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A Contemporary Dance & Physical Theatre Solo

About the project

NEVER BORN is a solo of Contemporary Dance and Physical Theater, created by Carlos Rodero with the Hungarian dancer and choreographer Podmaniczky Dorottya. The piece, a new initiative of MISERO PROSPERO Project Company, is a work in progress and we need to finish it and record a professional video for its broadcasting and promotion. It is the seed of a bigger project, CIRCULAR RUINS, inspired by the story of the same title written by the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. This crowdfunding campaign is thought to raise the necessary funds to finish the piece and record the video.

NEVER BORN tries to make a research within the limits between Contemporary Dance and Physical Theater, trying to provide a new vision about these languages. We also look for the keys of what could be the basic guidelines for the dramaturgy and staging of the CIRCULAR RUINS.

CIRCULAR RUINS is scheduled to premiere during the next theatrical season 2018-2019 in Budapest, Berlin, Paris and Madrid.

At this moment we are immersed in the pre-production of the show, the theoretical contents of the approach, the visual and scenic adaptation of the Borges' story and its possible translations to the movement and the scene, the design of the scenic space and the costumes, the choice of music, the preparation of the budget, the search for sponsors and financial aid [fundraising], and many other practical issues. Immediately after we will face the task of selecting the artistic and technical team, which will be part of the production.

NEVER BORN, in a video-dance format, will be our calling card. We will use this video to introduce our project in many areas and with it, we will try to attract the attention of investors and artistic collaborators, as well as the venues to which we apply for the premiere of the show. That is why this video is important for us and as we are in a first stage gathering the necessary funds, we ask for your help in this crowdfunding campaign.

Besides this, the video already edited will apply to all the International Videodance Festivals, as well as contests and competitions where we could obtain financial help as well and let us know to professionals and distributors of the professional world.

We have already finished a period of rehearsals that allowed us to make the first outline of the solo. The next step is a second period of rehearsals that give us the chance to finish it in accordance with the initial approach and with a professional final touch that reaches the highest possible artistic and technical level. Besides the choreography. this includes to the care of all plastic and visual elements.

After this second period of rehearsals we will proceed to the video recording of the solo, as well as in an inside studio, in other two alternative spaces: a large abandoned factory in the outskirts of the city of Budapest and a public library. The rehearsals will be done during the month of September of this year and the recording of the solo, in three days of filming during the first week of October. The video edition will take place during the next two weeks, with the deadline being October 21st. Later, a public screening will be held in a cinema venue here in Budapest for collaborators, friends and sponsors.

We strongly believe that there is more and more an audience for this type of shows, which, contrary to what is sometimes thought, are not a few connoisseurs, but there are many spectators, lovers of dance and theater, who would like to be able to enjoy new pieces, beyond those that are more traditional or easy to see. We invite you to participate in our project and make it possible, with the hope that afterwards you will be able to be part of the audience of a unique and personal piece, which normally is not so simple to find in our theatres, with the satisfaction that you have contributed to make it achieveable with your contribution


What are the funds for?

The total amount of 1800 euros for the campaign is distribuited like this:

  1. Rehearsals: salary for the choreographer and performer.
  2. Video Recording: salary for the video maker, rent and permission expenses.
  3. Production: music copyright, rent rehearsal room, transport, costume and body painting, lighting, unexpected expenses.
  4. Management & Direction: Management expenses & salary for the director..

About the project owner

MISERO PROSPERO Project is a Spanish-Hungarian dance-theatre company based in Budapest, Hungary lead by the Spanish stage director and playwright Carlos Rodero. In effect from the end of 2007, we show stage productions, including pieces of dance, theatre, music and other disciplines related to show business, with artistic and professional integrity and with a special interest in finding and creating new languages for the stage. Working together with a team of talented collaborators (dancers, actors and actresses, technicians of light and sound, costume designers), we aim at embracing and realizing a new language of performance art and theatrical expression by creating a theatrical dramaturgy that combines drama elements, techniques, and cultural diversity. Our language beautifully navigates on the borders of dance-theater, physical theatre, applied arts, pantomime, and music.



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