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Thor Park

Reconsituted norwegian Viking village in Normandy

About the project

North Park is a reconsituted norwegian Viking village in Normandy, respecting historical practices, presenting a wide panel of the jobs and the everyday life during 10/11th century in the Northern Europe...

The North' Fest festival (ex Fête Viking) will host for its 18th edition a project of reconstitution of a norwegian Viking village. This village, realized in the conditions the closest to the historic ones, includes at first the construction of a fence, a sculptured hall, a tower of watch, a main building, a typical house, a cowshed, a runic stele and a tavern.

To bring this project to a successful conclusion, we intend to work in network, with the local savoir-faire: horticultural high school for a vegetable / medicinal garden, an educational center for the construction (within the framework of the social reintegration of young people), in support for a participative work...

Besides, upstream to the festival, North Park will be opened to schools surroundings, with animations and workshops (runic writing, wooden historic games) to welcome better the pupils and present them the everyday life at the time of their Viking ancestors.

The village will thus be built on the site of the North' Fest festival, in Normandy, in the village of La Chapelle Saint-Ouen, between Buchy and Forges-les-Eaux, in the beginning of June, 2017, in 10 days. According to collected funds (and set up partnerships), it will be more or less enriched for this first year, but will evolve all year round to offer from spring, 2018 an accomplished version, open to the public (school in particular) repeatedly.

What are the funds for?

The idea of this financing is to proceed to the construction of these elements by steps: according to the amount of the financing (total need 2017 estimated at 10 000 euros, thus we count on your generosity), the Thor Park association, the the project holder, will build firstly the fence and the hall, then the tower, the main building, the house, the cowshed, the tavern ...

The global amount of the project also includes the animation of the site, the composition of an original epic music, technical elements of its distribution, and the elements of lighting of the site.

The budget in detail:
- Fence: 1500 euros
- Hall: 500 euros (who(which) sculpture)
- Watchtower: 800 euros
- Hall: 1500 euros
- House: 900 euros
- Cowshed and enclosure: 500 euros
- Inn: 900 euros
- Stele: 280 euros
- Original music: 1000 euros
- Technical equipment (electricity, sound system, lighting): 2300 euros

About the project owner

The project is worn by the non-profit organization Thor Park, managed by enthusiasts, historians, archaeologists...

Antoine Restencourt co-organizes the North' Fest festival since 2002, and created other musical or film events... business manager, he likes setting up projects in the public interest, and as Norman voucher feels invested with a mission through this cultural project.

Dominique Camus, aka Léo, created the North' Fest festival in 2000, on the lands of its brewery, where he finalized Northmaen, Norman farmer beer brewed by infusion according to the Viking tradition, as well as the Norman farmer Thor Boyo whisky. In his director's quality of the festival, he joined the North Park project to facilitate the realization and the integration in North' Fest festival.

Lola Guillemin is a "fundamentalist" of medieval cultures. In that respect, she manages the operations and the watches the good respect over the Viking tradition in all the aspects of the construction of the village, in particular at the level of accessories and costumes, in her stylist's qualities (Hilde Vindr), of hand decoration (Neaky Calligraphie) and of person in charge of Viking company (Klanen av Byggvir). Lola also oragnises a Viking event in Jumièges (Normandy, July).

North Park is the "witness village" of the global project (Thor Park), which gets closer to a historic park, between the archeological-experimental site and Puy du Fou park (for the spectacular side), and which the association would like to set up in the loops of the Seine, with an opening to the public 6 months a year...