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Noemie Alazard's 1st Album

Some True and sad love stories

About the project

Folk straight out of a dream, at once ethereal and intimate, Noémie Alazard, polymorphic musician delivers her first album.

Body is floating on a wave of bittersweet secrets, heart's stays the course and clings to pop melodies and nostalgic fairy.

Fully recorded in her Marseille's flat ; a willingness to invite the listener at home, without speech, without front, without mask.

What are the funds for?

The aim of the prize pool is to finance the mixing, the matering and cello's recording of my first album that its pressing on CD and K7:

-Mix / Mastering in Studio Montmartre in Paris + cello recording session musician: 2000 euros

-200 CDs in cardboard sleeve: 287 euros

-50 K7: 195 euros

Total: 2 482 euros

About the project owner

This first album is particularly important for me

More than two years have been necessary to create it ... Having officiated in many musical projects as a singer but also as a harvester, I always used pseudonyms and characters for my words doors ...

So, my band Virgin Princesse has had its nice little life and made me go through France ...

My professional life has also followed my aspirations : I found myself both in front and behind the camera : actress, TV host, journalist, author and filmmaker

 My image and my voice was then my livelihood and I gladly lent

A play roles too, I forgot who I was ... and a sad day, for the first time, behind my piano , I began to compose without thinking what I was but ... . who I was ...

Not having the habit of this so titles have taken time to mature in order to find their identity

After several recordings, I hasn't find the color I was looking for ... Paris took too much space in my life, and its agitation had won my morale and my creativity ...

So I left for Marseille where, facing myself, I recorded the securities that make up this first album

My professional life took a major turn and I could devote my notes on  fundamental values

I hope that my sincerity will touch you, this album has no further claims that to be true and I hope that my truth will find some echo in yours


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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