

About the project

Can love overcome the distance between two lovers, even when a myriad of universes separates them?

Story Synopsis

“Our universe”, 15”, A science-fiction, drama.

Elykia is an African artist living in France where her work has no success. During a hike in the woods with her boyfriend, the truth is revealed. Tom finds out that she is going back to Brazzaville to continue creating. As the couple argues furiously, the forest around them changes...  As they wonder away from the path and into the woods, the forest reveals an anomaly, a rip in space where parallel universes exist.

The couple separates,

Will they find a way back to each other?  and can their love overcome an infinity of parallel universes?

The origins of the story

...the director Sofia Gutman and the Scenarist Adrien Couret .

We met at the international screenwriters festival of Valence. Inspired by our commune visual language we decided to work together. We soon found out that there is a personal subject that unites us: we are both in a relationship in mixed couples. That means that the partners of each one of us are citizens of foreign countries, and we might be separated by distance. The constant knowledge that the other might return or pursue work elsewhere and you might be separated is difficult.

From this idea came rushing out our story,

A beautiful artiste from Brazzaville, Congo is ripped in two by the choice between her work and her loved one.

Sofia Gutman: “As a foreigner in Paris, the separation from my country was hard for me. But harder than all other things was the rupture from my work. As I saw the creative growth of my friends back in my country of origin I yearned to return. It Is a difficult moment where you are suspended in mid air, between your past and a future in a new country that is not yet built. "

Charecter's main motivation

Elykia has a very strong character, in her work enormous masses of wood bend down to her every will. Thus, in her relationship she makes a ruthless decision to leave her partner and keeps it a secret.

As she wonders into a parallel reality, she wonders further away from Tom. This solitude and isolation will make her face the reality of separation. What will she decide, can she really leave a man she loves?

Tom,  a man working in a laboratory has his life well organized. since several years ago he started constructing his future with Elykia and took care of every detail. He supports her in her creative search but he can't imagine letting her go.

In the beginning of the hike Tom tells Elykia that their meeting in Congo was not a simple coincidence, they were meant to meet each other even on another continent. His scientific knowledge approves that it is impossible that their meeting was random, there were too many matching factors. Tom is convinced that there were other powers that united them.

Will this predestined power bring them together again? even if they are separated by a labyrinth of parallel universes?

The forest

The forest is a living and breathing entity, an animistic power that reacts to the couple's growing conflict.

From the first steps in the beautiful forest Elykia remembers her work with the wood, every step takes her further towards Congo. As the couple wonder deeper into the strange woods, alien plants and new forms of organic life appear. Even inanimate materials like the water reveals to have life and mobility in this reality. Finally, Elykia finds her self in front of a completely strange sky shimmering with alien planets. ​

Sculpture by Spencer-Byles


A 30 years old strong and beautiful woman from Brazzaville. Elykia creates site specific immense sculptures made of natural forest materials. Her organic but brutal work is completely ignored by the art world of Paris.


A 32 years old biologist, who is spellbound by science. His rational tendency is more an advantage then a hindrance to his relationship with Elykia. Even if sometimes he don't understand her motivation his mode of thinking helps him find solutions that protect the couple.




Born in Tajikistan and raised in Jerusalem, Sofia directs live action and animation films. With her vast experience at a story-board and concept artist she will paint the imagery of the film.

Sofia won several prizes for her previous work, including the Cristal feather award for best short screenplay in the international screenwriters festival and the rising star award at Canada's international film festival. Her projects were selected to many festivals including Clermont-Ferrand.


Camera man

The film's camera man Zhi Lei Zhang comes from the north of China. His large experience includes short and feature film productions. The fusion of an emotionally delicate story with his minimalist images will create a touching imagery.



Adrien Couret writes for short and feature films. His projects motivated him to explore a rich palette of genres, psychological thriller, drama and the supernatural genre. His screenplays display his interest in the themes of initiatory journey, freedom and self fulfillment.


The sound has a fundemental role in this film, it mast contain the mystery of an endless variety of parallel universes. The compositor and sound recorder Gilles Monfort will invest his experience in hybrid musical creation: fusing instrumental music, electronic music and naturally captures sounds. His works are based on the basic sounds of water, wind and wood. Working for the theater, for modern dense performances and for the cinema. 



La plaine verte Bourron-Marlotte

Stalker, Andrei Tarkovski.

Mirror, Andrei Tarkovski

Paysage lunaire:

Les carrières de sable

Les Trois pignons
Secteur du Rocher Cailleau


A copy of the original story-board drawn by the film director:

(Follow us to find out the next drawings in the sequence...)



An original drawing signed by the director, it is the concept art for the film:

Elykia in the forest.

Strange plants.

Before an alien sky

Printed on high quality paper.

A personal self portrait of the contributor signes by the director,



Water color or pencil

Thank you so much- from all the team !

What are the funds for?

Our objective for the financing of this project is 6000

What are we financing?

  • 500 euros [8 %] Ulule platform fees.
  • 500 costs of producion and delivery of the goodies.
  • 2300 a minimal fee for the creative team members.
  • 1500 production fees.
  • 1200 fees for subletting the equipment for the shooting.

This is really the minimum budget to accomplish such a project, and we are very grateful for all your help !

But we don't stop here! If we can manage reaching 8000 we can finish the post production and color correction which will be the final step of production !

Thank you so much for your help ! don't hasitate to write to us if you have any questions: [email protected] and please follow us on face book https://www.facebook.com/nosunivers/

About the project owner

Don't hasitate to contact me if you have any questions:

Phone: +33 0754013851

e-mail: [email protected]


And you can watch my last film "Rehovot" here:



Sofia Gutman is a film and animation director based in Paris. She has graduated from Bezalel academy of arts and design in Jerusalem. During an exchange program she studied at L'École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

Sofia's films perticipated in Clermond-Ferrand film festival, Bruz festival, IFS festival in Hollywood California, New-York's story-tellers festival, Haifa's international film festival and many others.

Sofia won the "Cristal feather" award in Valance's screenwriters festival and the "Rising star" award in Canada's international film festival.

Sofia professional experience include working with UNESCO Paris, Bagan films, Novanima, the museum La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Clarion France and Zoozil media, USA.