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Mr Hublot ArtBook

"Mr Hublot" Art and making-of

About the project

12/16/2014 News: The Artbook is available for sale! Thank you all ;-)

The Book "THE ART OF Mr HUBLOT" is now available on www.MrHublot.com !!!!

Limited printing for first edition !


We are very proud of Mr Hublot's and the director Laurent Witz's & co director Alexandre Espigares' win at the Oscars! It is an unbelievable prize crowning three years of work and an already fantastic success in festivals around the world!

The next step is the release of the Artbook. We are still writing it, but we will inform you as soon as it comes out.

For those who couldn't participate in the crowd funding, don't worry, you will have the opportunity to purchase the book and/or the film DVD!

We will keep you informed on the release dates and the places where to purchase them.

Thank you all for your support!


27th  November 2013 NEWS

Thank you very much for your support, we've just reached a 100% of the budget. You're the reason why the book will become a reality! The book will contain at least 120 pages...

All those who buy the ArtBook will be credited in the book !!!!




If we reach 9.000€, we'll add 15 pages of images and details on the creation of Mr Hublot (135 pages).

LEVEL 2 :  (who knows ... )

If we reach 11.000€,  the book will be 150 pages long, with even more contents. We'll also add 2 collector's edition images (28 cm x 21 cm)  with the ArtBook.


Nearly fourty international selections, over ten awards around the world, almost 8000 friends on Facebook, you asked for more...we listened !

We want to put together the ArtBook of the short film Mr Hublot : HD stills, synopsis, colour research, the making of the 3D film and lots of other surprises, so that the adventure continues.

In this exhaustive book, in both English and French, we will explain our methods, reveal our trade secrets, share our anecdotes.

We count on you ! Your support will allow us to fund a part of the ArtBook printing.

There will be two versions of the book : a regular version and a collector's edition (Signed book + a signed serigraph print, four stills, a DVD of the film and a signed A3 poster).

For all the fans of Mr Hublot and for all those who will soon become ones, this ArtBook will be a must-have !


First, there is Laurent Witz, an audacious director and producer who wants to make quality animation : tell beautiful stories while aiming for the artistic best and the technical innovation.

Then, there is Stéphane Halleux, a brilliant sculptor close to the steampunk trend, with his unique, original and poetic world. He creates disproportionate vehicles and goggled, biomechanical characters born of bits and pieces, metal and leather.

Laurent has an eye for projects, he detects in the very unordinary world the potential for a great adventure.

Their collaboration would breed the short film Mr Hublot.

It then took Laurent, Alexandre and the ZEILT productions teamthree years of intense and passionate work to complete the animation film, an effort rewarded by an ever-growing success among graphic designers, artists, fans of Stéphane Halleux's work and all those who love cinema in general and animation in particular !


Mr Hublot Premiere was held at the Luxembourg Utopolis Theatre on October 2nd, 2013 before a warm audience and enthusiastic journalists. [Le Jeudi, Chronicle, Paperjam, etc.]

Co produced by Arte, the short film was broadcast on the channel on the 25th October 2013, as part of the International Animation Day.

It has already been selected in nearly fourty festivals and won over ten international awards : Grand Prize in Paris (Dimension 3), the best short film award in Berlin (Animago), the best animated short award in Los Angeles (Sunscreen Film Festival) and many others.

Mr Hublot Official Website

Mr Hublot on Facebook

Mr Hublot on Twitter

What are the funds for?

If we reach the 7000 €, we will use it to finance the writing and the printing of the ArtBook. We already have all the pictures, research, sketches and paintings illustrating the book, but we need to write and lay out the texts, which takes time and costs money.


  • Preface
  1. THE ART
  • About Stéphane Halleux
  • About Laurent Witz & Alexandre Espigares
  • About the team
  • Synopsis
  • Design and Color Research
  • Color script & Storyboard
  • Characters
  • Fifax
  • Creation of the Super Sculpey Figurine

       2. MAKING OF 3D

  • Sets and vehicles 3D Modeling
  • Characters 3D Modeling and Setup
  • 3D Animation
  • Compositing
  • Credits: Ulule contributors

With that sum of money, we will be able to produce a 120-page hardback book, with satin A4 paper, 150 g, four-color process.

If we get over 7000 €, we could add pages to the book, so spread the word : the more the contributors, the longer the ArtBook !

About the project owner

The writer – producer – director Laurent Witz:

Laurent Witz is passionate about graphic arts. He's been working for 15 years in 3D animation. He has worked as an animator, artistic director, animation supervisor or assistant director on advertisements, series, short and feature films.

In 2007, Laurent founds ZEILT productions. Above all, he wants to create beautiful projects, rise to the technical and artistic challenges of accomplished productions. He wants to make quality cinema.

It is with that in mind that produces and directs projects he cares about, including Mr Hublot, which he completes in 2013.

The codirector Alexandre Espigares:

Alexandre Espigares is a Luxembourg born, half Spanish, half Luxembourgish animator with an education in traditional animation and a career spanning 12 years and 7 countries.

Recent projects include the feature films Iron man 3, Happy Feet 2 and the Lucasfilm TV show Star Wars – The Clone Wars.

He currently lives in Munich, Germany where he works as a freelance animator.

The sculptor Stéphane Halleux:

« Stephane Halleux is a Belgian sculptor who opens the door to a strange, hybrid world where fabulous machines or strange creatures and characters, born of bits and pieces, smell sweetly of old leather, recovered metal and unbridled imagination.

Worn out leather, oxidized metals, unsheathed wires, holed coins with chipped off paint are finding one another to get a second chance, to be reborn in a different form, in another world.

Halleux searches, salvages, tinkers, combines, matches, grafts – with the precision of a surgeon and the energy of a mechanic – heterogeneous pieces so as to create a universe prodigiously fun and exquisitely ludicrous. » Biography by Galerie Ariel Sibony


Movie Stills Collector's Edition

Movie Poster (A0, A2, A3, A4)

Movie T-shirt Special Edition

The ArtBook

The ArtBook + Box Set

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