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THE frame for all the budding artists !

About the project


MYMôMA is a multi-functional frame to exhibit kids’ drawings.

Its missions : EXHIBIT, STORE, FILE

It is made of cardboard to limit its impact on the environment.

MYMôMA is designed for kids:

  • It provides blank sheets of paper for them to draw on. Awesome, no need to ask!
  • It welcomes their masterpieces into the frame to exhibit them for everyone to enjoy. Wow! My drawing is displayed in the living room! 
  • It stores and protects them, nicely filed one after the other thanks to its storage capacity. Here it goes, my new drawing!  Dad's gonna love it!
  • When the box is full, it is ready to be archivedCandice, 2019.

MYMôMA is also very useful for the parents:

  • No more drawings covering your whole fridge and no more loose-leaves!
  • No drawings are ever lost or thrown away.
  • Kid's drawing are neatly filed in chronological order so you can see their progress again and again.
  • By displaying their drawings this way, we encourage them to explore their artistic side and we help them to develop their eye-hand coordination.
  • Drawings are archived, year after year, maybe even month after month for the most prolific!

When my older daughter was around 4 years old, the number of her drawings increased a lot. And I had a problem. What to do with all this? The fridge had its limits. I often put her drawings carelessly on the edge of a window. I stored a few here, a few there. Everything was scattered, misplaced, some ended up damaged or in the trash, and I was a little ashamed not to take much care of this work of which she was so proud. I was also frustrated to lose track of her progress.

From this little issue and to resolve it, I had the idea to create MYMôMA. Ever since, I have been using it daily, for the enjoyment of my two daughters, who are thus encouraged in their budding artistic path. Furthermore, I am very happy to know that all of these little masterpieces are kept safe and organized in the MYMôMA box which allows me to go through them and check their progress day by day but also to, after some time, explore their artistic journey from the first lines, dots and tadpole little men till their very last design.


New, original, creative, useful, fun, decorative, low price ...

There is always a good reason to offer MYMôMA, whether for big or small occasions!

In addition, it pleases children but also parents!

We were not there for Christmas but we will be ready for Mother's and Father's Day!

Do not miss the opportunity!

A little more details on what you can get by participating.

The MYMôMA frame:

We chose to pre-sell MYMôMA, so for participating, we are happy to send you your MYMôMA, the heart of our project. The size of the frame is designed for sheets in A4 format. MYMôMA is composed of a frame, its protective and archiving case, a white sheets / drawings separator card and 10 blank sheets ready to be used. The frame and the case are entirely made of recycled cardboard. There is no printing on the frame, which leaves you free to decorate it according to your taste.  Texts, logo and designs are printed on the case in black.

The postcards:

The drawings pictured on the postcard were made by Candice and Maria, 5 and 3 years old.

here are some examples :




Tote bag :


A light and practical canvas bag. It has our printed logo: MYMôMA, le cadre à dessins pour tous les artistes en herbe. (MYMôMA, the frame for all the budding artists)



Crayons :

To give free rein to the imagination, we thought that crayons would be an ideal goodie! This is a small cardboard box containing 6 crayons of different colors. Our logo is printed on the box.

Your portrait made from a picture :

The portrait is by Candice, 5 years old. She will draw you from a photo that you will send us by email for example. To get an idea of ​​what this can do, go to the chapter "two siblings / one start-up".


Step 1: 300 contributions. 100% of the goal reached ! Success of the campaign ! We start the production ! Thank you !

Step 2: 600 contributions. We add 2 postcards in every shipping.

Step 3: 1000 contributions. We add 4 postcards in every shipping.

Step 4: 1500 contributions. We add 6 postcards in every shipping.

Step 5: 2000 contributions. We add 8 postcards in every shipping.

Delivery to relay points for France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Unless you specifically request us to use normal mails, we plan to have the packages delivered using Mondial Relay. This package routing service operates from a network of relay points (usually shops), through which your package arrives. You are automatically notified by e-mail of the arrival of your package and you can follow it throughout its journey.

You can check here if there is a relay point near you:


Home delivery for Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Overseas and international.

It would seem that there are no relay points in the European countries mentioned above, this is why the delivery will be operated by Mondial Relay and home delivered for the contributors of these countries. The Mondial Relay service does not work internationally, so we have chosen the Colissimo service for Overseas and other international shipping addresses. 


What are the funds for?

Launching a new product is quite an adventure!

Exciting, but also financially very dangerous.

Faced with this, crowdfunding has many advantages:

  • supporting the cash flow of our project by supplementing our personal contribution.
  • limiting the risks: by selling our product, there is no risk of manufacturing at a loss!
  • checking your interest in our project and validating our concept if we get a positive feedback.
  • making our contributors involved in the creation and evolution of our startup.
  • developing the brand by being present on the internet.

CAUTION, please be aware, it is a "ALL or NOTHING” concept that prevails here: if we do not reach our 500 objective here, nobody will have their drawings frame MYMôMA (and that would be very sad, wouldn’t it ?).

The above pie chart shows, in the case of all MYMôMA being sent by mail, the distribution of your contributions.

Depending on the success of the campaign, we will also be able to finance :

  • our own eCommerce website
  • ​a graphic designer and a communication agency
  • a build to stock production
  • a national network of small independent retailers 

About the project owner


Generalist, a bit adventurous and a big dreamer, I have been a waitress, WWOFer, backpacker, photographer, scuba diver, baby sign language coach, cued speech teacher, lock keeper, market gardener, teacher and a poet. I am also a creator of board games and children's books and last but not least mother of two little girls of 3 and 5 years old!



Well traveled, creative and entrepreneurial. Being a scuba coach, in the past, has given me the opportunity to travel extensively and experience many cultures. I recently settled down in Paris to create my own company. When my sister told me about her project, I was so inspired by the idea that I naturally partnered-up with her. I am now working full time on the launching of MYMôMA.
Our goal is to expand our new company throughout Europe and around the world. I don't have any children of my own but I am proud of my 3 lovely nieces and I wish I had a MYMôMA earlier to keep my collection of their drawings!

Participate! ============> Contribute from 5€.

Share! =================> on Twitter, Facebook and all social medias!

Talk about it around you! ==============> bring the project to life with your firends and family!

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