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Move on - Niek Wegmans

Recording, release and distributing my first EP

About the project

I'm trying to raise 5,000 euros in order to record and distribute my first EP professionally, i'm working really hard trying to write the best songs i can and i really want to end up with something astonishing.

The EP is going to be called "Move On"

Checklist for what i still need to do

  • Write one more song
  • Find a studio
  • Record all songs
  • Manufacture CD's
  • Manufacture Vinyl's
  • Update my website
  • Mail local radio stations for potential gigs


  • Move on
  • Lost in a memory
  • I don't want to be
  • ???
  • Work in progress

What are the funds for?

Unfortunately, the costs of making an EP aren't low. Recording a few songs in  a studio in a professional way easily costs about 2500 euro's, I need money fo distributing as well, adding songs on streaming services isn't free, manufacturing CD's and Vinyl's is expensive as well

As we speak, i'm very busy looking for the best bang for my buck studio where i can record an master my EP, also I'm comparing different companies where I can produce my physical CD's and Vinyl's

But a rough estimation of the costs would be:
Recording: 2450
Mastering: 500
Producing CD's: 1000
Producing Vinyl's: 500
Distribution/promotion: 500

Spread the word

To get a better chance at raising all this money i would like to ask everyone to share this project with your friends, family, or any stranger you come across on the street!

About the project owner

My name is niek, i'm 19 years old and live in Barendrecht, Holland. I started making music when i was 5 and took lessons for over half my life. I play every day for at least 2 hours and i write every day as well.





If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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