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Be part of a new social network made in Montreal, which will revolutionize the world of classified ads!

About the project

Sell, Buy, and Connect Around You
and participate in our big post-moving garage sale in July

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When we want to furnish our place or find second-hand items we spontaneously use the same site which name contains "3 i" and many of us have experienced somewhat unpleasant situations: scams, shady or dishonest people, ads located too far away, etc.

It is to address these issues and to promote the local and sustainable economy that we have created the nelinelo application. This is a real social network dedicated to classified ads to sell, buy and connect around you safely, at your fingertips! nelinelo will make your life easier with innovative features and a user friendly interface. You will get used to is in few seconds, we are certain!

Available on iOS and Android everyone can benefit. For those who do not have a smart phone we apologize in advance, but do not worry we are working hard to get the desktop version out by this summer!



For you, for me, for them ...
First designed for students, we then revised our model so that the application could be accessible and useful to a wider audience (basically, like Facebook in its beginnings! We wish ourselves the same success...)
nelinelo allows you to create unlimited ads with a wide range of free features. Later on, we will offer additional paid options: boost ads, additional photo pack, etc. (we need to make a little money!)


Company Profiles
At nelinelo we love our city and we are committed to promoting the creative and artisanal potential of Montreal. The second-hand market is our main focus, but we know very well that we do not find every happiness there. This is why we have taken the idea further and decided to open up the platform to companies in order to promote the local economy. nelinelo will soon offer profiles under subscriptions with additional features to boost the visibility of traders. A beautiful showcase to discover exceptional craftsmen in your neighborhood; ephemeral shops, independent creators, nomadic businesses (i.e. food truck), etc. 



The idea is simple

1. Login in few clicks                                                   2. Create your ad or event             


3. Find items nearby


Go further and build your community with people who share the same interests as you. Sell, exchange, give, connect, invite, share ... nelinelo offers you this freedom, free ofr charge and safely!



nelinelo means "new life - new love". Indeed, our project is based on this desire to give a new life, a new love to our objects instead of throwing them away. Our old-fashioned products will perhaps make someone else happy!

What are the funds for?

The story...

The beginnings of the project
"I moved to Quebec at 18 for my studies. In order to furnish my place and to find my books I used several online platforms for second-hand items and I was confronted with unpleasant situations like the distance, the lack of confidence to the users, and so on. This is how I came up with the idea of creating an intuitive platform that allows you to trade in your nearby environment in a secure way. While discussing my project, I realized that many people were experiencing the same problems and that my idea could really benefit the society. Over the years the project has evolved and aligned with connected mobile technologies for easier and intuitive use. - Kévin Pérard, founder 




About the project owner

We love our donors and we want to reward them!

nelinelo offers above all a service, it is a tool that facilitates the connection of people in the second hand market. The application will live and evolve thanks to its users ... thanks to YOU.
With your support, you will participate in the development of nelinelo and we want to thank you by offering you what we do best: create beautiful human experiences!

OBJECTIVE: $ 3,000

We will use the collected funds to organize a big post-moving garage sale during the month of July. An great opportunity to meet new people, share, exchange and promote nelinelo in a sunny and fun atmosphere! Do not hesitate to suggest any special request and we will take care of the rest!

Discover our counterparts, and regardless of the amount of your donation, receive the special nelinelo badge on your nelinelo profile. Who knows? It might be worth gold in a year 

Collected funds allocation



Special thanks

A special thank you to our many local sponsors who believe in our project and offer their support and a few gifts for our launch event on May 6th: Le 5e, MOVE Proteine, Vee Kombucha, Le Salon Sucré, Lecavalier Petrone, Gabbie McGuire, Swishlinks, Memorables.

A big thank you to the local medias, our spokespersons: ohellobeauty, Montreal Got Style and Les Petites Manies.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank Arielle Beaudin of and Hugo Paquin of Neoshop for giving us their blessing at the event La Grand-Messe, organized by the Fondation Montréal Inc. A very beautiful first public introduction of nelinelo .


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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