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Your taste is unique. Drink what you like!

About the project

MyOeno has developed an object connected to a mobile app that objectively characterizes the style of the wine you are drinking, memorizes your preferences, and suggests comparable wines. 


My best tasting companion for choosing my next wine!

Strength / Acidity / Tannins / < 8 years

To characterize the style of a wine: immerse the tester in your glass and instantly receive its principal oenological characteristics instantly on your smartphone.

The measurement is taken without sampling and with no chemical interaction, so as not to alter the wine.

Using MyOeno, you will no longer choose your wine by chance, but according to your taste.


Who hasn't ever felt lost when faced with the multitude of bottles of wine bottles lined up on a supermarket shelf?

This situation is even more representative since 80% of bottles of wine purchased are acquired in big-box stores, which can represent over 1500 different items on the shelf...

The default solution often consists of deciding based on the only criteria accessible to everyone: price.


The features of MyOeno enable you to solve this problem.

Once the MyOeno Scan tool is immersed in your glass of wine, the MyOeno app will give you immediate access to many pieces of information:

"Find similar wines" feature

If you like a wine, MyOeno compares its oenological characteristics (Strength, Tannins, and Acidity) with those in the database and suggests wines close to it in order of similarity.

It is extremely difficult to remember the nature of all the wines tasted over time. 

Suggestions of similar wines give the user a simple, fast first level of discrimination when confronted with the complexity of the current offering of wins (country, region, appellation, estate, chateau, vintages, varieties, etc.) This way, MyOeno serves as a decision-making aide, making it possible to both reassure the user in their choices/purchases and to discover new labels.

"Find food/wine pairings" feature

Successfully pair your food and wines!

Select your dish, and MyOeno will indicate the appropriate styles of wines (Strength, Tannins, and Acidity levels), and vice versa.

"Share" feature

To share your tastings with your friends and so they can finally know what wine to give you to make you happy ;)


Knowing the characteristics of a bottle without having to uncork it? It's finally possible!

All without having to rely solely on many ratings by other tasters, whose tastes can be different from your own.

 Trad fonctions

By keyword or by label photo

From its name when you are looking at a restaurant wine list.

From a photo of the label when you are alone in the wine section

By style

Search for wines with a style you can define arbitrarily. This feature enables the user to discover different styles. Tasting a wine also means opening up to other styles.

And the icing on the cake:

Information on the potential bottle ageing time

Using data provided by the community, you will have access to this information, which will help you to make an enlightened purchase and to precisely manage the ageing period, in order to open or resell a wine at its peak.

Jérémy Cadière - Independent Sommelier


As a wine lover, you have probably already realized that the color of a wine gives you relevant information on its style in the mouth.

Many independent scientific studies have established a strong correlation between the spectrometric analysis of a wine and its fundamental oenological characteristics (strength, tannins, and acidity) sensed during tasting. Our algorithm was developed using this rich scientific literature and was compared, in blind testing, to the sensations of professionals and well-informed wine enthusiasts.

If you would like to learn more about this subject, we suggest reading the following scientific article:

There already exist sophisticated analytical tools (mass spectrometers, Oeno Resolution standard of 1/2006) aimed at wine-making professionals. These highly-precise laboratory tools are not portable, are costly, and often require damaging the sample. Their sensitivity is also unsuited to translating the sensations experienced by wine enthusiasts during tasting.

In light of this, MyOeno has developed the "MyOeno Scan" tool, specifically adapted to distinguishing the various styles of wines using reliable colorimetric indicators.

The MyOeno technology can quantify each of the 3 oenological parameters on a basis of 100 (±1). MyOeno is not intended to be a measuring device as such, but can be used to identify style resemblances in terms of Strength, Tannins, and Acidity. These styles are then supplemented by the aromatic palate which you are free to determine, using the MyOeno Tags.


MyOeno Scan needs to know you and therefore you must make it "taste" the main beverages you are tasting. Then, with each use, MyOeno will advise you more precisely on the wines that you might like.

What are the funds for?

 The technical and software portions are now complete, and several functional prototypes have already been used by referent sommeliers.


Today, the study of red wines is functional, tested, and approved!

Rosés and whites are undergoing finalization and we have good reason to believe that it will all be validated by the end of 2016! We promise to communicate with you directly on the progress of this work.



Your investment will enable us to begin fabrication of industrial tools so that you can take advantage of the contribution of MyOeno as quickly as possible and dedicate yourself exclusively to the pleasure of drinking wine.




As thanks for your support, we will give you a MyOeno drop stop. If you'd like, your name will be displayed on our website on the "Our first fans" page.


To find out the temperature of your wine without even having to uncork the bottle, we will send you your own MyOeno thermometer.


The glass you use for tasting is of the utmost importance. MyOeno will provide you two MyOeno-engraved, with a marking indicating the minimum level of wine to pour in order to be able to use MyOeno Scan.

MyOeno Scan

You will finally be able to take advantage of all the opportunities presented by MyOeno!

Product description 

Dimensions: Height: 15 cm, diameter: 2.4 cm; Weight: 200g

Ships with its own case and cleaning kit.

About the project owner

Bastien Guillebastre - Co-Founder

After a doctorate in science and professional experience as a Director of Research & Development, Bastien got back to his roots in Southwestern France, and began this innovative, ambitious project that combines passion for wine with new technologies.

Fabien Munoz - Co-Founder

With his Doctorate of Science in hand, Fabien was able, during his experience as a Product Director, to make the link between R&D, Marketing, and Communication during his first 6 years of experience in the medical sector.

Wandering the aisles of Wine trade shows, Bastien and Fabien were confronted by the difficulty in tasting many wines, all while having to compare them in order to be able to buy the ones they preferred. All while trying to systematically spit, so as to try to remain clear-headed ;) 

MyOeno is therefore the solution for helping you keep track of all your tastings in order to better know you and know where you stand in terms of the complex, multi-faceted offering of wines.

The main common point between Bastien and Fabien is a love of wine. By dint of tastings and more or less successful attempts at describing and memorizing wines, frustration over searching for the truth pushed the MyOeno founders to create a genuine need.

Their scientific background largely influenced their logic of seeking an objective, quantified solution. This data is enriched by the flavor sensations experienced by each person, which can easily be expressed using predefined tags.

After 2 years of research and design, we have now found the most effective technique adapted to everyday use for all. Today, we are proud to be able to share it and we are counting on you to go even further!

Where to find us?

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What brings MyOeno to Ulule?

In order to continue to move forward, MyOeno needs to know if the offer proposed meets your needs. This is to begin the fabrication of industrial tools, including injection molds.

How much time does measuring take?

Once dipped into your glass, MyOeno San takes measurements in under 2 seconds.

What is the size of the database of comparable wines?

The database is already being compiled. Privileged partners (sommeliers, wine merchants) use MyOeno on a daily basis in the course of their tastings. Multiplying these collaborations will make it possible to achieve a database large enough to suggest wines with similar profiles when the devices ship. Then, your uses will enrich the community database.

Is MyOeno compatible with all mobile devices?

MyOeno Scan connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and interacts with it using the MyOeno App available at the AppStore and PlayStore.

Can the MyOeno app be used without purchasing the scanner?

The app can be downloaded for free. However, in order to take advantage of the full usefulness of MyOeno, the main functions can only be used when connected to and using MyOeno Scan. Thus, without this connection, you will only have partial access to the database.

Can more than one person use MyOeno Scan (e.g., a couple) or do we each need one?

You can freely connect MyOeno scan to any iOS or Android compatible smartphone.

Does the algorithm take into account that I can have multiple preferred styles of wine?

Because your tastes evolve, and also because evaluating a wine depends a lot on context, MyOeno lets you chose 3 preferred styles of wine per color. And to go even further still, you can consult your tasting history and rank your experiences based on your subjective score.

Will the algorithm suggest something other than the parcel next to that of the wine I am currently drinking?

The algorithm is based only on oenological characteristics, and not on the label, or price, or AOC. Thus, and this is the advantage of MyOeno, you will be surprised to learn that there are strong similarities between a wine from Languedoc and a wine from La Rioja, for example!

Does MyOeno get used to always drinking the same wines without wanting to test different flavors?

Since tasting is also and above all opening up and discovering, with the "Search by style" feature, you will be sure to taste different wines and to quench your curiosity ;)

Does it work with other beverages?

For now, MyOeno is calibrated and will give you reliable results to work exclusively with wine.

Does the result depend on external conditions (temperature, lighting, etc.)?

Thanks to its patented technology, the MyOeno readings are not influenced by non-extreme external conditions.

Can producers have any influence on how the MyOeno Scan takes readings and makes suggestions?

A confidence index will accompany each wine record. This will increase based on the number of tests and the number of users scanning the same wine. The recommendations generated by the algorithm will therefore depend on readings from the community, and not readings from producers or their marketing budgets.

How do I clean MyOeno Scan?

After each use, consider rinsing MyOeno Scan in order to prevent disrupting readings, and also to prevent damage to the analyzing zone. A brief dip in water is sufficient as long as the wine hasn't had time to dry. So the use of the case and cleaning kit provided is recommended.

How do I recharge the device?

MyOeno Scan recharges using a micro-USB cable, just like most of your other modern electronic devices!

What are the materials used?

The materials used comply strictly with international regulations on contact with food ((CE No.1935/2004; FDA). This is to ensure that MyOeno Scan never interacts with your precious nectar!

Where is the device manufactured?

For us, an innovation in the world of wine could not be made anywhere else but France. Our offering is 100% Made in France! Don't hesitate to come see us (with a bottle) to verify :) !

Where is the My Oeno team based?

The team is based in the Rhone-Alpes region, which enables us to easily test our product directly in the vineyards of the Rhone, in Savoy, or in Burgundy.

When will the first devices scheduled to ship?

Contributors are scheduled to take delivery in April 2017.

What guarantee does the My Oeno Scan have?

24 months, parts and labor in our shop. Battery: 12 months from the date of purchase.

Are international orders accepted?

Yes, for certain countries. Shipping costs will be adjusted according to the destination country.

Need help?

We are here for you. If you have the slightest question, during or after the campaign, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]