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My Sustainable Wardrobe by Catalina J

We create comfortable and modern clothes with care for our Planet. Let’s change the world!

About the project

We create modern shirts and dresses, from natural high quality Organic Cotton Certified GOTS in Brussels,  essential pieces that are a must in our closet - but a green and conscious one!


The bonus is that you’ll be helping protect our planet’s natural resources!

We want to add more items made only from recycled and organic fabrics to our casual collection: a model of skirt, trousers and dresses. In order to start the production we will need funding for our first stage of the project - the developing of the collection.

The journey started with producing an entire collection 

inspired from timeless white shirt – an essential piece that it is a must in our wardrobe.

Modern design, with different shapes and flattering comfortable silhouettes that fits for each body.

How we do it

In Brussels, Belgium is where our ideas are born, where we craft the design concept and develop

the creation of our collections.

In Portugal - to align with our revolutionary concept, we choose the famous pioneer in sustainable fashion solutions and notorious of being more effective than other countries in eco fabric innovations.





Pure, natural and soft fabrics

We take the fabrics for production directly from our Portuguese supplier which has already a well established reputation and tradition in sourcing it.

The organic cotton is made in Portugal in a small factory that has more than 40 years tradition.This pure cotton is highly certified with international Global Organic Standard GOTS and OEKO TEX standard.

The cotton is soft, light and pleasant on the skin.

Model : Ballerina /soloist with Royal Ballet Flanders Shelby WILLIAMS. Photo :Robin Joris Dullers


Seaqual is a sustainable PES fiber which is made by recycling the plastic bottles collected from the bottom of the ocean, obtained in a green circular process. This is the revolutionary one!

The bottles are collected by fishermen on the ocean coast of Portugal, then the bottles are crushed into small pieces, converted into pellets and transformed into top quality yarn.


The Recycled viscose is made with yarns from textile waste(leftovers), which conventionally are thrown into the landfills or rivers. After clothing production the fabric leftovers are collected and recycled into new yarns, giving a new life to a new fabric made in a green-circular process using solar energy and less water.



Why choose sustainable fabrics?

Organic cotton is grown without the use of GMO seeds and synthetic pesticides, meanwhile protecting farmers lives and the soil, along with using less energy and saving  precious water resources. The cotton shirts at mass market brands mostly are  low quality and are produced with major polluting impact on the planet.

The organic fibres are pure, soft and long lasting.

FAITH Shirt in Organic Cotton certified GOTS with classic fit and stunning short cape.



INSOMNIA Shirt in Organic Cotton certified GOTS. Light silhouette with chic assymetrical details for your modern look.


Where and who made my clothes?

The clothes from our sustainable fabrics are made in Bucharest, Romania in a small but very professional atelier. The seamstresses have many years of experience, an absolute care for details and invest passion for crafting new creations. They choose to work ethically only with small productions and avoiding the useless mass production, this way meeting our needs and standards.


I am here for this. I hope you too.

Buy directly from us, no middleman


We offer you the best prices for our designs - online and directly in our showroom in Brussels.

This way you avoid high commision and high prices that are added in the shops.

You are very welcome to visit us and try our models from the collection.

PURITY Shirt in Organic Cotton certified GOTS. Stripes, pure white and a cool open back for a ravishing summer look.



OBSESSION Shirt in Organic Cotton certified GOTS. Assymetrical crafted details and a easy to style , beautiful silhouette for your daily wear.


  DEVOTION dress in recycled viscose. Comfortable silhouette dress  with side pockets and back details for a timeless and modern look.


BOLDNESS Shirt in Organic Cotton certified GOTS. Light silhouette and comfortable fit with an original crafted half cape for a cool but elegant look.


DEVOTION Shirt in Organic Cotton certified GOTS. Comfortable, loose fit silhouette and nice back details for your stylish daily wear.

MELANCHOLIA Shirt in Organic Cotton certified GOTS. Light silhouette and charming stripes for your playful summer look

GRATITUDE Dress . Elegant and chic dress with light silhouette that flatters each body shape.


WHITE GRATITUDE Shirt in Organic Cotton certified GOTS. Light and elegant silhouette  with feminine pleats for your chic look.

DEVOTION dress in recycled viscose. Comfortable silhouette dress  with side pockets and back details for a timeless and modern look

SATISFACTION  Shirt in Organic Cotton certified GOTS.Shirt with original corset cutouts that gives you a fashionable but timeless look.

In return for your kind support you will receive original  design pieces as REWARDS and GIFTS!

For more details check the reward section on the right 








What are the funds for?



About the project owner

My name is Catalina Jitaru and I am a fashion designer since 2006. I have worked previously for several fast fashion brands, where I experienced from inside the mass market system of the fashion industry. It's a beautiful but cruel madness and the impact for our environment is disastrous. I was part of the system too and decided to start acting responsible! Since then I work on identifying and implementing innovative-sustainable solutions and choosing the right way of doing fashion.

With your help we can begin the production of a capsule collection made only from sustainable and high-quality fabrics, produced with less impact and more care for our environment,ethical and planet friendly. 

Can fashion save the Planet?

Yes, it can. I truly believe in this, and this project is just the beggining of our bold journey in a strong system that can be recreated and transformed in becoming more mindful and conscious.

Be a part of this journey and you can witness the power of a "good example" in sustainable fashion.

You are more than welcomed to meet me in Brussels and to discuss further about our innovative and revolutionary projects, and  try our comfortable and unique creations made with care for Our Planet.

THANK YOU for YOUR support !Together we can make beautiful and naturally choices!




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