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Nordic Temptations

Delicacies, superfoods and everyday groceries from the Nordic countries delivered to you!

About the project

Nordic Temptations store in Antibes, south of France, has been providing delicacies and superfoods from the Nordic countries since November 2013. Now we need your support and help to grow and develop our online shop to make our delicacies available not only in France but in the whole world.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Do you prefer healthy, nourishing and naturally organic food rich in fibers?

Do you have your roots in the Nordic countries and miss the food from you home?

Did you have a wonderful vacation in the North and got to taste the most fabulous things ever?

Are you facing difficulties in finding the right flavours or the familiar ingredients in your current location?

Are you interested in testing something totally new?

If you answered yes to any of these question this is what you have been waiting for!

We are the only supplier of Finnish foodstuff in France and have the widest selection of foodstuff from all the Nordic countries in Central Europe. In the boutique we not only store and sell the favourite everyday groceries from the most valued producers, but also the real superfoods like wild berries in several different forms, forest mushrooms and herbs. The suppliers and brands are hand picked to best meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.



We stock several different rye breads, both crusty and soft, snack size and bigger, imported and home made. Without any additives of course.


In our selection there is reindeer meat in several different forms, even elk and bear meat.  Wild freshwater fish and salmon as smoked together with several types of herrings, freshwater shrimps and fishroes.



Cheeses, pickled vegetables, jams and ready made foods. Special dietary products, spices and other cooking ingredients. Candies, chocolates, liquorice and naturally salty liquorice. Seasonal delicacies for Christmas, Midsummer and Easter, decorations, household items and alcoholic drinks. And much much more...



We are often praised for the cozy Nordic atmosphere and the delicious scent of the freshly baked delicacies in the boutique.  This could be delivered to you wherever you are if we had a purpose-built online shop.

This is what we kindly ask your support for!



The products we sell have already been available online since summer 2015 and the interest has proven to be big. During these years we have delivered not only to France and other European countries but all over the world. The feedback from our customers has been positive!

The current online shop was made just to test the interest and is thus made on an unflexible and not professional platform. This is often criticized by the customers and we don't even dare to guess how many have abandoned their shopping cart due to confusement. Been left with the feeling that ordering the goodies is not possible.

As we want to serve our customers the best possible way our aim is to create an online shop that better meets their  needs and the increased demand. An online shop that is fast and secure to use, flexible and customer-friendly.

France, rest of the Europe and the whole world need a functional online shop with a huge selection of foodstuff, utilities and decorations from all the Nordic countries. Our aim is to be the place where all this can be sourced at the same time.

This project will only affect positively the store in Antibes. The more objectives (which are described below) are reached the better will even the selection in the physical store be. One of our priority goals is to tighten the frequency of the deliveries so that the availablity of fresh products would always be guaranteed.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are!


What are the funds for?

To fully accomplish what we're aiming for, we would need around € 20.000. However, we decided to put the target amount lower, in order to hopefully reach the minimum means needed to build up the new online shop.

Support us now and we all win, every donation, big or small, will be much appreciated!

We can start building the new online shop and soon you get your favourite products delivered home to you. Grab your reward and feel free to share also with your friends.

See you at the new Nordic Temptations online shop in autumn 2019!


About the project owner

Nordic Temptations was founded in 2013 by us, Jarmo and Sari, a Finnish couple. We have lived already over 20 years away from our motherland Finland. The majority of these years we lived in Sweden making it feel like the second homeland for us. As we arrived in France in September 2012 we soon realized that the availability of the Nordic products was non-existing which gave us the impulse to set up a shop.

Jarmo loves food and cooking. He is the chef of the kitchen, bakes the cinnamon rolls, breads and the Carelian pies. Makes for example the casseroles and Janssons for Christmas and is of course in charge of all that is served in the salon de thé which is attached to the store.

Sari is in charge of the customer service in addition to everything else





Nordic Temptations is our baby and we want to see it grow with you!

The other baby in the family, the 9 year old bullterrier Åke keeps us busy when not working.




If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask us, e-mail: [email protected]

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