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The true story of Mr Like

An animated web series "born to be liked"

About the project

"The true story of Mr Like" is a modern fairy tale for viewers of all ages. The story is composed of 13 animated episodes of around 2 minutes each, which will be progressively revealed on the web site every 2/3 weeks.

It is a story without words, recounting the events related to the rise and fall of Mr Like, the mysterious character hidden behind the  button.

In this video you can watch the first 6 episodes :

In our version of the story, Mr Like is disabled, born with a hand with a thumb up in place of his left arm. Abandoned at birth by his parents because of his disability, Mr Like grows up in a circus and lives his life on the road, meeting those he presumes "friends" while looking for his place in the world.

To date, we have created 4 episodes and we are working on the next ones, and that’s why we need your support.
As a reward for your contribution we will send you :
- The DVD including : 13 episodes of series + The making of the animation + the documentary "The real life of Mr Like ".
- The comic book of Mr Like ( 80 pages) printed on quality paper (if we reach the second goal).
- Original drawings
- Postcards, pins, T-shirts (for man and woman) and bags printed with the subjects of your choice.

And this is a video message we made to thank you of your support (in italian-french only, sorry!)...


What are the funds for?

The total budget we estimated for the achievement of the project is of : 14 150 € (this does not include Ulule's commission and VAT *)
*As a French  company we are subjected to a 19,5 % VAT

This budget includes:
- 6 500 € for the making of the animation
- 1 000 € for the creation and the development of the site
- 1 300 € for the composition of an original music score
- 700 € for the production + the delivery of 500 copies of the DVD
- 3 650 € for the printing + delivery of 1000 copies of the comic book

We have invested in the project 5 000 €, leaving 9 150 € to be collected on Ulule (+ commissions and VAT).
As it is a substantial sum to collect, we will proceed in stages.


Our first goal of 5 500 € will finance :

- The making of the whole series of animations
- The creation of the site
- The production and the delivery of 250 copies of the DVD

If or when the first goal is achieved, the second goal of 10 000 €, will allow us to finance:
- The development of the site (for smartphone and tablet)
- The production and the delivery of further 250 copies of the DVD
- The printing of 1000 copies of the comic book to be sent as a reward

Should this 2nd goal be achieved, we will aim even higher. The third goal being that of 18 000 €, this would enable us to add an original music score and invest in the second season of the series.

About the project owner


Massimo Colella was born in Naples (Italy) in 1970 and lives in Paris (France). Upon completing his degree in Communication Sciences and a diploma in Advertising Art direction, he flew to London where he worked in several advertising agencies. Arriving in Paris in 2001, he worked as an Art Director until 2007, when he founded the communication agency “La Bande Destinée.”

Giacomo Nanni was born in Rimini (Italy) in 1971 and lives in Paris (France). He graduated in Animation at the Art Institute of Urbino. He published his first comics in 1996, in the magazine “Mano”. From 2004 to 2008 he participated to the comics artists collective "Canicola", which published eponymous periodical (awarded and recognised in the 2008 Angoulême Comics Festival). Thanks to variety of books published in Italy and in France since 2006, Giacomo Nanni established himself as one of the most interesting authors of the new Italian comics scene.

His website

His animations on Youtube

His books

The producer

La Bande Destinée is a communication agency which specialises in comics, illustrations and cartoons. Founded in Paris in 2007 by Massimo Colella and Patrick Lemerle, the agency collaborates with a large number of comics artists and animators of international reputation.


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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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