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Never Stop

Carmelo Stompo & Arouna Diouf

About the project

Never Stop is a project about the past and the current life of Arouna. It shows, with considerable degrees of humanity and sensibility, a detail of the huge drama that has become part of our everyday life but that is still invisible to the majority of people.
The book tells the story of Arouna, a young man from Senegal that left his homeland when he was only seventeen, putting attention on his willingness in chasing a fair life.

The pictures contained in the book allow the reader to silently reflect on the contradictions we face today, despite the mistakes of the past, despite the human, technological and social development characterizing our globalized society. Moreover, the pictures and the words contained in the book are an example of mutual understanding and a reason to hope for a world with less brutality; a world able to offer mutual respect and humanity to everybody.

What are the funds for?

We believe that transparency is the base of a crowdfunding project, and that is why we want to put you in touch with how the funds will be used.

- The 60% will be used for printing and distribution of 500 copies of the book 'Never Stop' and for all the rewards destined to the contributors. Furthermore, once the campaign is over, all the earnings from the book will go to Arouna.
- The 22% will allow Arouna to rent a room in Catania, for one year, leaving the street once for all and finally giving him the opportunity to restart in a dignified life.
- The 10% will be used to finance a small part of the first exhibition.
- The remaining 8% will be allocated for Ululecommissions.


The book:

Size: 20x25 cm;

Cover: Raw edge paper;

Inside the book: 128 pages; 170gr matte paper;

Graphics & editing: 2LAB Creative;

Texts: © Federico Filetti © Carlos Freire

Edition: 500 copies;


Follow your dream

Illustration of Fabio Consoli

Size 40x50 cm, Fine Art Print



About the project owner

Carmelo Stompo: “I deal with photography since 30 years now. I like to tell stories, both true and false. A “humble and “violent” photography. I observe at things and then study them, rather than just look at them. It doesn’t matter where or when these things happen, what matters is to talk about them with honesty.

I met Arouna on the street three years ago, in a place lived by a lot of people without a house. He was there around many people, but he was alone. 'Never Stop' was born that day, a project we built together, me and Arouna."


Mattia Stompo: "I am 25 years old and I was born in Sicily, I live in London since three years. I work there as a freelancer. Before that I attended a Master of Arts in documentary photography. Before London, I lived in Milan for four years where I attended a BA in multimedial arts.

I met Arouna three years ago but it’s always like we knew each other for a long time. I consider him as a brother and I am proud of being part of “Never Stop”. I always believe we must help the weakest so that they can become the strongest."

Federico Filetti: "I am 27 years old and I was born in Piazza Armerina (Sicily, Italy), where I lived until the end of the highschool. Afterwards, I moved to Milan to attend the university, where I got my bachelor’s in Business and Administration and my master’s in Economics. After having worked between Milan and New York, I moved to Paris where I am actually pursuing a PhD in sociology. In 2011 I founded a blog, a virtual diary where I write down my thoughts and my view of the world.
When Carmelo asked me to be part of Never Stop, I immediately accepted because I extremely care about the issue of migrations from Africa to Mediterranean Europe. Approaching it from an artistic point of view, helping at the same time Arouna to tell his story, filled my heart with pride. I have curated the texts contained in the photobook."

Marco La Licata: "I study Economics, Markets and Management at the University of Ferrara and I have always been interested in the opportunities offered by crowdfunding campaigns.
When Mattia told me about Never Stop, I immediately wanted to lend a hand. While looking for a way to give a practical contribution to the project, I thought that Never Stop could have become the subject of my master’s thesis."

Luca Cannone: "Grown up in Andria, Puglia. I have always been passionate by Music, Cinema and Arts. I started my University’s studies moving to Milan, attending the Media Design and Multimedia Arts course at Nuova Academia Di Belle Arti (NABA) and obtaining later, a Master degree at the University of Westminster in London, in Audio Production.
I decided to participate in this project because I want to contribute to the fight against disinformation and discrimination, issues than unfortunately nowadays are growing day to day becoming now a tangible danger."

Fabio Consoli: "

After studies at University of the Arts of London and School of Arts Of New York, based his illustration studio in Acitrezza, a small fisher town village at the foot of the Etna Volcano, in Sicily (Italy). Partial clients list includes: The New York Times, NPR,  Pentagram, Red Valentino, Brunswick Magazine, Apple Japan, American Airlines, New Jersey Monthly, Seiko Watches.
His works were selected by American Illustration Annual and 3×3 Mag Annual.

He teaches illustration at Abadir Academy of art.