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Help getting the Bacon and Soft Serve on the road this summer!

About the project

With the popularity and originality of Food Trucks, we had not yet found a dessert that just made us melt! For us, there are classics that make us drool just to think about it ... The Soft Serve Ice Cream of our childhood made with real cream, Grandma Ginette’s sugar tart and all of that influenced by the fantasy of BACON!!!

This summer in Moncton and Riverside Albert, you'll be able to enjoy quality soft ice cream with shades of bacon and fine chocolate!

Soft Serve Cones : Little Naughty, Medium Naughty and Big Naughty

Sunday Creamy Sunday: Extra Naughty, chocolate melt, bacon and a butter cookie

The Real Naughty : Sugar tart with bacon crumble served with soft ice cream on top

We could talk about it all day, but it would be cruel ... Opening May 15th in Riverside-Albert! But to boost this social-financing campaign, there will be some VIPigs events in Moncton, only for the members of our Facebook page!

What are the funds for?

OBJECTIVE 100% - $ 10,000

To get started our "BACON BEAST" Grumman Kurbmaster Jr

  • Put the truck to road and food standards
  • Pay for the Taylor Soft Ice Cream Machine
  • Pimp our Bacon Beast for Summer Markets

ALERT OBJECTIVE REACHED 100%: If this goal is achieved, we will offer soft ice cream cones at a launch party in Moncton for the first 200 participants.


OBJECTIVE 200% - $ 20,000

A goal reached of 200% confirms us with this crowdfunding, that you also passionately love our Naughty Pig!

  • Open a Creamery at our Riverside-Albert Farm
  • Adirondak chairs and space for a campfire
  • Hammock chairs to hang from our multiple centuries old oak trees
  • Visit our famous Mangalitsa Pigs, the only ones in New Brunswick

ALERT OBJECTIVE ACHIEVED 200%: If this goal is achieved we will offer FREE Sundays "Extra Naughty" soft serve ice cream and bacon during the launching day in Riverside-Albert for the first 100 participants.


OBJECTIVE 300% - $ 30,000

With an objective reaching more than 300%! This confirms that you are completely crazy about our Naughty Pig and to celebrate a crowdfunding campaign as popular... We should be allowed to dream big and get a brand new ice cream truck tohit the road and preach the good word of bacon throughout New Brunswick and Quebec !!!

ALERT OBJECTIVE REACHED 300%: If this goal is reached, we will offer a full day of "Little Naughty" soft serve ice cream for FREE. You will find our truck touring Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview on the first sunny Sunday that follows this crazy goal!

About the project owner

When a Baker, a Beekeeper and a Butcher decide to fantasize about the perfect dessert. You end up with something so tasty and so addictive… There should be a warning label! (from left to right)

To find out more about "The Naughty Pig", follow our Facebook page to see our secret and free tastings planned in the coming weeks! (It's worth reading all the way down sometimes...)

Queen's Farm Fundy is located in Riverside-Albert and we are pleased to welcome you this summer!

  • Heirloom Vegetable Gardens
  • Unique Pigs Mangalitsa in New Brunswick
  • Educational Apiary
  • Coporative events
  • Mechoui and Group BBQ
  • Children's birthday


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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