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The Boucharouite Museum of Marrakech

Support the creation of a Popular Art museum's Café

About the project

Rag cloth, slices of life! Daily life turns to art! Participate in the creation of the Marrakech Boucharouite Café

The Museum

2000 Discovering the Marrakech Medina – Purchase of a riad.

2006 Entry onto the market of Boucharouite rag rugs, hidden for 30 years in the remote valleys of the Atlas – rigorous selection of the most artistic pieces.

2011 Opening of the art gallery website ” La Collection Berbère ” - Exhibition in Milan and Paris – Show-room in Marché Dauphine of Saint Ouen

2014 Creation of the “ Boucharouite Museum ” in Marrakech.

The “ Boucharouite Museum  is dedicated to all forms of Popular Art.Its collection mainly concerns rag rugs, sheer jewels of creativity weaved or embroidered by women, not usually educated in the very practice of their art, and yet, that manage to craft these exceptional pieces from their own recycled clothes.

Bereft of the practice of writing, women weave their emotions through threads of fabric. Even though the weaving is solely guided by their intuition, the message is undeniably present, concealed in the weft’s filigree, amidst the countless coloured knots. It is the raw expression, often unconsciously, of the experience of their environment and the perception of their inner life, of their existence.

The Museum's Missions

  • Presenting to the public a worthwhile Collection.

  • Raising awareness among younger generations of their heritage( free guided tour for schools ).

  • Identifying the young artists and guiding them.

  • Setting up of an artist residency that will involve underprivileged children from the streets.

  • Organizing conferences, becoming a Civil Society reflection group( cf. COP22 meeting at Marrakech on november 18th 2016 ).

  • Producing publications and writing a book about these rag rugs.

The Museum Summing-up of a two-year's experience

  • Thousands of visitors charmed by the spirit of the Riad, amazed and seduced by these berber women, non-intelectual artists.

  • Growth has broken down because of loss of interest for Morroco as a tourism destination( 50% less vs 2014 )

The Project

On top of exhibiting a unique Collection, the “ Boucharouite Museum  wishes to generate bonds, provide meanings and establish itself as a bridge between a diversity of cultures.

In order to increase its visibility, to reach its financial balance, and mainly " Pour votre plus grand bonheur ",  the Museum needs several effective elements :

1. Creation of a Cafe, " The Boucharouite Café ", yourmeeting space dedicated to dialogue and sharing :

- The Riad's peaceful panoramic rooftop will bring warmth and conviviality. " Méga siesta dans le lit à baldaquins !".

- The products will be simple, home-made and organic . " Pour titiller vos papilles !"

2. Completion of a library of specialised books, open to public consultation. "Pour le plaisir des yeux ! ".

3. Programming of artistic eventsorganized around the clash ofPopular Art / Contemporary Art through a diversity of mediums ( graphic arts, literature, photography, poetry, dance, films... ). These events are essential to give the Museum the vibrancy it deserves.

A few projects in that line of thought, are already being elaborated :

- " Plein les esgourdes ! " with « Story-telling Wednesday»thatwill provide to storytellers from Jamâa El F'na square an alternative to their planned elimination. Dissemination of a DVD will bring them recognition and financial support.

- " Plein les mirettes ! " with Contemporary artists who will create a piece of art based on the same frame as the one used by the Berber weavers ( a grain bag made of plastic ) in the hope of curating a collective exhibition at the end of the process.

4. Developing derivative products such as postcards, catalogues, and videos. " Souvenirs ! Souvenirs ! "

5. Hosting of special event such as the opening party which will hold a poetry contest between a berber storyteller and a french comedian. Both very distinguished artists, they will recite tales from « The Tales of the Arabian nights ». "Que la fête commence ! "

copyright Véronique Drougard

The Project Initiator

Collector at heart and contemporary art lover, it is here in Morocco that I have fallen in love with these beautiful Boucharouite and Zindekh carpets, made out of multicoloured bits of rags.

For years now, I have collected with much passion and emotion, the most beautiful pieces crafted by these artists to showcase them through the ideal prism of a unique collection : « La Collection Berbère ».

Conscious of the precious and rare heritage I detain and the necessity for it to be well preserved as it traces back to an element of the life of Moroccan women, it became obvious to establish a platform allowing me to share it with a maximum of people.

The ideal setting for such a platform was already found : the Riad Dar Dallah, a beautiful and traditional building from the 19th century acquired a few years ago that truly brings light to the collection of popular art.

Patrick de Maillard.

copyright Véronique Drougard

The Solidarity

The Boucharouite Museum” is commited to provide a bridge between the public and local associations that work with disadvantaged children and women.

It currently redistributes 5 % of its entrance fees to « EducationForAll Morocco » which aims to allow girls of the rural world to attend and complete secondary education.

copyright Véronique Drougard

Together, let us save The Boucharouite Museum

I invested my savings.... I'll spend all my energy to ensure its survival

through the following actions :

Discovering - Collecting - Showing - Educating - Sharing - Offering - Moving - Forging meaning - Meeting - Thinking - Federating - QuestioningExchanging - Listening to - Building - Creating - Dreaming - Protecting - Mobilizing - InspiringSupporting -

Taking time ....................................... ........................ LIVING!!!


Hommage au " Musée Boucharouite ",

symbole de l'union pour la Méditerranée,

par Julien Tardif :

« De la visite improvisée,

Fruit d'une belle amitié

Bouillonnante de convivialité,

De cet étrange musée,

Le sens du toucher en est bouleversé.

Le « berbèrisme » de la féminité

D'une silhouette élancée

Que l'on aime à déshabiller

Laisse place à la « berbèrité ».

D'un mur porteur sans la moindre aspérité,

Sous le tissu a effleuré

La pierre du bâti, un savoir préservé.

Une étrange émotion à partager,

De la passion pour la féminité

Notre regard est détourné

Vers notre sens du toucher,

L'objet du désir est matérialisé,

La femme, du regard obséquieux est libérée,

Le quotidien, art se fait,

La tradition rencontre l'abstrait,

Le moderne prend l'engagement pour vérité. »


Rachida Ait Atta, Marc-Henri Auffève,Yahya Badaoui, Sibylle Baltzer, Mounaïm Bajbouji, Michèle Blaise, Evelyne Brisson, Anastasia Chelini, Michele Cohen, Véronique Drougard, Abdelmounaim Ennokra, Youssef Jibouti, Klod, Driss Maaroufi, Luzja Richter, Hélène Skawiska , Julien Tardif, Hugo van Tilborg, Nour Eddine Tilsaghani, Saida Titrit, Brigitte Trouvat, Laurence Veyssieyre et Soufiane Zarib.

What are the funds for?

Allocation of the Fundraising Initiative

It will be realized by stages.

1st Step:

  • 2500 € : purchase of bar equipment ( refrigerator, juicer, blender, centrifuge, stainless steel kitchenware, cutlery and tableware )
  • 1800 € : 150 top-quality prints of " La Collection Berbère " catalog

  • 1100 € : development and printing of postcards (6 different artworks)

  • 1600 € : video creation and delivery (director – sound recorder – original soundtrack)

TOTAL : 7000 € + 2300 € (compensations costs) + 560 € (Ulule costs) = 9860 €

2d Step thanks to capital surplus or sef-financing :

  • purchase of kitchen furniture for the Café Boucharouite
  • acquisition of 10 specialised books on Popular Art
  • production of DVDs of the storytellers
  • recruitment of a barista
  • launch party with contribution of a high profile moroccan storyteller and a distinguished french comedian (transport costs, artist's fee, accomodation, logistics)

About the project owner

copyright Magali Strassel

The Riad :  Riad Dar Dallah Marrakech


The Art GallerySelect yourBoucharouite as rewards,  


The Museum :

« Musée Boucharouite de Marrakech »


« Musée Boucharouite »


TripAdvisor " (N° 3 on 24 museums in Marrakech)


Magazines : 

Maisons du Maroc "  N°119 Janvier/Février 2016 (12 pages / 28 photos),

La Tribune de Marrakech " N°45 Novembre 2015 et N°35 Juin 2014

Destination Maroc " N°28 Année 2016.

Guides Book:

« Guide du Routard », « Le Petit Futé », « Lonely Planet »,

« Un Grand Week-End à Marrakech 2015 ».