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L'Éveil de la Permaculture: original music release

I want to release the original soundtrack composed for the movie as a digital release.

About the project

After the success of documentary L’Éveil de la Permaculture which came out in French cinemas in 2017 (over 70 000 tickets sold) we have decided we would like to release the music that Robin Darlington created for the movie as a digital EP.

He originally composed 5 pieces which where then transformed into multiple adaptations for the film.

The project here is to release the original 5 pieces arranged to be listened to as such. The arrangements, recordings, and mixing are complete, but one important step is needed before we can release them: the mastering.

What are the funds for?

What is mastering?

Mastering is the last stage of music production in which an experienced sound engineer performs what could resemble a "quality check" on the sound which was created by everything done previously. He then makes adjustments to the overal sound of the music aiming for consistency between songs, balancing out the frequency spectrum, and shaping the dynamics and loudness so as to match them with industry standards.

This crowdfunding campaign will enable us to pay for mastering the music (pay a sound engineer to do it).

The idea is to give you early access to the music (as soon as it's mastered we'll send it to you), and to give those who have not yet seen the movie a chance to see it: either via a streaming link or on a DVD (see rewards for 15€ & up).

How the money will be used:

About the project owner

This project is brought to you by Robin Darlington - creator of the music, and Adrien Bellay - director of the movie.

Find out more about the film : https://leveildelapermaculture-lefilm.com/

Find out more about Robin Darlington : http://robindarlington.com/

Adrien Bellay - Director of L'Éveil de la Permaculture

Robin Darlington - Composer of the film music for l'Éveil de la Permaculture

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