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"Life Equinox", Double Album by J.Nattagh

A two parts musical piece: innovative handpan work influenced by Debussy, Ravel & Fauré/world music duets with international artists

About the project

Order your copy of the forthcoming "Life Equinox" double CD/mp3, filled with magic and unique musicians, and get the reward you fancy !

You can enter the lottery to win a brand new Myst Instruments D minor 11 handpan with its Evatek hardcase !! 

After a few years of researhc and harwork, it is time to release my latest compositions for solo handpan, recorded in studio and inspired by the 20th century french composers such as Debussy, Ravel and Fauré.

Played on last generation instruments holding 18 to 22 notes (Yishama, Ayasa, Soulshine, Mirim...), you will enter a wolrd of sonatas and arabesques. Here is a live exemple of a sonata that will be recorded in studio with some changes:

The second CD is a report of the most beautiful collaborations I have made on the road with some previously unreleased material. Holy singers Lily Jung and Tritha Sinha, Percussion master Xavier Desandre Navarre, Didgeridoo masters Zalem and Adele B, the great Rebab player Kengo Saito...I am blessed to have all these world music great musicians playing with me and opening new horizons. A few examples that will be remixed and mastered here (and unreleased tracks coming up as well):



The album will be released in May !

You can order the double CD with a lottery spot for a Myst Instruments D Minor 11 allowing for 3 typical scales playing: Amara, Kurd and F Ionian, and it will come with its brand new Hardcase Technologies Evatek brand new hardcase !

Here is the actual instrument for the lottery:

What are the funds for?

Mastering for the 2 CDs, guests fees, booklet expenses and a thousand copy manufacturing are gonna be the main expenses, planned to rise up to 4500€. Ulule's commission is of 8% as well.

Going more than 5000€ will allow better promotion, new videos and as always, good content !

Here is a part of the visual art design by Camila Eslava:



About the project owner

Multi instruments player, handpan specialist, sound engineer, it's been more 25 years that I dedicate my life to music, to finding new soundscapes and compositions.

It is my 4th crowdfunding campaign, making people happy everytime !

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